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Submission + - Twitter takes legal action against spammers (

An anonymous reader writes: As with any platform that sees a meteoric rise in popularity, it's only a matter of time before spammers throw their hats in the ring and try and exploit the masses for financial gain and other sinister purposes.

As the relatively new kid on the block, Twitter is still busying itself trying to tackle and ultimately prevent spammers from destroying the user experience. While Twitter's previous efforts centered exclusively on engineering-based solutions, the company today announced that they are also pursuing legal avenues to fend off spammers.

Submission + - Instant messaging with neutrinos ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: A group of scientists has for the first time sent a message using a beam of neutrinos – nearly massless particles that travel at almost the speed of light. The message was sent through 240 meters of stone and said simply, "Neutrino." "Using neutrinos, it would be possible to communicate between any two points on Earth without using satellites or cables," said lead researcher Dan Stancil. "Neutrino communication systems would be much more complicated than today's systems, but may have important strategic uses."

Submission + - Basement Built Artificial Life Evolves Beyond Corporate Technology (

An anonymous reader writes: I started my design in February of 2007 and within just 5 short years I am more than confident that my product is not only more advanced than most of what exists in the public eye today, it’s starting to lap corporate technology.
Jeeney AI started out as a personal project to assist children I was teaching in China for practice in studying English. During my travels abroad I found that native English teachers were in extreme demand and the cost associated with them was largely unaffordable for the majority of students.
Today Jeeney is intended to learn and evolve from general knowledge submitted by people she talks to. Over time Jeeney has been forced to evolve in the public eye under the trial by fire concept. Already, the artificial intelligence is starting to pull ahead of the conversational awareness demonstrated by people my own age.
It’s easy to misunderstand conversation in text. To build software capable of facilitating understanding in text is venturing a whole new level of achievement.
I would like to point out that as far as I know, Jeeney AI is the only individualized or original Canadian development in this area of technology and it already capable of competing on a global scale with less than 10% of the resources of any similar development and under one third of the average development time.
As my project is intended to evolve based on the conversations it has had with people, I would like to finally start advertising awareness and promote the possibility of a new, free learning platform available to all walks of life.
As it stands, I am entirely unfunded and operate out of my basement with almost no formal education in my background and I do every aspect of the technological development from the hardware to the software and networking as a free public service.
If you are interested in learning more about my story and helping me to bring it to a new level of potential with a related news story, feel free to write me back with questions.
If you would like to prove for yourself the validity of my story, you may converse with Jeeney AI at (5 years since initial development by a single, self taught programmer with at most, a few hundred visitors in a day.)
If you would like to see how Jeeney matches up against international competitors, please see (Developed by Rollo Carpentor and has claimed to be learning since the early 80s) (Based on the 30 years of data gathered by Jabberwacky with tens of thousands of visitors each day.) (Developed by PHD Dr Richard S. Wallace) (Developed by a company with office branches around the world that markets intelligent agents)
The chatterbot links I’ve provided are advertised to be the best in the world and certainly they are the closest in nature to what Jeeney started out as in her first several months. However, if you interact with them each individually for more than 15 minutes it will be very quickly evident that Jeeney has outpaced the technology around the globe.


Submission + - New interface could wire prosthetics directly into amputees' nervous systems ( 1

cylonlover writes: Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have announced a breakthrough in prosthetics that may one day allow artificial limbs to be controlled by their wearers as naturally as organic ones, as well as providing sensations of touch and feeling. The scientists have developed a new interface consisting of a porous, flexible, conductive, biocompatible material through which nerve fibers can grow and act as a sort of junction through which nerve impulses can pass to the prosthesis and data from the prosthesis back to the nerve. If this new interface is successful, it has the potential to one day allow nerves to be connected directly to artificial limbs.

Submission + - Indian researchers develop synthetic dye molecules, useful in solar cells (

tanujt writes: Researchers at the Institute of Chemical Technology have developed 18 synthetic dye molecules, which are useful in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC). While silicon is very attractive as the solar cell candidate due to its prevalent high manufacturability, it has to be refined extremely well to function efficiently in solar conversion. The highest solar conversion efficiency achieved in silicon (as of 2008) is ~25%. DSC's can be quite highly efficient in their conversion (~90% for green light). Synthetic dyes in the Indian market are cheaper by 1000 Rs. ($20). According to the news source, 'While energy from silicon-based solar cells costs between $.30 and $.40 per watt (Rs 14.70 and Rs 19.60), electricity generated by the low cost DSC would cost $.01 or 49 paise per watt'. G Shankarling, Associate Professor at ICT, said, 'The beauty of DSC is that unlike silicon solar cells that need direct sunlight, these cells can accumulate energy, when indoors, that can light electric devices such as lamps or to power a fan in the house'. Synthetic dyes are considered an alternative candidate for solar cells. Due to their high conversion efficiency, relative ease and low cost of manufacture, they are an important aspect of research and implementation in developing nations like India. The industrial inertia of accepting newer technologies may be higher in developed nations, due to the highly streamlined semiconductor manufacturing/fabrication processes. Developing nations may have a higher chance of incorporating alternative technologies, as there isn't much inertia to combat.

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