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Comment Re:Bad headline. (Score 1) 46

The links provided by the pirate sites should not be illegal. After all, I want to avoid pirated content. A link is like you telling me where the local crack house is, so that I can avoid going near it. By getting thousands and thousands of links from pirate sites, I can avoid piracy on a big scale. Especially if it is searchable. What movie do I want to avoid pirating today? Um, oh, that one! Search for link, clickety clickety click. Ah, here are five links to that movie so that I can, um, avoid them today.

Comment Re:Block on the phone. (Score 1) 76

True story: I already have a feature to indicate that a call was a Robo Call. When this new feature was introduced on Android, I began using it. Each time I flagged a call as a Robo Call, I had a sense of satisfaction. Before long, Robo Calls would show up on a red screen, so I could choose not to answer. Then they stopped completely. Android 7.1.1

Comment Re:What if RoboCall industry creates jobs? (Score 0) 76

The RoboCall industry needs to refocus its efforts. The Trump administration has expressed that one of its policy goals is to put coal miners back to work. If there are not enough coal mining opportunities available, then put the RoboCall industry onto an isolated telecommunications system such that they can only call each other.

Please hold to speak to an ignorant robot.
Press zero to be routed to a call center in a third world country.

Comment Re:What about beer? (Score 1) 122

I can't tell you anything about beer. But I am an expert on wine.

A good whine will be loud enough to get attention, but not too loud. The finer whines will elicit just the right reaction of sympathy that is the mark of a great whine. The best whines will not only get what you are whining for, but won't leave any after taste of annoyance. Ideally the person being manipulated will believe it was their own idea with no sense of manipulation.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 5, Funny) 235

Please do not knock Emacs.

Emacs is very popular. Popularity seems to correlate highly with the set of users who once started up Emacs, were unable to figure out how to exit from Emacs, then had no choice but to write Emacs Lisp extensions to accomplish all other necessary tasks.

I don't think VS Code can make that claim.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't use Javascript ... (Score 1) 235

Um, excuse me? There is nothing wrong with using Javascript and a cross platform framework for drawing the cursor.

Just be sure that each time the cursor is redrawn (even if it hasn't changed appearance from the last refresh) that you launch that Javascript environment in a fresh sandboxed VM. For safety. Think of the children.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 395

There are people who want to make movies with original ideas. But this involves some amount of risk. So Hollywood won't make it. If you want original ideas, sometimes you find them in independent films. Occasionally one of those makes it big. Sort of like how some musicians can make it without traditional record labels.

Comment Re:Can't see the forest for all the trees (Score 2) 395

While I agree that there should be more intelligent movies and in particular Sci-Fi; the problem is that a large part of the population prefers ignorance. Hence they are only serving what the market wants. Then they complain that the market doesn't want it and movie attendance is down because the ignorant poor slobs can't pay high enough prices for tickets so that movie executives can afford more blow and hookers.

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