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Comment Re:We Were Attacked! (Score 2) 69

Sure do.

It spreads out the attack value over multiple targets. It is not about whether a set of smaller replacements for Dyn could withstand 1tb/s, it is about whether an attacker could muster n tb/s to attack a whole set of smaller providers at once in order to create the same amount of widespread damage. Do you think it makes sense to put all the eggs in one basket?

Comment Re:We Were Attacked! (Score 1) 69

1. System is designed with a decentralised resource to prevent single point of failure / target for attack.
2. Company wants to monopolise resource.
3. Spreads fear of attacks for reason to buy hardened service.
4. Gets rekt by a bunch of kids who have hacked cctvs.
5. Tries to use it spread more fear / downpkay own incompetence.
6. ...
7. People realise that running their own DNS is more resilient?

Comment Re:Outer Space Treaty (Score 1) 275

Obviously. But the countries that did ratify it (all of them) are legally bound not to recognise a nation that does claim a body in violation of the treaty. So while I could form the "People's Liberation Front of the Moon" tomorrow and start claiming great big chunks of it - nobody would actually care or acknowledge it in any way. The main function that countries have is sovereignty over their citizens, which only comes about when they are recognised by other counties who then stop claiming sovereignty over the same citizens.

A. Yes, you are technically correct.
B. It's a pointless clarification.
C. It does not have any impact at all on the wider point, of who can claim bodies.
D. You are an idiot.

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