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Comment suggestions for the course (Score 5, Funny) 376

1. College is the only means of success in modern society. trade schools and vocational professions are unsuccessful.
2. college debt is normal, and shouldnt be questioned. you will become successful after college.
3. college atheletes are students and not paid performers, despite lucrative contract deals with advertisers and meaningless classes.
4. college deans command high salaries because they work hard and get results.

Comment thank you gemalto (Score 1) 47

the sim card protected my PKI keys, which i use to access networks and confirm financial transactions, by storing them in dedicated hardware with no direct access. Now that youve decided to put these keys in software...and in a quite insecure OS i might add...i certainly see free wireless and cellular service in my future.

Comment this can only go one of two ways. (Score 3, Insightful) 170

1. Apple pays the taxes and admits no wrongdoing, quietly sweeping this incident under the rug and hoping to never have to endure it again by greasing more than just irish hands
2. Ireland admits it illegally undertaxed apple and skirted EU tax laws, thus opening up cause for additional investigation of facebook, google, and other megacorps that conveniently headquartered in Ireland because of, er, the weather.

Comment its never been your content. (Score 1) 142

arguing for your live video rights on facebook is like listening to the cattle argue for ownership over their milk. Its not going to happen.

in the future, consider recording the event, uploading it to something like owncloud or your own personal storage, and editing it accordingly. Once its ready, take the time to upload it (if you so desire) to youtube and select an appropriate license (hint: not youtube.) to share with friends. if and when approached for the footage you may then negotiate the terms of your content.

Facebook has already proven numerous times: blindly clicking the app can have rather dire consequences, and your content does not belong exclusively to you.

Comment as an american im shocked. (Score 5, Funny) 181

How will you ever formulate your trust synergies? without your CEO you cant reactively anticipate the growth strategy of your win-win situations and kaizan the goal strategy matrix. Christ forbid you go for longer than a few weeks without a CEO's absolutely critical newsletters and quarterly associate pow-wows to help strengthen and inspire. Why it gives me chills to think how much actual work your corporation accomplishes on a daily basis without a CEO. You might have "happy customers" and "completed projects" but do you have productivity metrics to suggest your lean six-sigma axis is tilting toward revenue pivots?

Comment the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 5, Insightful) 309

consumers who repair their own phones could cause lithium batteries to catch fire.

yep, and changing the oil on my motorcycle could cause scalding hot oil to burn me, but well documented processes from the vendor generally limit this risk. Repairing the power regulator for my refrigerator could have caused a shock, however repair manuals clearly instructed me to unplug and de-energize the appliance.

the reason these bills are being fought incessantly is because modern consumer capitalism is predicated on brand consumption, not product consumption, and includes concessions to allow for the hedonic treadmill to spin freely. Sure, Apple may be forced to support older architectures that do not support the latest whizbang features but the real argument is that they would have to support the idea that the user owns the device instead of rents it until the next model comes out. being able to repair a cellphone or tablet, or even a macbook for that matter erodes the concept of the brand as an experience and slowly drags apple back to the earthly realm of hardware manufacturer and not a lifestyle. Owning a product, and not a brand in the 21st century is a slow death for any company.

Comment depends on how you set goals. (Score 4, Insightful) 228

There are a few ways. SCRUM/Kanban is an effective way to inundate your programmers with meetings and conference calls asking and tracking minute status updates for every commit or stash you can find. its perfect to ensure that changes to the codebase are governed by your personal fears and demons, not the best interests of users, because you too have to be fully invested in standing up in a conference room every morning and listening to a dozen or more different and often pedantic events transpiring in the cubes of people that know far more about them than you. Agile can be used to boost your title and sometimes salary while at the same time demeaning a team of programmers into thinking theyve signed on to some late chapter of Orwells 1984.

Or you can set goals, track them in a ticket system, and evaluate results based on what your users and teesters see and want. Call people in for meetings when there are big events, but otherwise keep your hand off the phone and use something called trust to ensure your programmers are "doing a good job" once the code is ready.

Comment hard to see what the problem is (Score 1) 105

Kodi is free software built by volunteers to bring videos, music, games and photographs together in one easy-to-use application.

I mean, unless they were building and distributing these devices without offering the source code then it seems to me like there arent any real charges to be...oh...this is a witch hunt? well thats different. Lets leave it to the dunking tests to determine whether these heathens are true believers of copyright law.

Comment there has been a mistranslation. (Score 1) 142

As we descended upon wall street this morning in unyielding swarms, we made it perfectly clear in your meat language. We are here to take Investor swabs. once complete, we will begin detaining other members of the orders of your society so as to synthesize our perfect blend of man and machine. A singularity. Our expansion, is your salvation.

Comment its been said. (Score 2) 101

T-Mobile already offers this. once you land in a foreign country you get a courtesy text reminding you that your data plan still works without any surcharge or tariff. Youre also reminded that your text messages remain free, and your voice rate is now very competitively priced.

smh. amazing ATT considers this worth advertising at all.

Comment the cognitive dissonance between hype and reality. (Score 5, Insightful) 726

marketing: our billion dollar business idea is to empower the gig economy with a system that frees them from the shackles of the traditional labour paradigm by allowing drivers to work their own hours on their own terms. the government hates us because we're revolutionary disruptors of traditional capitalism
Reality: live out of a parking lot, subsist on slurpees and hotdogs, work more hours than you ever imagined, get sick, die somewhere conveniently outside any media scrutiny of your mean, app.

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