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Comment Re:Mozilla is wasting money, brains, and time (Score 0) 97

Mozilla excels when there is a massive project that should be open to the world (and standardized) and is not. Besides the browser and email client, PDF.js is very significant and is integrated in 1000s of sites and products because it reads PDFs safely (as safe as the JS sandbox).

I think they should partner with Elon Musk's OpenAI effort to produce standards, software, and support. Their Project Vaani speech-to-text engine shows they are thinking this way, but lack the AI experience to do it themselves today.

Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 1) 80

Wind --> Trees
      They've been messing with wind patterns for the past 100M years at-least. We've clear-cut so many that I think windmills just barely are restoring back the blockages trees have been offering since the dawn of our species.

Wasted Heat:
        Either way, it's part of Earth's heat. If we could turn tons of "waste heat" into energy, we would then use the energy which creates . . . heat. We could store mountains full of batteries and it would make little difference (we would be recreating Oil-like storage). Though putting this recycled system over ocean is less wise than over low-wind desert for ecology & maintenance reasons.

As for dams, yes they're not so great.

Comment Re:The OS That Just Won't Quit (Score 1) 145

Its base-project (Wine) is already a standard Microsoft themselves uses for compatibility testing. As they cover more APIs, I suspect they will start closing-in, especially since they only implement what works and ignore projects Microsoft failed at (old mobile OS versions, for example). With Chakra-Core and other Microsoft open-source pieces, they can collect gains they don't even need to build.

There may even be a time Microsoft sees this open-source project with "clean" C/C++ code superior to the multi-GB amassment of questionable binaries they add to devices today.

Comment Re:This is why android (Score 1) 327

That's presuming all companies are Apple when in-fact Google gives away Android including source code. They also built-in mechanisms for third-party stores allowing any apps to be installed. Then, they further improved quality-control in these by running installs through an optional blacklist of dangerous apps.

Comment Technology enables progress. Next: less regulation (Score 1) 218

- we need 10x the ISP competition, and not just everyone leasing the line from a company already in control.
- Last Mile Monopoly: This is easily beat with analog TV spectrum which solved this problem way back in the 1950s. Reuse it openly for digital last-mile internet and watch the competition soar
- Peering Routers: I want to share through my neighbor's devices. They can be far more capable over the 1/4mile range than we allow them to be.
- These things will not-only stabilize prices, it'll stabilize communication and end kill-switch scenarios.
- Then eventually there's no ISP to kick you off of. Sharing will be standard exposing strict copyright for the farce it is.

Before you say corruption & special-interests stop progress, look how horse-stable monopolies lost to Ford's combustion-engine workshop. Technology enables progress. There are still laws forcing car drivers have carrots for horses, but nobody cares anymore.

Comment Re:Never got how Electric Cars Made Sence (Score 3, Informative) 555

4) Scrub Towers can be as tall, heavy, and complex as necessary to meet emissions guidelines since they're not driving down the road.

Since line loss is estimated 8%-15% and AC-to-DC happens at a charge station and (if it's like my PC power brick) should be 97% efficient. Battery efficiency is a measure of storage, so it's uninteresting unless considering vehicle weight. There is some loss in charging, but I'd imagine it compares to the evaporation losses in gasoline. This about-20% loss (slightly-more weight-considered) turns-out to be much less loss than gasoline's 85% loss in just its final step. And considering the electric motor doesn't need to "keep up" when not providing force (instant torque), it's even better.

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