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Comment i think its simpler than we're making it out to be (Score 5, Interesting) 465

If you or any other politician cared about the potential for hacking, it would have started 16 years ago when bush won the vote based on hanging chad and an ominous declaration from evoting vendor Diebold.

the reason the 2016 vote was so unexpected is simple. Democrats ran a turd for a candidate with no policy other than 'i want to be a president.' Hillary ignored midwestern and rural voters at her peril, and in return they ignored her. Sure, benghazi wasnt her fault but one could scholastically argue that the benghazi trials werent about implicating her in a scandal but making sure the public understood she was willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus during hearings. hillary rigged her own primary and in doing so significantly disenfranchised a number of Sanders voters, but republicans masterfully highlighted sanders curious inability to win delegates as evidence that Hillary was being rammed down constituents throats whether they enjoyed the candidate or not. She was implicated, and controversially exonerated, from a federal investigation into her handling of states secrets that despite her teams best efforts to spin, seemed hypocritical when compared to manning or snowden. Prosecutors even acquiesced that the reluctance to indict her on any charges would pose a nontrivial barrier in litigating future instances of such cases. hillary banked on Obamas strategy of youth votes while arrogantly assuming youth votes just meant do the harlem shake and mannequin challenge until people cast their fucking ballot.

but no, she lost because of a combination of fake news, 4chan meme magic and the infamous russian hackers. Keep it up DNC, because in 8 years if you havent figured out that running moderate republican plutocrats as "liberal" candidates doesnt work, im not sure Biden has much of a fucking chance...and god knows you're not about to let an underdog challenge the next "its time for me to win the presidency because i said so" candidate.

Comment defense versus health and human services. (Score 5, Interesting) 468

80 Americans were killed in terrorist attacks from 2004 to 2013. the US defense budget in 2015 was 637 billion dollars. However, The US Health and Human Services budget for 2015 is 1.3 trillion dollars. How is it we as a nation can outspend ourselves as the largest military power in the world, and still be faced with a declining life expectency rate?

Comment but the all important question on everyones mind (Score 0) 104

Will this version continue to support the popular "burn as brilliant and ferociously as the star at the very center of our galaxy" or will i be left to get by as I have been with random acts of arson and dumpster fires. Im tired of vendors lackluster of support for acrid fumes and metal fires.

Comment plenty of ways to waste your money. (Score 4, Interesting) 53

LinkedIn today has over 400 million registered users

how many people have been active in the past 30-60 days and the level of activity of these accounts is always more useful than raw statistics. many of these are likely bots and callcenter employees.

largest social networking site focused on the working world.

maybe, but i cant think of a single peer or coworker that actively relies on linkedin for more than the occasional flood of cold-calls from indian call centers offering 3 month contracts for work in desolate areas of the midwest. size isnt everything.

People use the service both to make work connections with other people in their fields, but also to look for jobs and hire people.

retirees are often goaded into joining the site under the auspices that their former colleagues want to keep in touch. What employers really want in most cases is a readily available contract worker they can now re-hire at a fraction of their original salary and without benefits if and we needed to patch and maintain systems the former employee ostensible hoped to rid himself of. my work connections come from IRC and conferences, whereas I surmise large swaths of the indian subcontinent are merely warehouses filled with anyone fortunate enough to pass an english fifth grade comprehension test.

I feel microsoft has made another blunder. First it was Minecraft for billions, and its a great deal until you realize most people playing minecraft already gave their money to notch, and that theres no real way to monetize it without pissing off the players who have a very limited tolerance for things like in-game purchases or exorbitant hosting fees. sure, you can weave it into the learn to code initiatives but people who want to learn to code are already releasing their own indie games on steam...not laboriously building minecraft logic engines. LinkedIn seems like a great deal if you're stuck 8 years in the past. The truth is that its turned from social network into cesspool of random phishing attacks and cold calls. People avoid linkedin, mark the correspondence as spam, and move on to actually engaging past coworkers managers and friends for career direction. And when they want a job? they go to monster and careerbuilder where they can select a full time job offer with benefits and talk to a person with more than an elementary grasp of the language. Linkedin exists almost as a firewall for hiring practices that were outlawed 70 years ago but that unaccountably seem fair because 'gig economy.'

Comment falsely accused? how? (Score 5, Funny) 58

$17000 is a little absurd considering how many safeguards the industry puts in place to ensure false accusation doesnt occur. For example, does the accused sink, or float in water? is he capable of reading aloud holy scripture? these are valid and important precursors to ever filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. For example, almost never has anyone accused of copyright infringement been brought before a court to testify after the MPAA has performed the important dunking and crushing under boulder tests to ensure the individuals absolute guilt prior to litigation.

Comment magic internet money (Score 2, Insightful) 254

his could increase the roughly $20 trillion of U.S. national debt and triple the current budget deficit...

or you could sober and realize that no matter how unqualified, despised, ignorant and inappropriate you think he is, a president is merely a figurehead for the party. as an example: George W Bush rubber stamped everything his party wanted and spent most of his days on vacation. He had no grand vision or goals. Barack Obamas party managed to pass the ACA, but once they lost control of the house and senate, Republicans shut down the government twice, reduced the US Credit rating, stonewalled the supreme court electoral process, and managed to obstruct nearly all legislative activity that didnt include prosecuting benghazi or affirming 'god' in the US Dollar.

