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Comment Here's an idea for Microsoft (Score 1) 256

How about taking the money that Microsoft is going to "pay" to users and:
- Go through Windows 7 (or previous versions, personally I'm using Win 7 for my MS only software development) and fix outstanding bugs
- Create an open source, WebKit based browser that can compete with Chrome/Firefox/whatever without having to pay for users

In the long run, this would be money better spent (ie generate more paying customers) than bribing users to use the substandard products that Microsoft has on it's "Front Line".

Comment ChromeOS as a choice? (Score 1) 518

Going back to the polling question, "My main computer runs the following operating system", I wonder if ChromeOS needs to be there.

For those of us developing for the education space, this is an important target OS - for the most part apps can be developed on other OSes, but they still need to be tested on Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices.

Comment Why no separate category for Win10? (Score 1) 518

Personally, I would be most interested in how many people on this site are running Windows 10.

The latest version is so different in the approach taken with the user (some would say that it is "evil" - evil, I tells ya) that I think it would be interesting for a site like this to see who has taken the plunge for their main computer system.

As noted above, I wouldn't consider it appropriate for WinXP and Vista to be put together and I'm not sure if Win7 should be with Win8. I would think the categories should be:
- WinXP & Win7 (what I would consider the real development tools)
- Vista and Win8 (for those who don't know how to update the OS on their PCs)
- Win10 (for those who are willing to make Microsoft a partner in everything they do)

Comment BT Pairing/Connect Confirmation (Score 1) 151

Sorry - I should have noted that if it's a Windows device, the BT pairing dialog boxes come up and unless the PIN is trivial (0000, 1111 or 1234) the user must enter the pin and in either case, the user must confirm that they want to connect the device.

As noted, if it's a Mac, you must go under "System Preferences".

If it's a ChromeOS device, there is no user confirmation.

There is no user confirmation under Linux.

Comment Problems with BT & Chrome OS on Multiple Devic (Score 4, Interesting) 151

I have been taking advantage of the BT (SPP/RFCOMM) operation in Chrome and ChromeOS for a white now on a variety of devices and for the most part it works quite well. My app is a Chrome App (Extension) in which the code is written in JavaScript.

Unfortunately, when you have multiple ChromeOS systems (ie Chromebooks) connected to BT devices simultaneously, you experience some weirdness (previously paired devices not being found with a "undefined" error and requiring several connection attempts as well as connections failing after a few minutes). I'm working at figuring out what the problem is.

The Chrome.Bluetoothsocket discover and connect APIs will find, pair and connect devices quite nicely on all Windows and Linux systems but not Macs. Macs require going into "System Preferences" and pairing your device beforehand. Linux requires something like Blueman to be installed and works reasonably well.

This could provide some interesting functionality, but I suspect there will be problems with the first implementations along with the issues listed above. It will probably be solid in 2-3 releases (4 to 6 months) after multiple users have identified issues with it.

Comment Free of Corporate Influence/Visualizing Basics (Score 1) 133

First off, while I'm sure it's important to get corporate sponsorships, the logos need to be only on the outside of the building and not inside. The purpose of the museum cannot be for companies to establish brand awareness and preferences - it must be to interest and excite kids about technology and where the future lies.

Don't focus on teaching kids how to use technology, focus on introducing the basic concepts which computing technology is based on. That means avoid rows of PCs letting kids design their own web pages or games in Scratch; create hands-on activities in which the kids can see how data is stored (flip flops), makes decisions (logic), input and outputs as well as communications with the culminating piece being how they work together to become a "computer" and how devices are built from them.

The visitors are the ones building technology's future; don't set expectations with a focus on sponsor's products and existing applications, show them the basics and let them imagine where they want the future to go.

Comment US Information Sources on Paul Bernardo Killings (Score 2) 136

This will clearly label me as Canadian, but in the run up to the trial, the judge put a gag order on information in order to provide a jury pool that hadn't formed opinions based on news reports of the rather sensational kidnapping and murders of two teenage girls as well as then uncommon knowledge that Mr. Bernardo was thought to be the "Scarborough Rapist" who was the subject of a manhunt in Toronto in the 1980s.

The news reports and other information about Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla could only be found on sites located outside of Canada and was one of the first examples of how the Interwebs would bypass and subvert laws.

