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Comment Re:I think musk lost his marbles (Score 1) 238

No, dragon is NOT yet human rated, Heck it just flew once,and that dragon didn't even had the equipment to berth with the station, lets alone give humans the life support.
Cheese is a lot easier to launch that a human, trust me.

Don't get me wrong, Musk is on the right track. His dragon sure will became soon man rated, he will eventually launch sats.
I just want to note that I think he is overly optimistic, taking all the time about how he will launch a falcon 9 every 3 months, about mars, re-usability, etc, and yet, until now he just can launch just one rocket per year,

On the other hand, he has plenty of enemies. I even witnessed one myself. Many peoples that work for pork that nasa provides are really upset by his work, and try to spread the FUD about how unsafe his rocket is and stuff like that.
So I guess here really plays it safe.

So go SpaceX, go and just suceed.

BTW, it looks like you (slashdot readers) were right when you laughed about Skylon
I actually registered here on slashdot to express my opinion about it.
Yet almost year passed since their 'precooler' test supposed to start, and its not done yet.
They indeed probably just blow dust into investor's eyes.

Comment Re:MP3 Players... (Score 1) 179

I have Fuze+. Apart from the fact that it does play ogg, its crap overpriced player.
Not only it has over sensitive touchpad that reacts to every finger movement while you hold that damn thing,
but it also buggy (crashed many times),
Its interface also lags a lot.

It barely recognizes IDv3 tags (I had to convert all of my MP3 collection to use very specific version of them to make it see them).
It plays videos only is very specific format for which you have to download their crappy video converter.
Battery life is decent, but its much lower that 24 hour, they claim. It works for about 6 hours with screen turned off.

Submission + - User Backlash Causes Samsung to Consider Android 4 (

ghostoftiber writes: "The original SGH-T959 Galaxy S (AKA the T-Mobile Vibrant and others) was the redheaded step child of the Samsung device line. The device originally came with Eclair and was upgraded quietly to Frozen Yogurt not with an OTA update, but with Samsungs KIES software which required a download process and bricked more than a few phones. Users expected an OTA because patches had previously been delivered to the device Over The Air. Linux and Mac users were left out in the cold for the Froyo update. Finally Samsung announced over Christmas that the original Galaxy S was done, leaving it's faithful fans in a position of having another year on their contracts with no upgrade path. The reason? TouchWiz (Samsungs launcher) doesn't have enough memory to run in Ice Cream Sandwich. Users were predictably incensed, and it looks like Samsung changed their minds. There's always the Samsung Vibrant development forum if you need Ice Cream Sandwich running on your Vibrant right now."

Submission + - A Solution for Broken Patent Law?

minogully writes: After a patent is awarded to a person or company, that company must, within the following [perhaps 3?] years, either: 1) sell rights to use that patent to or 2) sell an object that applies the idea of the patent, and such an object must not include other features that are currently patented.
Either of these sales must be made to a third party (ie. not in some sort of agreement with the patent holder to circumvent this law). And the sale price must be consistent with all future sales.
If a sale is not made within the time period, the patent is revoked and the technology is considered public property.

This idea came to me the other day and I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on it — and if it turns out to be good, perhaps some of the slashdot readers who have a capacity to affect change in this area could do so (as I do not).

I'm hoping this would give competitors the option of either waiting out the time period for the patent to expire, purchase the rights to build the object themselves, or purchase an object that they can, hopefully, plug into their technology. And I'm also hoping that the company that owns the patent would be motivated to keep the price for the sale reasonable to promote a sale.

So what do you think?

Submission + - Unsolicited robo-calls to cell phones to be legali

An anonymous reader writes: House Resolution 3035, the Mobile Informational Call Act, would legalize "informational" robo-calls to cell phones (currently legal only if you opt in.) This would preempt state laws against such cell spam.
If you ever had any doubts that we have the best legal system money can buy, the MFIC proposal should remove any such such doubts.

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