The worst a trump presidency means for the US is another foreign war, market deregulation, and more class warfare from the 1%. main street will have the same pot-holes in 8 years that it has today.

Comment I like how this is just now a problem (Score 1, Interesting) 574

When neoconservatives spread outright fabrications and lies about obamacare, nobody took the time to correct them. When they spread lies about the iraq war, we just went along for the ride. when they bullshit their way through school vouchers for religious schools and tax breaks for the rich we never seemed to care, and when they launched an all out ban on abortion and started jailing women for miscarriages nobody seemed to bat an eyelash. When they stood firmly against gay marriage and firmly against trans rights, it was unfortunate but all we could do was hope for a boycott.

but oh god, now that Hillary has lost the election its a coalition the likes of which weve never seen. Every media conglomerate, every online site, every technological oligarch is now combining forces to fight even the most mundane attempts --breitbart-- at conservative shilling. the conservative brand is being labelled alt-right fake news, and anything so much as potentially bullshit is being hammered into the ground quickly and mercilessly. part of me thinks this would never have happened if we just gave the woman her damn dream job. then again, part of me cant seem to get past the fact that Trump is the only reason in 2016 we have this type of car-torching, block-wrecking catharsis against the brand at all.

Comment user rights turned into the 'manifesto' (Score 1) 110

conveniently the users bill of rights morphed into this corporate-jargon manifesto. its all vague enough that enforcement is almost impossible, but there are some points of hilarity to debate

Individualsâ(TM) security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

then give us back cookie control, let us completely disable tiles, and work for a real and meaningful way to thwart intrusive advertising and user tracking.

Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it.

okay. my experience is emphatically not social. Get rid of the video/voice chat feature. sync is pointless to me, so make it an optional add-on. microsummaries are a waste of cpu cycles. the star button is pointless.

Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability and trust.

then start fixing the bugs. no more of this closed/cantfix or closed/wontfix shit. take the time to explain to users why Firefox is a RAM hog, why performance is miserable, and why stability suffers.

Comment translation (Score 1) 157

We think about mobility broadly. In other words, we think about the mobility of the human being across all of the devices, not just the mobility of a single device.

translation: we have been hammering this market for 7 years, and despite being as big a failure as the Zune we continue to furiously pump money into a project that showed up four years too late, and has no demand. market share for this electric turd is now less than one percent, but rest assured we're still committed to giving customers the same microsoft razzle dazzle every least...until the X-Box life support revenue runs out and we quietly shovel this electronic embodiment that can be called redmonds shame into a cold cold grave.

Comment old meme is old. (Score 1) 113

Slashdot: THE PC IS DEAD. in its wake we find tablets, fablets, e-readers and cellphones have entirely supplanted what was once a monolithic waste of time of no value at all.

Also Slashdot: THE PC MARKET, which was once dismissed as entirely extinct, is now on suicide watch/life support recovery as we've learned people sometimes use the device to accomplish work outside of twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, and snapchat. at this time, a single computer has been sold.

Comment clarifying this garbage article (Score 0) 93

Since 1957, Russia has launched over 3,000 rockets -- roughly twice as many as the U.S.

not all were commercial, the majority were transport ICBMs for nuclear payload. the ones youre concerned with are called Proton rockets. 98 have ever been launched, 10 have failed. an 89% success rate isnt the best, but its cheaper than Falcon 9 and has seen 12 times as much service.

But with the Russian economy in crisis

you cant have it both ways. either russia is evil and must have sanctions imposed upon it by your nation, or russia is a trusted partner in your space program. make up your mind.

The U.S. space agency, NASA, received a budget of $19.3 billion in 2016 alone.

not sure why you mentioned it in the article at all. its still less than the russian budget by 2 billion.

Comment pump the brakes, CNN (Score 4, Insightful) 62

...reaching millennial viewers with the street cred of Neistat's reporting and commentary

Then you should have gone for someone like PewDiePie, Arin Hanson or Markiplier; youtube celebs with some actual pull amongst millennials. Neistat is popular with only one segment of the popularion: elitist pricks seeking to live vicariously through one of New Yorks globetrotting clickbait-pandering monied elite.

Caseys problems, ipod batteries that dont last long enough and wacky shit that happens on a chartered Gulfstream jet, arent relateable to any millenial stuck with 50k in college debt and a 20 year old car that doesnt start in cold weather. his "reporting and commentary" so far has been 2 videos whining about trumps election and a ringing endorsement of Hillary with no real reason or defence of the position. He once made a video solely about him buying a $21,000 airline ticket. not something a Millenial easily identifies with.

but sure, CNN, if segmenting the american populus into democrat and republican, conservative and liberal, elite and blue collar is the goal here then selecting a project from Caseys "poor mans vine" is a good start.. From here youre free to repeat the same mistakes that led you to vaingloriously confirm Hillaries ascension before the numbers ever came in.

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