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Comment Re:Is this theoretical? (Score 2) 207

"The inaudible code is recognized and received on the other smart device by the software development kit installed on it."

So the other device has to be compromised as well which at least complicates delivery of this attack to targets.

Although they claim:
As of April of 2015, SilverPush’s software is used by 67 apps and the company monitors 18 million smartphones.

Maybe true, maybe marketing.

Comment Re:As long as it's for the right reason (Score 1) 482

Banning cell phones so you don't have to try to look around people who insist on holding their phones over their heads. Or banning cell phones because you don't want an amateur video of your concert on youtube. Given my jaded view of the music industry, I'd bet on the latter.

However, I've always wondered what the people who insist on taking photos and videos of everything they see do with those. Are they the modern day equivalent of those who used to corner people with their slide projectors while they begrudgingly sat and pretended to care? Enjoy your life, quit pretending everybody else wants to experience every second of it too.

Alternate reason: I've got videos of my son and his cousins enjoying various shows I've brought them to and I'll be enjoying watching that again later in life.

Comment erm (Score 1) 249

IQ tests tend to be culturally biased, so it would be interesting to know if the same tests are being used in both 'high IQ' and 'low IQ' countries.

If so, my guess would be that the IQ tests are (unintentionally) biased in favor of the culture of the 'high IQ' country or countries.

If not, then there would probably be no point in comparing the test results as the tests themselves are different.

Google 'IQ test cultural bias' for a bunch of links around this.

Comment Re:Stranger Danger! (Score 1) 211

Be fearful! There might be strangers sleeping somewhere in a property near you.

I bet the hotels are lobbying for this. Airbnb is one thing that is pushing the cost of visiting New York down.

We're fearful because we live in shared doorman apartment buildings. We usually keep our apartments unlocked 24 hrs (for our own convenience, and because we know and trust our neighbors, and because old buildings have quirks like single elevators that jam and so you hop through someone's front door to get to the back door elevator bank.)

We'd like to keep that and not have to switch to living in a hotel-like environment.

Doesn't your building association have bylaws that you can use to stop AirBnB rentals in the building?

Comment Re:Stop providing services (Score 1) 207

To any country that makes encryption either illegal, or treats it as eminent domain for the government to have access to it's citizen's communications.

This is the same crap the UK is proposing, and the same crap the US is trying to implement. It's time for the citizens, and thereby the private services providers, to stand up and say "No More!!!".

Not even. The apps can be provided from non "insert country name here" located servers so it's up to "insert country name here" to block said services and deal with whatever voter feedback there is after.

Comment Re:With Experience of Similar Incidents... (Score 1) 596

Toyota has recalled cars because of the gas pedal sticking. If that were to happen in a tesla, the sensors would show the throttle going to 100% and would blame the driver when in fact the car was at fault.

Good point. A floor mat issue or mechanical issue with the pedal would trigger the sensor and make it appear that pressure was being applied to the pedal. Basically you would need a camera pointed at the foot to really see what happened under there.

Maybe they should just install cameras under the dash pointing at the controls with the price of camera modules being under $5.

They could even defray the costs by selling the resulting upskirt videos to porn sites.

Comment Re:With Experience of Similar Incidents... (Score 1) 596

If that were to happen in a tesla, the sensors would show the throttle going to 100% and would blame the driver when in fact the car was at fault.

You're speculating on the operation of the sensor, if it failed, and what mode that failure would have been.

Not at all. I am actually assuming that the sensor is completely accurate.

Comment Re:With Experience of Similar Incidents... (Score 3, Insightful) 596

I'd be inclined to agree with you but for one thing... A few years ago Tesla let BBC Top Gear test a Roadster, and Jeremy Clarkson lampooned the vehicle in a way that annoyed Elon Musk. Ever since then Tesla have put a *lot* of data capture capability and performance monitoring into all of their vehicles, specifically to stop these sorts of claims.

The problem is that the sensors are recording what happens but not why it happens. The sensor can say that the throttle was 100% but it doesn't actually record the movement of a biological leg and foot - it assumes it.

Toyota has recalled cars because of the gas pedal sticking. If that were to happen in a tesla, the sensors would show the throttle going to 100% and would blame the driver when in fact the car was at fault.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 596

I think the bigger point is that the car wasn't in autopilot mode at the time. I don't think the drivers are realizing that they can check and call them on their bullshit.

Generalizing a question, does a certain 'mode' have to be activated for a bug in software/firmware to cause a problem with a device that might currently be in another mode?

I would say no.

To give a legacy car analogy, cruise control can be disabled and the gas pedal could still get stuck at full acceleration.

Comment Re:This sort of thing is why people like Trump (Score 1) 420

Capital is not profit you dimwit, in the long term it is integrated retained profit. Capital is needed to make profits. People with capital have choices. Unless you can make a living banging two rocks together you depend on somebodies capital.

It's easy for leftists to expropriate. Taxing overseas profits under the rule of law is very difficult, attempts have unintended consequences. None are as bad as the unintended consequences of expropriation.

Actually the two rocks would also be capital but whatever.

If a company chooses not to re-invest their gains, then it is profit and not capital. With the huge amounts of profits going offshore, that is less potential capital in the economy of the country that the profits are being funneled out of.

Again you're missing the point (which is not very surprising really). The profits in question are not 'overseas' profits. They are profits on sales in (relatively) high tax countries that have been double dutched out to low tax countries. The companies doing the double dutch dance use public infrastructure in many ways (from having an educated workforce paid for by tax dollars to using public roads to doing business safely thanks to publicly funded policy and military, etc. etc. the list goes on and on) and yet do not pay back into the system that they benefit from, leaving the burden more and more on the middle class.

Funneling wealth out of a society using tax loopholes is just another form of expropriation - by corporations and the super wealthy instead of by a public agency - and instead of you and your family getting at least some value out of it...you get fuck all.

You consider taxes to be expropriation and yet how else do you reasonably expect a country to fund things like the military, the government, public education, healthcare and welfare at least for those who are unable to work? Or are you one of these fucknuts who thinks that with no taxes things would be just fine and everything would be privately funded?

Comment Re:This fixes a UI failure (Score 1) 664

Oh no, the usual retarded response from a Linux kid.../p>

You referring to me?

Because I don't know much about Linux...but I do know about business.

1. "RTFM", or,
2. "It's open source, go fix the code yourself", or,
3. Fork it!

No. I said fill the niche - so this is more accurate:
1. Identify a need.
2. Fill the need.
3. Profit.

Comment Re:This sort of thing is why people like Trump (Score 1) 420

In other words. He want's to pay them with taxes he can't collect.

Capital moves to where it gets the best rate of return. All he will do is send capital overseas. We already knew he was an idiot, so no surprises.

Your point is irrelevant, given that any company who can send profits overseas is already doing so. It is easy to collect taxes from any company that wants to do business in a country. The only thing stopping that from happening so far is that the companies in question own the politicians who make the laws, and the loopholes, that are used to avoid paying tax.

With regard to his being an idiot, well...pot..kettle, glass houses and all that. Of course your inability to realize that you're being fucked in every financial orifice already by these companies and that Trump and Clinton are buyer and bought, and are thus part of the problem and not any kind of solution, doesn't point to you having a genius level intellect, but hey...I could be wrong.

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