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Comment Re:Also, hustle? (Score 1) 332

Generally everyone should have a side job of some scope-- it is how you become a "1%er", but more importantly it is how you diversify mentally and financially.

I guess I am in that position. I will help my brother-in-law out with his business as apparently finding someone who can solider 2 pipes together and have them not leak who is also dependable is almost impossible. So once a month I work a weekend for him so he as the owner and only real worker (like I said I work for him 1 weekend a month) can have a weekend off. I'm on call 24x7 and he pays me $5 bucks and hour to have the phone on and then I get $30/hr min 1hr to go fix something.

Comment Re:ludicrously low (Score 1) 412

Weak. I have gone on some binges where I have pulled in over 100GB in a few hours, granted that was doing GIS with multiple large data sets some of which were high res aerial photos. Then there was 2 weeks ago when I wanted to play around with fire walling and securing various OSes so I downloaded a number of OS install ISOs in a few hours. Granted that was only like 10 different ones but it was still in the 10s of gigs and then there were the updates (VMs are fun).

Comment Re:Maybe make a better browser (Score 1) 374

What the hell is it doing making RPC calls or is that just because of how things in windows are bundled?

Yes that is a serious question as the only thing I still have the joy of dealing with that uses RPC is some boxes that still use NFS and those are ancient machines that I want to go set on fire out in the swamp behind my work.

Comment Re:how enforcable (Score 1) 637

Sounds similar to the farmer I get my beef from although he has only been on his farm for 37 years. His tractor is a John Deere Model D from the 60s. The thing still runs great and is well maintained. He is debt free and has a lot of toys, he has taken to collecting and restoring Corvettes. He only has a 40 acre farm so having a huge combine isn't needed as he just sileages the alfalfa he grows for his cattle.

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