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Comment Re:Sure you missed it (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Microsoft laughed at the iPhone. No vision at all.

But then, Microsoft (Bill Gates) said (in 1995) that the internet was a fad. That should make you think about how much vision they have. It's in their DNA to be only a monopolist. They can't compete in any open market. That is why everything must be always tied back to Windows.

Comment Re:Developers, developers, developers (Score 2) 191

Microsoft misses because developers, and everyone else knows that the era of monopolists is past. Before, during and after Microsoft's heyday, people have always wanted the security of a 2nd source for everything. The software lock in phenomena that created IBM's and then Microsoft's (and Apple's) empire is a temporary quirk of history. One that predates the rise of open source. Open source is not yet done rising. It may be slower to rise, but it's rise never stops. It isn't beholden to short term management thinking. Marketing schedules. If there is internal bickering, forks can be created so that the Windows 8 approach loses out without being forced down everyone's throat as a bold experiment created by someone who fancies themselves a designer but knows little about how people use computers to do actual work.

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 5, Insightful) 191

Xbox = Windows
Data Center = Windows
Phones = Windows
Tablets = Windows

But what does the rest of the world use to run GPS navigators, cameras, routers, set top boxes, thermostats, wrist watches, super computers, and more? That would be Linux.

What do developers use? Linux. Microsoft admitted as much when they said the reason for bash on Windows was to lure developers back.

Maybe you shouldn't have driven developers away with Windows Surface, a whole new App API, and your crappy app store. Oh, but Surface also drove OEMs away because it back stabbed them by competing directly with them on hardware. And Surface drove users away, because it sucked. Wow. Developers, OEMs and Users. What a master stroke the Surface was!

Comment Re:The only way this will get fixed (Score 1) 164

I didn't say anything about government licensing, registration or inspection. Only about mandatory fines. Inspection could be done privately, similarly to voluntarily getting a UL sticker -- which says a lot about your product.

If you product causes a fire, your company is to blame. It should be similarly for IoT devices used for hacking. If you make a device that is hacked and used to cause damage, your company is to blame just as much as if your device caused the building to burn down. What is so difficult to understand about this? Companies should make unsafe products. If you can't, then get out of the way for the next guy who can.

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