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Comment Re:IT in schools? (Score 1) 103

I know very very few schools that even OFFER shop even as an elective (My son's school does - one section, and it is mostly an engineering design class - they spend a lot of time on FEA etc - more computer time than tool time). Offering Computers? Sure!! Mandating it? Nope.
Seriously, I also know of no school that offers Home Ec, Cheerleading, Marching Band as CLASSES - After school activities? Yes. Gym ? Yeah NYC requires it, but you'll find more than 50% of the kids don't take the required amount the law requires

Comment Re:Worth it (Score 1) 52

Back in the 70s (Before I was in the field professionally, but knew 'enough') I was brought by my dad to Bunker Remo, who did all the stock market data. (My dad worked on their HVAC)
At the one site, they had TWO mainframes (yes, this was pre IBM PC era) with DRUM memory (Yes, I've seen operational drum memory!! - an I have one word of memory from the computer - discrete transistors!!!)
Anyway, it was a cluster! One computer could take over for the other. Guy said "Oh, that's nothing, there are 2 more in Midtown (we were in the Wall St area), then 2 more in Chicago, London, Tokyo, Paris, and the last pair? Alice Springs - Just in case of Nuclear War"
Yes folks, there are companies out there that DO invest in DR plans that include "Global Nuclear War"

Comment What countries are the located in? (Score 1) 236

I see comments RE the FTC. There is a good chance the call centers are not in the US, and therefor NOT subject to US law. Ah the fun of the borderless internet

Of course, the US really could solve it, and 100 years ago, countries that had citizens of other countries violating their wars did regularly

38 JDAMs would solve the problem, and send a warning at the same time

Comment The true minimum wage (Score 1) 921

"âoeUnfortunately, the real minimum wage is always zero, regardless of the laws, and that is the wage that many workers receive in the wake of the creation or escalation of a government-mandated minimum wage, because they lose their jobs or fail to find jobs when they enter the labor force."

â Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy

Comment Re:I don't understand technology anymore (Score 1) 75

Unless (like my den) someone decided to save a few bucks (basically the price of the transformer and a relay) and installed a high voltage thermostat, and then you have 110 volts right on the stat. You'd think...
Has caused me enough issues that I think come this spring, I'll do it (Dad would be laughing - he was an HVAC mechanic, and would do it 'whenever' - and of course, I don't have a spare relay...)

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

Ah, but it won't be the "Old" /. until we have CmdrTaco. Cowboy Neil, Hot Grits, First Posts, the Caveman, and "imagining a Beowulf cluster of these" BTW, that User ID is my second - Lost the ID and password to the first in a ISP change LONG ago

Sigh, back in the era when /. was THE site, and I used to show up first thing every day

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 406

I too had an original IBM PC (Model 5051) running in 1992. I wrote the code on it in the 1985 or so timeframe. It didn't do anything fancy, but did talk to a special board (a particular IEEE-488 card from CEC). It worked. It worked EVERY day. It did what it was supposed to do. We had a 386 doing the same exact thing one desk over, but why change it? The literally 10+ lbs of paperwork to make the change (did I mention it was doing stuff for the .MIL) wasn't worth it. If/when it died, we'd replace it with current hardware, and start the paperwork. I left in 1992, and from what I heard, when the company closed in 1993 or 1994 (owners retired) it was still working at the new company. Sometimes good enough is good enough

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