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Comment Re:Won't be allowed in America (Score 1) 115

Japan does not have the same cultural baggage about this you'd find in the west. There's no huge population that had the whole Bible and "Mark of the Beast" drummed into their heads. There's no conspiracy theorists. No persecution of Jews - even though they were an ally of Nazi Germany.

Japan has conspiracy theorists as much as America has if not more. Here is a poll from 2014 asking Japanese whether there is a conspiracy of shadowy organization controlling the world in secret, and 60% answered yes. As for Japanese positive attitude toward Jews during WWII, that was a result of Jews bankrolling Japan during Russo-Japanese War. Jews hated Russia for anti-Jewish pogroms and helped Japan and in turn Japan helped Jews during WWII. Of course that was then, now there is a rampant conspiracy theory that Japan was tricked into fighting Russia by evil Jews. Nowadays Russo-Japanese war is usually held up as the proof of how Jews controls the world by first causing a war and then deciding its victor.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

Perhaps you were just saying racist things? I am a progressive and I have conservative friends and we mocked President Obama all the time, but we mocked some of his policies, we never attacked his children (unlike some people on the right) nor his wife, his race, culture or religion. Perhaps you need to take a hard long look in the mirror (you do not need to tell us the results) and ask yourself if you are really being honest with yourself.

Yeah, I remember conservative cartoonist publishing a cartoon with Obama's kids as dancing monkeys and conservative were not only okay with this obvious racism but even defended it! Only people on the right seem to think its okay to attack children and to portray minority as monkeys. Oh wait...

Comment Re:What is the MightyMartian plan? (Score 0) 406

The Orlando massacre, while tragic, would have to occur daily to crack the top 5 causes of death. Even then, I'm not sure it would. If you took the combined global death tolls of every terrorist act in the last two decades and condensed them into a single quarter, then put it on repeat, it still wouldn't make the top 5 annual US deaths. Terrorism is vastly overblown as a threat to any of us.

If it's not among top 5 causes of death, then it's not important enough issue to do anything about. NSA spying, patriot act, TSA, etc. meh, unimportant stuff that we should just ignore.

Far more damage is done to our daily lives in the name of stopping terrorism than has ever been done in the name of it. So, I agree the best solution is not to do nothing - the best solution is to dismantle all the somethings people have done in the last two decades under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

Oh, government overreach has entered top 5 causes of death list? Or could it be that issues that YOU don't care about can be dismissed by "doesn't crack the top 5 causes of death" test but issues YOU care about is huge threat to all of us even if death caused by it are basically zero? Well, that's convenient.

Comment Compare and contrast (Score 1) 291

US Rep. Joe Barton Has a Plan To Stop Terrorists: Shut Down Websites

Manhattan DA Pressures Google and Apple To Kill Zero Knowledge Encryption

Both a negative story about dumb politician trying to overreach after the terror attacks in France. One has a name of politician in the headline and party affiliation in the summary while another doesn't include name of politician in headline and information on party affiliation isn't found in summary nor linked article. I guess it's time to play the classic game of Guess That Party!

Comment Re:Bar fucking barians ... (Score 1) 490

For some reason after a Christian zealot beheaded his roommate in Stillwater, I never heard my pastor denouce that kind of violence perpeuated in Christianity's name.

I'm guessing your pastor will denounce that kind of violence if he learns significant amount of his congregation thought killing a man for practicing witchcraft was acceptable.

Comment Re:He's gonna git in trouble (Score 1) 156

Oh please... your poor attempt at mocking Republicans because of sterotypes driven mostly by the liberal media is pathetic. Democrats have their own large mass of uneducated or anti-science people so what is your point? Does it really impact your life if someone wants to view life through the lens of their Christian faith? Why should you insult or mock someone just because you don't agree with them?

It's actually been proven by studies that among all the political orientations, conservative republicans are the most scientifically literate groups.

Knowing that Astrology is not scientific:
Democrat 49%
Independent 53%
Conservative Republican 70%

Knowing that Earth takes a year to revolve around the Sun:
Democrat 49%
Independent 55%
Conservative Republican 67%

Comment Re:with what? (Score 2) 182

So the US has committed acts of war against Germany by tapping their head of state's phone, etc. Or is it only an act of war when it's against US interests?

That story was a hoax.

No proof so far that NSA bugged Merkel's phone: prosecutor

Germany's top public prosecutor said an investigation into suspected tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone by U.S. spies had so far failed to find any concrete evidence.

On Wednesday he said however, "the document presented in public as proof of an actual tapping of the mobile phone is not an authentic surveillance order by the NSA. It does not come from the NSA database.

"There is no proof at the moment which could lead to charges that Chancellor Merkel's phone connection data was collected or her calls tapped."

Comment Re:What a strange discussion (Score 1) 869

Unfortunately, that's not true. Global warming denial is common in many places of the world, especially in the formerly communist countries, middle eastern countries, south asian countries, and anglo countries. The USA has similar levels of global warming denial as Russia, India, the UK, Australia, the Czech Republic, and many other places.

Interestingly Japan had the second highest percentage of believers in that study from 2007, but now they have the highest number of skeptics (PDF). I wonder what happened. After that media quickly found out anti-nuclear scaremongering was more effective clickbait than anti-carbon scaremongering.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT! (Score 2) 104

Android phones far outsell iPhones in Japan. See these charts as just one example is a price comparison site and its popularity ranking is based on page views and not sales. It is a testimony to iPhone's popularity in Japan that a product without a need for price comparison still rank that high on price comparison site's list. As for sales number, let's go to the people who actually studies and publish those kind of number:

In Japan, consumers' desire for all things Apple continued into the final quarter of 2013, with iOS taking 68.7% share of smartphone sales.

Comment Re:A natural reaction to Faux News i think (Score 1) 181

It's not an accident that the average Fox News fan is less informed than people that don't watch any news at all, it is on purpose.

According to that linked "study", Fox News viewers are stupid because "91 percent believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs" and "72 percent believe the health reform law will increase the deficit" and so forth. Such a high percentage of Fox News viewers believe in these obvious falsehood is a proof that Fox News makes you stupid! or so that article claims.

91 percent believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs.
Study: stimulus created 450,000 government sector jobs and destroyed 1,000,000 private sector jobs.

72 percent believe the health reform law will increase the deficit.
GAO report: In rosy scenario, where everything goes perfect, it could decrease deficit by $13.25 trillion!!! or it could increase the deficit by $6.2 trillion.

Apparently not buying into White House's propaganda and disagreeing with liberal's worldview make Fox News viewers stupid. At least they weren't accused of being racist.

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