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Journal Journal: They Arrived, I Survived

Well, I guess I can chalk myself up as one of the few, the proud, the Slashdot Effect Survivors.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the story was posted early in the morning, but it's still on the front page and we're still alive. Looks like over 50K hits so far (based on the referrals). Now I just wish I had setup the management station to poll the traffic on the web server; all I've got is the traffic through the firewall to gauge how much data we passed because of this (though it's an obvious spike in the graph).

Damn I love my job sometimes :>

(Oh, and if you haven't figured it out, I'm the sysadmin for PU's Astrophysics department - not the NY Times :P)

Journal Journal: RTFFAQ

Not that I care much about "karma" or what have you, but this ticked me off early on a Monday morning, which when I have root access to machines isn't a good idea.

Seems someone thought my comment in reply to this comment was offtopic. Please, read the fucking comment I replied to. The user has a .sig. I recognized that .sig as something from a movie, and was making sure. Therefore, my reply to the comment was not off-topic for what I was replying to. Was it on-topic with the story? Hell no, but neither was the other users' comment.

Some people need to be nailed with a clue-by-six (for when a clue-by-four just won't do it). Or nailed *to* a clue-by-six, I'll sort that one out later.

Monday morning. Need coffee.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Verizon Sucks Hairy Moose Balls

So waaaaay back in January, I got my notice that DirecTV DSL was going bye-bye. After doing a bit of research, I figured that Earthlink was going to be my best bet, since Verizon doesn't know how to give someone a static IP in New Jersey (figure that one out), and being a sysadmin I need one (read: want). Easier for the firewalling...right. That and Speakeasy doesn't have any deals with Verizon, so I can't get their "sysadmin package".

Anyway, I cancelled my DSL in the second week of January, figuring it would take 2-4 weeks before Verizon finally got off their ass and unprovisioned my line, and then I could give Earthlink a call. I'm sure anyone who's had to deal with the local phone company monopoly knows where this one's headed: my line is still provisioned for DSL, even though the motherfucking ISP is no more. And hasn't been for over a month and a half.

Of course, Earthlink can't do anything until Verizon moves. I tried calling them SIX times already, and every time I end up sitting on hold (speakerphones are nice for this sort of bullshit) until I have to leave my office to do something else, and hang up. Usually about a half hour or so. Finally found an email address where I could complain^H^H^H^Hrequest 'service' (I got an idea... service *this*), and their response? "Thank you for your recent email. We appreciate your inquiry and understand your concerns. Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve this issue via email. In order to
assist you, we request that you please contact our Billing office at ..."


Two words. Nuclear fucking weapons, okay?

Thanks Denis, I needed that.

Now, if I had the money to do it, I'd be half tempted to raise a lawsuit here. Monopoly practices and all that jazz. Why? Well, if I were to *ORDER* DSL from Verizon, I'm sure that would be setup right quick. Because they can do that. But, I want to order it through somebody else? Nooo, we can't have any of that. I mean c'mon now, there's no reason for them to unprovision my line, because if I don't have Verizon DSL, I must not want *any* DSL, right?


Journal Journal: Random hack of the day

Just read someone's journal entry (here, for the curious) where a certain recent trend in Slashdot comments was mentioned. Now if only I felt like it, the idea for the Random Hack would be to add to Slashcode the ability to set your *own* Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee filters (write it down like it sounds if you don't know). Then you could define that any post that contains "All your base" gets an instant -6, "In Soviet Russia..." -6, "Free Porn here" +2 (they tend to lie, so don't go too high).

Aww fuckit, who wants pie? (I miss Dennis Miller already)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hmm...

Let's see... one more place to put random thoughts. Like I don't have enough of them already. While this is nifty, and if I didn't run my own site I'd put some stuff here, I do, so I won't. If you want to see what I mean, I'm sure you'll figure out where it is. Looks a lot like this place, oddly enough :>

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