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Submission + - General info (wordpress.com)

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Submission + - Secured Way of Interaction, Introduced by Google+ for Teens and Young Adults (blogspot.in)

vikasproficient writes: "Google is coming up with whole new strategy for its social networking service Google+ to acquire more market shares. According to Google’s Product Management VP, Bradley Horowitz “Teens and young adults are the most active Internet users on the planet” and Google+ is opening its doors for teens, describing in post."

Submission + - Meta Tags - Tips and Guidelines (blogspot.in)

vikasproficient writes: "Meta tags are an important part of your website, and if you are missing them then you might also missing valuable traffic too. Meta tags provide
information as well as direct search engine bots, which leads to best possible search engine result; every page has its own Meta tags. Tags are not visible to visitors until they examine the source code of your web page, which is viewable
by pressing Ctrl+U. Meta-tagging lies in on-page optimization technique and a important
part of Search Engine Optimization."


Submission + - Hunting for Traffic, Try Image Search Optimization (blogspot.in)

vikasproficient writes: "During Optimizing a website maximum of website owner and webmasters
only focus on textual part of webpage’s and desert images section,
which have potential of getting high SERP in image search result.
Image Search Optimization can help you to divert relevant organic
traffic to your site and can get convert into sales, depending upon
your product/services. It is one of the curial part since major search
engines are providing image search utility, which is been widely used
this days. It really doesn’t matter if your site isn’t a product selling
or service providing website, if you are in hunt of more organic traffic
then you must try Image Search Optimization."


Submission + - 5 Easy Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaign (blogspot.in)

vikasproficient writes: "Email Marketing is considered as one of the most efficacious tactic to reach your targeting audience or buyers. No matter what’s your product or service is all about, email marketing can be a right promoting strategy for your business, although remember that you need to be very careful while deploying email marketing campaigning and it is considered as one of the most difficult technique for promotion."

Submission + - 5 Ways to Grow Traffic for Blog (blogspot.in)

vikasproficient writes: "Okay, I guess you are done with your first post and it is live on blog, but after a day or two a question might arise in your mind that “where’s my traffic?!” To be very straight it is not that simple, and, neither that hard. It’s like a jigsaw game; you need to arrange each and every cube in right order. Certainly it takes time and effort to solve jigsaw puzzle so as to build your own readership or to get regular traffic to your blog/website."

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