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Comment Re:Short-term numbers versus long-term (Score 2, Insightful) 150

Why would you assume "a bad computer program with a dozen eyes is likely to be better than a bag of meat with only two"?

I'm not up on state of the art on computer image/object recognition but the experience I have from about 10 years ago leads me to believe that there are still challenges to be solved, especially when it comes to recognizing movements and intentions. As a driver, some of the cues I rely on include turning indicators, wheel positions, other driver/pedestrian/cyclist eye contact as well as sounds.

I'm not saying that the challenge of coming up with software that allows a car to autonomously drive itself better than a human isn't possible. I just challenge the assertion that a computer with multiple cameras is likely superior to a human.

Comment Re:Good idea, bad name (Score 1) 150

Agreed. If I bought a car with a feature called "autopilot", I would think I would be comfortable taking a snooze (or watching a Harry Potter movie) while the car did the driving for me. I am really surprised they haven't dropped the name "autopilot" as it is totally misleading and something that has been pointed out repeatedly. I suspect that there are egos involved in the decision not to change the name.

Or, maybe, they think their software is close enough to achieve certification for totally taking over responsibility for driving the car that they think that can weather this storm and keep the name for the big roll out.

Comment Still not enough data. (Score 1) 150

A crash rate of 1.3/ million miles and having 130 million miles of data means that there has been about 170 crashes.

I'm guessing accidents range from minor fender-benders (although with cars of today, a "minor" fender bender costs $2k+) to the fatal accident.

I would like to know where this 40% reduction takes place in the accident spectrum ? Does this mean that there are much fewer fender benders or fewer accidents which resulted in personal injuries?

If it's at the lower end of the range then big whoopdie fucking do - if it results in fewer injuries (and I would guess this would be significantly more than 40%) then it's something to look into and see if this improvement can be brought to other manufacturer's cars (and trucks).

Comment Drunk at 2:00AM in Tokyo no longer be hazardous? (Score 2) 186

I've not spent a lot of time in Japan but on future trips I will have a little nostalgia remembering coming in after a long night of Karaoke and trying to figure out how to relieve myself without flooding the bathroom.

Of course, that option is a lot better than the ubiquitous hole in the floor with a shell that you squat over that my wife always wondered why I took pictures of.

Submission + - Trump doesn't make Microsoft's CEO nervous (

mykepredko writes: Some CEOs are nervous at the prospect of a 6 a.m. tweet from President-elect Donald Trump, accusing their company of not doing enough to keep jobs in the U.S. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, however, is confident about Microsoft's place as a job creator. "We're a U.S.-based company that operates worldwide and our predominant employment is in the United States," Nadella told CNNTech at the DLD tech conference in Munich on Monday. "We've already created a tremendous amount of high-paying jobs in the U.S."

Considering the issues with Microsoft's past use of H1-B visas, this seems like some misplaced hubris on the part of Mr. Nadella.

Comment OLED Display? Microsoft make $$$ on this? (Score 1) 26

I would think the most interesting aspect of this device is that it requires a bendable display and, looking at the drawings, I would guess a very scratch proof surface (pun not intended) would be required. Actually the need for a scratch proof (not *resistant*) would be absolutely necessary or else the areas where the fold take place are going to look like shit in short order. The same for the bottom surface when the device is folded and resting on something like a diner tabletop.

Now, based on Microsoft's history with personal devices, I would think that the likelihood of this becoming a successful product is between slim and dick.

Comment Not in the real world (Score 4, Insightful) 140

I don't see an autonomous flying car in neighbourhoods, except in locales where there aren't:
- Power lines
- Trees
- Pets (and children) that will be blown around lift jets
- Shingled roofs (see previous)
- Anything that can be blown around
- Anything that could come into impact with the flying vehicle

Don't these "futurists" know that their creations won't be allowed to fly/land anywhere aircraft can't fly/land now?

Comment How about teaching kids to type first? (Score 1) 196

As somebody who works with kids & technology, I'm convinced that things would go a lot more efficiently if kids could use a keyboard effectively along with knowing how to use a mouse.

Most kids are quite adept at working with touchscreen on a phone or a tablet, but put them in front of a keyboard and anything you are trying to teach them is lost as they search out basic letters and then try to figure out how the shift key works.

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