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Journal skadus's Journal: Chat logs

Yes, I'm a jerk for posting a chat log. Especially one where I'm clearly being a ranting asshole. But I'd probably make a journal post about the subject anyway. This saves me time and blood pressure. :p

(22:07:55) Xxx Xxxxx: "Last night the voice of the people was heard. I will refrain from imititating it.. for respect for the mentally retarded"
(22:11:11) Skadus: .... kay... it really bothers me that the side that lost accuses every person who voted for the guy who won as being stupid.
(22:11:52) Xxx Xxxxx: ::shrug::
(22:12:09) Skadus: it's that same smug 'i'm smarter than you' yankee liberal bullshit that would make me never vote for a democrat.
(22:12:21) Xxx Xxxxx: That's where we differ, I s'pose
(22:13:07) Skadus: that's what's dividing the country. both sides are so blind they can't see why someone would disagree with them.
(22:13:17) Skadus: and then they call each other names.
(22:13:30) Xxx Xxxxx: I see why people voted for Bush. I just don't agree
(22:13:46) Skadus: then don't insult them.
(22:14:14) Xxx Xxxxx: I don't care. I'm going to insult them. I'm in that mindframe right now and there's not much I can do to change that. ::shrug:: And, again, I don't really care.
(22:16:47) Skadus: calling someone retarded for making their choice doesn't really endear you to them. and it makes it a lot harder down the line if you try to sway them to your side.

that's part of why i think bush won. kerry and michael moore and everyone else just bashed and bashed and bashed and never tried to go 'this is why you should agree with us' ... no, instead they go 'and this is why you're stupid for agreeing with them.'

what does that solve? nothing. at best you get a few people on your side. at worst you get a landslide of people voting against you in spite.
(22:17:24) Skadus: .... i'm sorry. it's just... frustrating. BOTH SIDES do this shit all the time and i'm sick of it.
(22:17:42) Skadus: i don't even know why i'm complaining about it. thjat's why i voted third party anyway.
(22:17:45) Xxx Xxxxx: Oh yeah, they could have campaigned a lot better. I'll give you that. Obviously - they lost. But they lost by very very little.
(22:19:14) Skadus: and that's why they lost. it was a weak candidate. it was a shitty campaign. they swayed no-one away from the opposing side. and then they perpetuate it for insulting the opposition when they lose.
(22:19:23) Skadus: .... i'm done. i'm sorry.
(22:19:38) Xxx Xxxxx: ::shrug:: Say whatever you want, I dun' care. We're both set in our ways and we're just blowing steam.


(22:37:10) Skadus: see... i can understand being upset with people that vote blindly. that just go 'eh. i'm republican. ::punches ballot::' without thinking. if you want to call them retarded, fine. but there are people, real, thinking people, who looked at both sides, and actually agreed with one side more than the other... and voted after thinking about it. they aren't blind, they aren't retarded, they aren't evil people... they just think and act differently.
(22:39:03) Skadus: i like pie.
(22:39:11) Xxx Xxxxx: Oh, no I agree. They aren't retarded
(22:39:48) Xxx Xxxxx: I'm talking about the Christian people who didn't even GLANCE at any statistics. Who just voted because their church/mate/sibling/parent told them to vote Bush. My parents knew NOTHING of any of the issues. They just voted Bush because... just to vote Bush.
(22:41:06) Skadus: see... that's fine. i don't mind that.

it's just everyone else acts as though they're one and the same.
(22:41:30) Xxx Xxxxx: Nah. I know there are specific reasons that some people voted bush.
(22:41:40) Xxx Xxxxx: However, I don't feel it was the majority of hte people that had those specific reasons.
(22:41:50) Xxx Xxxxx: I think most people were scared and didn't want to go for anyone new.
(22:42:02) Skadus: which is often the case during a war.
(22:42:19) Xxx Xxxxx: mmhmm

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