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Submission + - Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for 26.2 Billion (

sonamchauhan writes: The WSJ reports Microsoft plans to buy LinkedIn for almost three times the price it paid for Nokia's phone business. Apparently, this deal has its genesis at a CEO gathering a few years ago. There, the Microsoft and LinkedIn CEOs talked about working more closely, and, to quote: "there was “such a mind-meld” during those discussions that the conversation moved toward the possibility of an acquisition."

The LinkedIn CEO worked earlier at Yahoo, leaving soon after Microsoft's failed attempt to purchase Yahoo for $50 billion in 2008.

Does that mean Microsoft is not buying Yahoo anymore?


Submission + - Wiki Delivers Baby (

sonamchauhan writes: A Londoner helped his wife deliver their baby by Googling "how to deliver a baby" on his mobile phone.

From the article: Leroy said before the birth of Mahalia on December 1, his wife disapproved of his BlackBerry because he was always playing with it but now she has "changed her tune". "She doesn't mind the BlackBerry now"

The site he used was wikiHow, not wikipedia.

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