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Comment Re:Those 15% of independents... (Score 2) 398

It almost seems as if neither of the two parties actually want to win this election.

I had a thought the other day along this and it wouldn't surprise me if there were some truth to that. It seems like there are a lot of systemic problems in the US that are just starting to bubble up and who ever is in charge when it finally goes is going to take the blame for it. There are a lot of racial tensions, lots of unemployed people, lots of debt, and probably other things I am unaware of but if there isn't a massive turnaround the next few election cycles are gonna suck for either party. At least the republicans will be able to say that Trump wasn't a real republican if he wins and it hits the fan

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Probably pretty nice as this is the time of the year when it isn't rainy and shitty every day as it isn't "winter" yet. Seriously I went 6 weeks without seeing the sun when I was in that state and the only reason I did see it is I decided one day to go an drive out into the high desert until I found it. Although maybe he lives in the garbage state

Comment Re:the best way to lie to the public is to use % (Score 1) 990

Well if one looks at my household where my wife drives at most 50 miles a day an electric vehicle is ideal for her. For me on the other hand I will drive at least 65 miles and on the weekends it is frequently over 300 miles a day while towing. We decided a while ago that for her the next car will be an electric as she is the ideal usecase for one. I would welcome an electric car for my use but for me they aren't there yet. Maybe in 10 years and hopefully my current car will last that long so that I can make that choice.

Comment Re:Get off the grid? No. Play with the grid. (Score 1) 264

The worst you can give me is poisoned information. Information where I cannot determine which is genuine and which is fake. This is by some margin the worst kind of situation you can put anyone in statistics (or profiling) in.

Sort of like what I managed to do to facebook at one point. It thought I was looking for a Gay Jamaican Jewish lover as for a couple of months that is all I saw ads for.

Comment Re:Debt collectors don't like robo calls either... (Score 1) 159

With mine I got the best results going through the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau as far as getting a response out of the company. Granted my state attorney general's office was very helpful to me as well. The only thing I got from the state department of commerce was a notification that they had opened an investigation into the debt collector but they are also the body in my state the regulates debt collectors so that should make life difficult for the debt collector.

I would have thought that you could have really put the screws to the debt collector as I believe that once they are notified in writing, especially with a cease and desist from an attorney, that if they do contact you the debt becomes legally uncollectable and you can basically tell the to piss off and sue for harassment at that point.

Personally I hate these companies as they are all dumb as fucking rocks as I frequently get called by debt collectors trying to collect credit card debt from the previous owner of my house who hasn't lived there for almost 14 years. Most are polite enough when I tell them they have lived there in 13 years but one would think that by checking the public records they would see they don't fucking live there. Those tend to be the reputable ones and they don't hide their identity on the phone. The somewhat questionable ones that insist I am lying to them I tell them that if they ever contact me again I will sue them for harassment as is my right as I am not the person they are looking for, and then there was the really shit ball one that I went full on scorched earth on.

Comment Re:Complete with golden key? (Score 1) 446

Not really understanding Grover's Algorithm I have been under the impression that while it does speed up symmetric key crypto its effect is that it more or less halves the key length. A number of public key algorithms are done in using Shor's Algorithm but there are others available. So using it with a quantum computer on a 256 bit symmetric key would be the same as using a classical computer to crack 128 bit symmetric key. When I looked into the energy requirements I believe that to cycle an ideal 128 bit counter through all states takes a huge amount of energy, as in a sizable portion of the total annual US production. Given that there are some very smart people working to crack encryption and breaks only get better with time having something that puts the feasibility out past the heat death of the universe seems like it might be in order. If it turns out we really can't make a quantum computer then the 256 bit estimate is much closer to being unbreakable as there you are looking at entire star level of energy. Also those energy requirements are only for cycling a counter through all states using an ideal computer so there would be even higher requirements to actually attempt the decryption and more so because modern computers are many orders of magnitude worse energy wise than an ideal on.

Comment Re:Debt collectors don't like robo calls either... (Score 1) 159

Up higher in the page I went over my recent experience with a debt collector. While not similar to your situation I decided to take a different scorched earth approach. My solution was to get several bigger sticks that will make their life more difficult than anything I could do on my own.

