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Comment Re:Yeah, unfortunately we do. (Score 1) 374

Our deployment is all network based. It means that a lab full of machines can be reinstalled at the same time. Deploying a new iamge for an upgrade takes about 10 mins (including the walk around the room to reset each machine and change bios to netboot). I like our IT department - they do nice things.

When students visit me with work it is rare for them to even bring usb, normally it is sitting on dropbox or onecloud. Installing single one-off machines was the last use that I had for opticals, but now usbboot is quite stable and its less hassle to nuke a stick than it is to find a machine to burn a disc in.

Comment Re:Post Bait. (Score 1) 512

When was slashdot not for the lulz? Nerdbait + random quirky interest stories was always the formula. The quirky story selection left with CmdrTaco (heard the tragic news on the radio this morning, sad for one so young and gifted).

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Errr. No.

It's 90% of the total vehicle days they included in the study (cars only - they did not mention freight?). And there is no information about the 10% that is not covered is distributed. So there is no information on whether:

* 10% of people could not use EVs.
* 100% of people could not use EVs 10% of the time.
* Somewhere inbetween.

So you are just speculating, yet you are trying to state it as fact. Do you have more information than what was available in the abstract or are you just projected your beliefs onto the story?

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 4, Informative) 990

No - the headline is misstating the paper.

According to the abstract at Nature it is 90% of "vehicle days". 90% of vehicles would be a much stronger result. Because it is vehicle-days you cannot assume how they are distributed across the owners of vehicles. There is a post much higher up that calls it right: "electric cars would fail their owners 10% of the time: 36.5 days a year".

Comment Re:You can load them even faster... (Score 2) 118


When somebody puts a site on the web they are making it publicly available to anybody that wants to connect to it. Trying to to then impose constraints on how people access that content *after making it available* has no moral validity at all. The web was not invented to be "monetised", and fuck corporate apologists like you would try to rewrite history to make it so.

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