Comment Man, talk about pricing yourself out of business (Score 4, Insightful) 188

Someone in the IOC needs to be picked up an shooken - hard.

I guess this means that proud parents can't tweet pictures of their medal winning children.

Attendees can't talk about what a great experience they're having.

Everybody else ignoring what's going on there.

Comment Actually, Trailer/Movie Dichotomy (Score 4, Interesting) 407

My understanding (from a couple of people I know who were involved with the movie) was that the first pass (ie at the end of filming in July of 201) of the movie was disappointing, but serviceable (ie make its money back in the theatres and turn a profit on streaming and DVDs). Test audiences' biggest problem was that they didn't know many of the various minor villains (ie Killer Croc, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang) and were confused by Harley Quinn because in the cartoons, she has a definite costume and doesn't use a baseball bat.

Then the trailer was created which made it seem like a *much* different movie than it actually was. The trailer, (see here: generated a lot of buzz due to the energy the characters gave off which wasn't in the original film. The Warner suits realized that there was a disconnect between the trailer and reality, so early last fall, they ordered a script update with reshoots so that the movie would better match the trailer.

The script changes were complete and new filming was finishing up in Vancouver when Deadpool came out and did not affect the final version of the film. It may have confirmed the Warner suits' that they were on the right track, but Deadpool didn't force the decision one way or another. I was told in December that Warner had managed to turn a fair movie that avid comic book readers will like into a "shitty" one that wouldn't work for anybody with the script and filming changes.

The DC Universe movie problems go a lot deeper than trying to copy Deadpool or Avengers movies - it basically comes from a lack of central planning that Marvel/Disney/Sony have in spades as well as difficulty in listening to the casual movie goer.

One of the friends, who's a PA on Suicide Squad, said that fanboys know the characters and that's who DC/Warner tends to listen to rather than somebody off the street who has heard of Batman and Superman but can't name anybody in their rogue's gallery other than The Joker and Lex Luthor and needs an introductory movie for them and the universe, the same way Marvel does.

Submission + - Mozilla to Remove Hello in Firefox 49 (

An anonymous reader writes: An entry on Mozilla's issue tracker opened on July 17 reveals ongoing efforts from Mozilla engineers to remove the Hello system add-on from default Firefox installations starting with version 49, set for public release on September 13, 2016.

Mozilla added Hello to Firefox in version 34, released on December 1, 2014, and from the beginning, it was part of the browser's core code, but was moved in December 2015 into a separate add-on, one that came pre-installed with Firefox, making Hello its first ever system add-on.

Mozilla plans to remove Hello from the codebases of Firefox Beta 49, Firefox Developer Edition 50, and Firefox Nightly 51. Based on the currently available information, the deadline for the Hello code removal operations is for this Monday, August 1, after which the first Firefox builds with no Hello integration will be available for testing, and will ship out in the fall with the stable release.

Submission + - SPAM: Nintendo Suffers 90% Drop in Third-Party Support 1

SlappingOysters writes: Despite the success of Pokémon Go, not everything is going well in the Mushroom Kingdom. Just released figures show a dramatic decline in the amount of third-party support for Nintendo's Wii U console when compared to its five predecessors. It's a timely update on Nintendo's current place in the console market, given the gaming world is expecting an official reveal of its next console — the NX — any day now. The NX is due for release in March 2017.

Comment How do you regression test that stuff? (Score 1) 315

Look at LLVM as an instructive example. It's a large complex beast written in heavy C++, but there are bindings for every language you'd ever want to seriously write a compiler in.

Not a great counterexample - The LLVM C bindings are maintained by hand and all of the other bindings are machine-generated from the C bindings.

IIRC, you're involved with LLVM in some way, shape or form. How the heck do you regression test that hand-hacked stuff? I've come to realize lately that even the most trivial of refactorings can be dangerous. I suspect that the reason that the most trivial code changes are so dangerous is because when something seems trivial, we (or more accurately, I) lose perspective sometimes of the big picture and how far out things can be very loosely coupled. I'd be curious to know how you manage that kind of stuff on something that's so difficult to debug when it goes wrong and yet requires hand manipulation of certain things. Surely most of the LLVM guys are smarter than I am and I'm sure it would be automated if there weren't a darn good technical reason to have it that way.

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