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Comment Manufacturing at home, not that impossible (Score 1) 101

I know several people who have the equipment to build motherboards at home (in garages and basements). I agree that it's not common and consists of surplus equipment they were able to get cheap and would not be as efficient as a properly equipped manufacturer, but they're out there and they can do the high BGA counts of processor sockets with a high degree of success.

Manufacturing the PCBs isn't the problem; see my other post.

Comment Datasheets, not electronics or cases (Score 1) 101

To make a competitive system, the real issue is, is the ability to convince Intel or AMD (or any other processor manufacturer) as well as BIOS/EFI vendors (if you're not going to write your own) that you are serious enough with enough resources to be successful in designing a system and maintain their IP.

Probably the most difficulty somebody who wants to design/build motherboards will have is showing these companies that they have sufficient security systems and protocols in place that the processor and support chip manufacturers (if they're different) can provide you with the datasheets and other documents necessary to design systems without them becoming public knowledge (ie available to their competitors).

Next on the bill is showing that you have the financial resources to make a serious go of it as they will have to provide you a ton of support (the processor manufacturers have to have at least one person dedicated to you full time if you are going to be successful).

Comment MLS - Machine Language Simulation (Score 1) 628

Filling out bubble cards for an IBM 1160 - ca. 1977. Program printouts came back two days later.

Teacher was a drunk the administration couldn't fire, most kids used the class to a) socialize or b) make pictures out of different letters. I remember a particularly impressive Corvette logo.

My proudest achievement was figuring out how to program multiplication/division as repeated addition/subtraction. All by myself, just using the manual.

Comment Looking forward to Microsoft's response (Score 1) 50

There's two paths they can go down:
1. Accept that there is a sizable chunk of the user base (most probably application developers) that will continue to use Windows 7 (maybe 8.1) and remove the update blocks on these OSes. They'll get some bitching from people who felt they should have done that right from the start, but it will be short lived and life will go on with the reluctant acknowledgement that Microsoft actually listened to their customers and developer community.

2. Get into a legal and software battle with Zeffy, trying to sue him into oblivion for violating the license agreement as well as putting in "patches" to nullify the stop-update blocks. The development community will endlessly complain that builds, on older hardware because they want to do development on OSes that spy on them and provide a window into their product development, will take longer with libraries that are not fully reflective of the latest (graphic) hardware which means they'll start looking for other platforms to develop for. The bitching will be continuous with may development houses looking towards greener pastures for development programs and Microsoft's share in the marketplace will continue to decline.

I'm betting the Microsoft will take option 2.

Comment Rather than HW Specs, what is SW Infrastructure? (Score 2) 91

In this space, you're not going to see any Kaby Lakes or massive amounts of memory or even impressive video/audio so listing the hardware doesn't mean much.

What I'm most interested in is what will be the application infrastructure is (ie a useable version Office) as well as document distribution for classes (Google Classroom has developed into a pretty slick tool). Another question would be what Microsoft will do for a browser on the device as Edge doesn't work all that great and pages don't display the same as they do on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

So, what will make Microsoft's offering special/compelling against ChromeOS?

Comment It lost me when I saw the "Pro" version upgrade (Score 1) 91

In the previous /. posting, I noted my disbelief when I said that Microsoft would have to seriously change it's operating model and asked about them trying to compete against Google, which doesn't monetize the platform.

Well, if there's a "pro" version of the Windows 10 Cloud OS, then I don't think Microsoft understands what they have to do to be successful in this space.

Comment Only news because it's Tesla (Score 2) 106

Would this be of note if Toyota, Ford or VW issued a recal for this?

Parts from subcontractors are often not up to snuff - the problem is noted, a recall is issued and that's it.

This is only news because it's on a Tesla - I'm not a Musk fanboi but let's get a little perspective on the matter.

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