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Comment Samsung Washer musical melody (Score 1) 121

When the washer is finished it plays this interesting melody.

It is Die Forelle written by Chopin.

The title roughly translated to English would be: The Fish.

I'm less certain, but I believe that the lyrics would translate into something like:

I'm done, come get your clean clothes
The cycle is complete
The wash and rinse have finished
The spin was fast and strong
I'm ready now to be emptied
Don't make me wait too long
I'll be here patiently awaiting
I'll soon repeat this song

Comment Re:They'll come crawling back (Score 1) 250

Microsoft achieved its position by creating and maintaining an illegal monopoly. Rewind to the 1980's. Before Windows. Back when there was this thing called MS-DOS and compatibility with the IBM-PC has become the industry standard for hardware.

There were other OSes in the early 1980's. Some as good or better than MS-DOS. (You also have to remember how shockingly primitive hardware was back then.)

But MS-DOS was the big one, because it was like PC-DOS on genuine IBM PCs.

So Microsoft's deal with OEMs: if you want to sell MS-DOS on your PCs, you must pay Microsoft for an MS-DOS license on every PC you make, whether or not it comes with MS-DOS preinstalled. That instantly made every other OS uncompetitive. If you wanted to buy Brand X, you were also going to pay for MS-DOS no matter what.

And that was just the start of the evil.

Comment Re:Could this be the end of Walmart? (Score 1) 135

Walmart has something almost like a warehouse of goods, in most medium sized towns. Maybe they could figure out some way to use this new intarweb thingy and offer Amazon like service? In fact, it might be possible for many physical stores to do this. The last big challenge would be grocery stores. But they won't. They'll just let me use Amazon Prime and now be able to order all kinds of household goods from paper towels to dog food. Delivered right to my door. Maybe Donald's son could help -- I hear he's good at cyber.

Comment Re:Which is cool... (Score 1) 135

Maybe eventually you can legally BUY a movie from Amazon.

(And NO, you cannot buy a movie today, no matter what Amazon calls it. Their "purchase" option is just a long term rental until Amazon, or the actual copyright owner decides to withdraw your ownership from you. Like in one case of a Disney movie some time back where "owners" of that movie had it taken away because Disney had some other exclusive streaming offer they were making to others.)

All that said, ten years ago it would have seemed unthinkable that you could download and "own" an mp3. But you can. I've done it multiple times from Amazon. I can buy tracks or an album. Download. Put it on all of my own personal devices. In every sense I feel like I made an actual purchase and received something in return. Like any purchase it's my duty to take care of it (eg, make sure I have reliable backups, etc).

I think the book and movie rights holders are taking longer to come around to giving true DRM free ownership. But I think it is inevitable that they will. Or maybe they won't, since they already have effective DRM tragedies / strategies in place. Unlike mp3 which did not. And mp3 players which did not and already had massive market penetration.

Still I can rip DVDs and play them on my own personal devices. I can watch a movie on a plane. Etc.

Comment Everything under the sun at Amazon (Score 1) 135

I want to find a MAX7219 display multiplexer chip. Where do I look? Amazon. I can get several of those chips, including shipping, for the price that Adafruit charges for a single chip. Drawback: have to wait several weeks for them to arrive, probably from China. But if I'm not in a rush, no problem.

Want 7-seg LED displays? Some other kinds of chips? Breadboards? Test instruments? I mean obscure things that most soccer moms don't order -- Amazon has it.

Comment Re:Twitter Board (Score 1) 65

But on the flip side, think of how short board meetings would be if each director had to express all new and existing business in 140 characters.

And the board secretary who takes the minutes of the meeting has the easiest job in the world (Well, second easiest, right after Donald Trump's fact checker.)

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 65

> I think another consolidation wave is upon us as relics of the internet get swallowed up.

I think this would be a pretty HUGE consolidation.

Just re-read the Slashdot headline:
> Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Are In Talks With Twitter For a Potential Acquisition

Wow. I didn't know that:
1. Twitter could afford to buy Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and Verizon.
2. That Google is a relic of the internet

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 1) 205

People also compare Pi and Arduino sometimes for the specific purpose of identifying the important DIFFERENCES between them.

The Pi, and Arduino, each do a specific thing very well. That is why they sell in such large numbers.

The idea that Windows has any place in this game is an idea promoted by Windows fanboys and Microsoft. Like Windows 8 Phone and Tablet. An attempt to say "me too!". Late to the game, and what do they bring to the game . . . windows.

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