Comment Re:try this (Score 5, Interesting) 159

Not sure if my experience is typical or not I had a fairly good experience when dealing with the US Federal Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB), MN Department of Commerce, and MN State Attorney General's Office when I was dealing with a shit bag debt collection company and I gather now that all 3 agencies now have an open investigation into them.

The debt collection company was trying to collect a student loan debt from someone who only shared my first name. The collection company started calling and when ever I would answer there wouldn't be anyone on the line. When they would call caller ID would always list the caller as "Toll Free Call" and when looking up the number online I didn't see anything indicating who was calling. When I would answer the phone I would inform them that this is harassment, that they have been told previously to never contact me ever and that I am informing them to never contact me again. I started recording the calls (video recording) and after having them call me multiple times in the same day and being told the line above. After about a week of this and after the day when they called me 4 times and were told I filed a complaint with the MN State Attorney General seeking relief and providing what limited information I had received. A few days later the Attorney General's Office responded and provided detailed information on the company and information on who else I should be filing a complaint about a shit bag debt collection company. Additionally the Attorney General's Office had sent a demand to the company indicating that they were to no longer contact me that also demanded that they respond to an inquery now started by the Attorney General's Office.

So at that point I filed complaints with the CFPB and MN Department of Commerce. A day later I received confirmation that the CFPB had contacted the debt collector and that they were to no longer contact me by phone. Unfortunately the debt collection company disregarded this and continued to call for a couple of more days. This caused me to file additional complaints with the CFPB and MN Department of commerce about their continued harassment at this point as well as forwarding all of this information to the Attorney General's Office. A bit later I get a response through the CFPB from the debt collector in which they provided all of the information they had on the loan including the loan application (this included mother's maiden name, previous addresses current addresses, employer at the time, wage information, social security number, banking information), copy of the person's drivers license, copy of their social security card, and a letter directed to me informing me that I had 7 days to to work out payment details otherwise they would be suing me and seizing my assets. The problem is that the information I provided to the CFPB clearly demonstrated that I was not the actual owner of this debt, which they could have figured out from public records even before hand having never been in the states where the person who the debt belonged to, not ever having a drivers license from that state, having a different middle and last name, having a different birth date (over 15 years different), and attending a different school. In their letter they also indicated that they had no record of me ever answering the phone let alone being told to never call me as well as stating that they never called me after being contacted by the CFPB.

I responded to their letter with one of my own informing them that any attempt to collect this debt from me by them or any other company I will view as an attempt to defraud me and that I would also consider them a co-conspirator in the action and would be filing a criminal complaint. I explained to them that they had broken the law several times including their outright lies and that I had recorded a number of their calls and can provide evidence showing that I had told them multiple times to never contact me in the same day as well as provide evidence of them continuing to call me after being told not to. I also pointed out that their letter is a bold faced lie as I had provided clear evidence that I was not the owner of the debt to the CFPB and that had they done their due diligence I would have never been contacted about this debt in the first place. Finally I informed them that they had also now willfully violated the law as it was clear that I was not the person who owned the debt but yet they decided to disclose information about the debt to an unauthorized 3rd party which was my self. I informed them that I would be providing copies of my letter as well as the information they disclosed to me to the CFPB, MN Department of Commerce, and the MN Attorney General's Office. Finally I stated in my letter that I would only consider this issue resolved if the following conditions were met:
1. I receive a notarized letter apologizing for the whole incident that also clearly states that I am not nor have I ever been the owner of the debt in question 2. The letter be delivered by USPS certified mail with delivery confirmation requiring a signature. 3. That I never be contacted about this issue again in any form by anyone otherwise I will treat it as an attempt to defraud me and I will file a criminal complaint and will name them as a co-conspirator. 4. That they track down the actual owner of the debt and inform them of all of the illegal activities that they have undertaken in an attempt to collect this debt, especially the one where they willfully unlawfully disclosed all of the information about it to an unauthorized 3rd party.

Several days later I received a letter from them meeting demands 1 and 2. The letter no only apologized for the incident but also they admitted that they did the things which is not something I demanded of them. Only time will tell if 3 is met and I really don't care about 4 but that was more of a salt the fields move by me as it makes it clear to the actual owner that the debt is no longer legally collectable. Being the dick I am I also forwarded that letter along to the CFPB, MN Department of Commerce, and MN Attorney General's Office because this company really pissed me off. A few weeks later (within days of each other) I received notification that an active investigation into the debt collector was underway by all 3 agencies.

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