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Comment Re:More on balance (Score 1) 206

http://www.essentiallifeskills... describes balance as between what you must do with what you enjoy doing. It says that it is essential with no further justification.
I have always maintained that there is nothing that you must do that you do not enjoy doing and have lived my life accordingly. It has been an unexamined belief though, so it is long due time to do so. However, sites that just assume otherwise are less helpful than they could be.

Comment Re:Marketing... (Score 1) 260

Well the marketing for high quality stuff is lousy. I buy phones around $100. There are cheaper phones, but they clearly do not meet my requirements. At this price, I can't tell if a given device will meet my needs or not. Perhaps I should go higher, but all devices fail to stand out at any price $100 or higher.

Comment Re:Spiritually (Score 1) 206

Well, I definitely lack balance. I should really look into the concept more. So far, I haven't cared a fig for it. Nobody really made a good case for it. I cannot speak for your experience. I was about to say that you must have really limited taste, but that would be echo chamber thinking. I have no idea on that matter. i can only share that my experience is that the local library is severely limited in selection. Public infrastructure is funded by the government. If you are suggesting that all culture should be funded by the government as well, that is an interesting idea. Now this is not just about access to materials but reuse in new media which is encumbered by the concept of intellectual property.

Comment Re:Spiritually - A childhood story (Score 1) 206

When I was young, my sister and I did something, carrying on perhaps, my aunt disapproved of. She told us to go sit on the bed until we can behave. My sister got up immediately. I sat there for some time pondering the concepts involved. I had no intention of misbehaving and no real basis with which to judge any degree of effectiveness on the matter. It was really quite the pickle. I sat that way until my aunt came and found me.

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