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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 71

Yup I got burned when a small close [x] button was placed right next to a massive 'spam invites/connection requests to everyone you have sent an email to ever without any confirmation' button. I really did want to connect again to my stalking psycho ex and give her the idea I wanted to get back in touch.
Fuck you LinkedIn. Never again!

Comment translation: (Score 2) 36

"intel has sufficiently beat the stuffing out of certain 3 letter competitors in the market, and no longer needs to shill its compiler. please return when our CEO returns to shore after having exhausted his supply of caviar. It is at this time we expect to begin IDF18, where we will scramble madly trying to renew competition against Ryzen."

Comment thank goodness. (Score 1) 312

As an american im always deeply concerned when our witch hunts proceed without so much as a ghoulish evil monster to subject to ye olde tribulations. After this, I suspect the good witch -- whos time it was to be elected to president because she did the mannequin challenge-- will prevail and righteousness will be restored to america.

Comment why do i feel like (Score 1) 339

I could argue this scientifically and rationally from behind a burned-out and slightly irradiated russian T90 battle tank with my parents, only to have them insist Sean Hannity was right and that my liberal agenda better not come up during the militias rationing of radiation blocking iodine tablets and canned beef.

Comment the announcements make it very clear (Score 5, Funny) 135

flight attendants: "for those of you in economy class, please step forward and use the bone saw to remove your legs at the knee for storage in the overhead compartment. Pretzel dust and warm pepsi will be provided once in flight, along with the entertainment of a partially eaten magazine about our CEO's latest hunting trip in the alps. Those of you in our platinum, rhodium, saphire card club, or other rare and exotic metals often associated with conflict mining, please proceed to the front of the aircraft and take your seat stolen from the lobby of an upscale motel. You will be permitted to eat with a real fork, provided you've prostrated yourself accordingly to the TSA and said your daily supplication to the holy terror alert list. "

Comment give me a break. (Score 0, Flamebait) 113

IPv6 transition mechanisms

ipv6 has been around nearly a decade. any company that doesnt have a competent dual-stack implementation deserves what they get. that having been said the number of vendors that recoil in shock and horror when you ask if they can route, or even support ipv6 is amazing.

Since IPv6 implementations and security solutions are relatively new and untested

but this has been an issue thats unaddressed by the industry, not security pros. I can think of maybe five vendors ive declined because their ipv6 implementation was either partial, shitty, or non-existent. I decided on implementing OpenBSD instead and so far havent found anything as robust.

systems engineers aren't fully aware of them

this happens when you have a baby-boomer tech employee who refuses to retire. you let him ride out his last days as a senior or manager while backfilling him with what you hope are more competent and open minds, but unless its from the vendor that bought him steak and told him he was a real straight shooter, hes not going out of his lane to potentially fail at this point in his career, or learn something new.

Comment Re:I wish I could trust "academic experts". (Score 1) 620

Genuine research doesn't make headlines. Just the pipe-dream stuff that shows a minor correlation in one study that aligns with wishful thinking. Thus we get lots of headlines indicating wine, chocolate, pizza and are all good for you..... according to science.

Unless you go around reading scientific journals, I'll bet science journalism is the only exposure to academic research you actually get exposure to. Journalists don't report scientifically or arguably even much of what's true; They report what sells.
When was the last time you saw a paper headline reporting a negative correlation on something? It's little wonder people don't trust experts. It's likely they have almost never actually heard from one.

Comment you have no idea how loud these were. (Score 1) 174

I worked at a refinery that used these for general reports in the control rooms and i absolutely dont miss them. These things weighed as much as a refrigerator, cost as much as a small car, and required weekly service. chain oil, bar lubes, and cleaning with isopropyl and solvents were the norm. the old posix "lp0 on fire" warning was not really a joke, as failure to let these machines dry out after service would cause them to catch fire due to residual alcohol. We paid IBM an extra $20k to retrofit the cabinets with soundproofing foam in some of the more public spaces these had to be installed.

Comment the internet killed flash (Score 4, Insightful) 230

I don't think Jobs's letter killed Flash. But I don't think Adobe did either.

no, the internet rallied around Flash like a mafia hitsquad around a mole and slowly beat it to death. NodeJS, html5, and webm video all colluded to deliver the killing stroke to Flash. Adobe, in turn, largely did what they do best and ignored the programs compatibility issues in Linux, stability issues in mac and windows, and rampant security issues across the board. It should serve as a stern reminder of what could happen to Photoshop and AfterEffects if Adobe doesnt start paying more attention and start fixing real bugs.

Comment i cant believe what im seeing. (Score 1) 130

Beats the worst? even the worlds worst?
Im a 70 year old stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. and by Stuck, i mean stuck in the worlds worst. I was born in Inglewood, by which I mean i was conceived and birthed in this car. I grew up a strapping young lad, capable of passing drinks or fetching snacks at a moments notice. As I grew --and as we passed the exit for LAX-- my parents foretold of the one day when I would pilot this car. That day has come.

my one wish before I die --assuming I can merge-- is to see the second sign for the exit to interstate 10. Could this app be the miracle ive prayed for between prayers for the sweet release of death? I sure hope so.

Comment only in america (Score -1) 236

can what arguably exists as one of the most profound achievements in the history of mankind be put on the chopping block because "LOL we dont know what to do with it"

The ability to sustain life --not just human life-- in the vacuum of space to such a degree as to be free enough to conduct space walks, exploration, and science is easily one of the greatest feats we mortals have achieved since the splitting of the atom and the curing of smallpox. If you have even an iota of scientific inclination on this committee then its pretty simple to understand what you do to this thing. you keep it running and you thank the universe for allowing you to do this at the pittance of four billion a year.

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