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Journal skadus's Journal: ::sigh::

(This is a rant. Most of it is train-of-thought. Portions of it will make no sense because of this. Leave me alone.)

The political commentary of the last 24 hours, summed up:

OMFG! The sky is Falling! The sky is falling! We're all gonna die!

.... Y'know, deep down a part of me wanted Kerry to win, because people would stop bitching.

Hell, one of my friends told me last night that she felt like a German Jew in 1932. WTF? When was Kristallnacht? Why didn't anyone tell me? Where are the Concentration Camps? I don't see them, do you?

Yes, it's bad that Bush is a neoconservative. Yes, the economy is bad. Yes, the war is bad, and I can't wait until the Iraq elections so we can leave.

But Jesus Christ, what's with all the gloom and doom?

People speculate shit all the time. 'Bush is going to start a nuclear war and not be able to pronounce it'. 'Bush is gonna hunt down all the gay people and lobotomize them.' Blah blah blah.

Okay. Neocons bad. I prefer people having their own choice over what they do. I'll give you that.

The economy was going bad before he went into office. It got worse from things beyond his control (Enron and 9/11 weren't his fault. Take off your tinfoil hat. If people say he's so stupid and has a low IQ and everything, why do they turn back around and compare him to a supervillain?). War makes things worse (Afghanistan good, Iraq bad, I know.). Things are looking up. And before you say people lost jobs, ask them the next time you see them what Bush's handshake was like when they got their pink slip handed to them by him. Oh, wait, it was their COMPANY that fired them, not Bush.

War. Bad. Peace. Good. I want out of everyehere we are as soon as possible. But we aren't done in Iraq. If the insurgents weren't fighting the American Military they'd be fighting Iraqui Police. We won, it's not Vietnam, and there's a thing called reconstruction. When you remove a virus from your (or someone else's) computer, you put up a virus shield/scanner/whatever up, right? Or do you just walk away and say 'good luck'?

If Tom Clancy novels have anything right, nuclear war is not likely to happen, merely because of all the people between the president and the button. Christ, we spent God knows how long in some city in Iraq, with some guy cornered in a mosque with all his men, and we didn't fire on them because we were afraid of pissing people off for damaging a mosque. I'm not a Highlander, but I'd imagine the moment people with assault weapons enter Holy Ground and turn it into a fortress, it ceases to become Holy Ground. I doubt the same leadership that is intent on fighting a 'sensitive war' would go to nuclear strikes without thinking long and hard.

The gay marriage thing is dumb. I'll grant you that. But at least the States voted on it and not the Fed. At least you can still potentially move somewhere else to get married. My opinion is we need a separation between Church marriage and State marriage. Don't like it being called a Civil Union? Fine. Call it a State Marriage. Whatever. You're two people that love each other very much. Now go get your tax credit (in an ideal world).

This is why I voted for Badnarik. So I wouldn't have to defend Bush. I could just say 'Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy.' ... Guess It'll just be four more long years of people bitching at me for being right of center.

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