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Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 1) 356

Okay, so why did Linux come to dominate everything from wrist watches to super computers? Anything that is NOT a desktop / laptop PC. Thermostats. Security Cameras. And I gave a longer list of other items earlier.

What happened to Microsoft's Unix? What prevented it from being what Linux is today? The clue is so obvious, as I pointed out in another reply just now.

Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 1) 356

You are talking about technical matters. The superiority of Sun's OS vs early Linux. I am talking about what ACTUALLY made Linux succeed. Yes, Linux did succeed. It's a real fact. Something made that happen. You don't seem to understand what it was. Nothing McNealy could have done with Sun's OS would have stopped the dominance of Linux. Nothing. Because technical improvements to Sun's OS completely misses the point. Just as you are missing it.

I would point out that the first automobiles were horrible compared to the horse and buggy. Automobiles were unreliable. Difficult to start. You could even break your arm crank starting one if it backfired while you were cranking. They were noisy. Smelly. And worst of all, they frightened the horses.

What you miss when talking about early Linux being crap is that it improved. And improved. And kept improving. But something that you seem to miss set it apart from Sun's OS and made it become dominant. What do you think that thing was?

Comment Re:He's clearly insane (Score 2) 225

A sane person would not. Elon was accused of being insane. I don't happen to agree with that assertion. But it was stated. I believe insanity to be a qualification for president. Current administration being an extreme example. However as another poster pointed out, Elon could not become US president for other reasons, despite the alleged insanity.

Comment So we're talking Auto Generated Bad Lip Reading? (Score 2) 52

> thanks to the video giant's automated captions, > That certainly sounds impressive -- except when you realize that many of the site's automatically generated captions aren't completely right.

I know robots are taking over jobs. But put those two statements together and this sounds like auto-generated bad lip reading.

Now if someone could only implement all possible bad lip readings, and then auto-rate them for hilarity, we would be onto something.

Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 5, Insightful) 356

I watched the development of micro computers in the 1970's. Try re-reading BYTE (and other) magazines of the era. The technology was shockingly primitive. No standardization. The first standardization was around hardware, the 8080 and the S-100 bus. Still no significant software standardization because every system had some cobbled together custom keyboard / display or printer setup. Find a used keyboard from a liquidator, figure out it's circuit board layout, write your own custom interface software, etc. It wasn't until 1977 that the holy trinity arrived (TRS-80, Apple II and Commodore Pet). The first standard off-the-shelf computers. This was where you started to see some commercial software take hold. Just watch the ads in the magazines.

Now to the point.

I am ignoring Unix until a time when it was practical for most people to actually run it. The early 1990's when Linus created Linux was the perfect time. And at that time all of the Unixes were walled off proprietary prison camps and ran on workstations that at that time cost a couple tens of thousands of dollars. Linux ran on a common PC. By the mid to late 90's some people were noticing that you could run Linux on a souped up PC for ten grand and replace a thirty grand Unix box.

If Linux hadn't come along, Unix would be something in obscurity.

Here we are today where you can get Linux on a Raspberry Pi for $35 with 1 GB of ram, gigabytes of SD card storage, 4 core processor, etc. And proprietary unix is relatively obscure.

That makes Linux sure seem innovative to me. It obviously did something VERY right. So much that now Microsoft can no longer ignore it.

Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 3, Insightful) 356

To summarize, I think you are saying Linux is not innovative because it is like Unix, which was already around.

Here's the thing. Technical comparisons aside, Linux did something that none of the Unixes could do.

Linux was open source. That caused a huge development kick start which would be the envy of the private fiefdoms of proprietary closed Unix.

Linux then became cross platform. That causes Linux to run anywhere that the C compiler could run. Again, the envy of closed platforms.

Those two things combined make Linux suddenly attractive to anyone needing to build a software system on a non-PC platform. Or even on a PC platform where OS licensing is an issue. Applications like: smart phones. GPS navigators. TV set top DVRs. Streaming internet TV boxes. Digital cameras. Smart TVs. In car entertainment systems. Digital signage and billboard display applications. Chromecast type sticks. Amazon Echo type devices. And the list just goes on and on and on.

So, is Linux innovative? I believe so. And where all those proprietary Unixes? In the proprietary tarpit. Even Microsoft is realizing that it can't avoid operating with open source and Linux. BTW, Wine now runs on Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Comment Re:Perspiration (Score 3, Insightful) 356

Which is more beneficial to the world.
1. Perspiring while developing code that is freely donated to anyone, and which has found its way into gadgets and devices all around us.
2. Perspiring while doing an insane monkey dance screaming developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS.

You decide.

Comment Re:Innovation (Score 1) 356

Another possible interpretation is the nasty suggestion that Linux improperly contains something stolen. Re-read it in that light and see if that interpretation fits. We've been down that road before with SCO vs IBM which is still not dead yet. Started in March 2003, still wheezing and gasping for breath in Feb 2017.

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