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Comment Re:YAY! (Score 1) 499

The thing I hate about Smash Lab is the unnecessary editing that takes place to pad the time. In the earthquake episode, they edited it as if they were swapping the test houses in and out for each test, instead of doing one house per day. You could tell that they were done on different days, because the people were wearing different clothing. Yet, between each test, they would show the clip of them hoisting the houses back into place again. The same clip from a different angle. Then, they would say "well, test house 1 did well, let's get test house 2 back into place and test it." Please. Don't insult us like that.

Submission + - Convincing users of email address privacy (

Gm4n writes: "Recently, a friend of mine had the [possibly bad] idea of creating a lottery website that gives away the prior day's ad revenue to one visitor. It was finished a few hours ago, but there's still a big problem... how do you convince a user that you are not, in fact, going to spam them or sell their email address? With all the shady sites on the internet these days, the end-user is skeptical of any website that asks for an email address. Is it best to have a paragraph or two saying you won't do anything bad, or a popup written in legalese?"

Submission + - One-Click-Submission to German terror watchlist ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: As the German daily Der Tagesspiegel reported today, the German federal criminal agency has a new strategy to catch terrorists: they put up an informational web page about the terrorist group "militante Gruppe" ("militant group") and now look at their web logs. If someone clicks on that link, his IP address will be investigated and he will be put on the terror watchlist. It would be utter madness of us to ask you to click on THIS LINK to put a billion people on their list so we are not even going to mention the URL. In case you find it, do not click on it! Thank you.

Submission + - Apple fails to deal with change to NZ DST

NTDaley writes: Debian may not have pushed their update for the NZ daylight savings change, but Apple has failed to deal with it at all. Their website instructs users to change the time manually, which is obviously inadequate for people who have to administer a large group of computers, or who need to have accurate times for other timezones. Fortunately a third party has created a fix for the problem.

Comment Re:Vote! (Score 1) 927

Would Kerry have really been *worse* that Bush?

At the time, I didn't really have any kind of scoreboard going in regard to which one I disliked more. All I knew was:

  1. I disliked both of them
  2. Living in Texas, Bush was likely to win no matter how I voted
  3. There was a candidate that I preferred
  4. Voting for someone else would rank me among the "Other" group, but would still be a statement to the two major parties saying "I don't like the choices you're giving me"

So, rather than picking what I perceived as the lesser of two evils (which I honestly could not decide at the time), I picked who I would prefer to be President, based on my personal beliefs. I didn't follow the election results in Texas, but if the "Other" margin was just enough to give Bush the lead over Kerry (I doubt it), and give Bush the lead in electoral votes (I doubt that even more) feel free to dislike me. As it is, I feel better voting for the guy I liked rather than trying to figure out which of the two major candidates was the guy I disliked the least.

The biggest problem I have with people who dislike third-party voters is they seem to think I would vote for their candidate if all I had was a choice between the two candidates. That's not necessarily the case. If I had been faced with that decision in 2004 I would have passed on both Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche and not voted at all. Then I'd be lambasted for that. :p


Journal Journal: OS-tan msgina.dll hack

Got tired of seeing that last entry on my profile page... so I'm posting to get rid of it. Heh.

Yesterday I finally found out some Windows graphics I'd been wanting to hack are located in msgina.dll. So last night I went to work with Resource Hacker, Replacer, and the GIMP.


Journal Journal: Chat logs

Yes, I'm a jerk for posting a chat log. Especially one where I'm clearly being a ranting asshole. But I'd probably make a journal post about the subject anyway. This saves me time and blood pressure. :p


Journal Journal: ::sigh::

(This is a rant. Most of it is train-of-thought. Portions of it will make no sense because of this. Leave me alone.)

The political commentary of the last 24 hours, summed up:

OMFG! The sky is Falling! The sky is falling! We're all gonna die!

.... Y'know, deep down a part of me wanted Kerry to win, because people would stop bitching.

Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: Well... Problem Solved... Somewhat.

Why can't every distro install work like Red Hat?

After all my problems with Debian and Gentoo and their derivatives, I pop in my old RH9 discs and it just works.

Got apt-get, had a little fun with that, though then I decided to upgade to Fedora 3 Test 3. Bad idea.

So now I'm re-installing RH9. Possibly going to download Fedora 2 and upgrade to that. But after wasting a DVD-R on Fedora 3 I'm probably going to look into other options.


Journal Journal: WTF?

Linux in general seems to hate me.

A few weeks ago I wanted to try Gentoo on my second computer. I tried a stage1 install, because I figured it would be a good learning experience. When it got to compile tags I just... gave up. I'm too impatient to mess with it, and I was afraid of breaking the install with the wrong tags.


Journal Journal: Wishlist Thingy... Again.


Not the prettiest thing going, but It was my first time [strike]stealing[/strike] writing PHP code and setting up PHP on my Apache server.

Bad side is, my cool XML idea doesn't work because all the individual elements have to be inside one master element. Appending lines won't work if I have to insert them before the last line.


Journal Journal:

Your Results:

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian (74%)
3. Bush, President George W. - Republican (58%)
4. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (43%)
5. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (41%)
6. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (39%)
7. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (37%)
8. Cobb, David - Green Party (36%)
9. Nader, Ralph - Independent (36%)
10. Lieberman,


Journal Journal: XML Wishlist... Thingy...

Had an idea recently... Basically, I'd make a simple XML database to replace wishlists online.

Instead of having like 15 wishlists on 15 different sites, some of which die after awhile or are linked to a specific computer, the XML file would have a few simple classifications, and a URL to the item online. The XML would be hosted online... well... somewhere... and I could format it so it's not too ugly.


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