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Comment Re: No. (Score 0) 125

Perhaps not the right answer. The timing of the Turkish release was too political to ignore. Releasing what is basically a giant leadership smear immediately after the failed coup that many within Turkey blaimed on the CIA makes their motives extremely questionable.
I'd rather the question, are they are now directly under governmental control.

Comment Re:I still think (Score 4, Insightful) 272

...if you buy this you can spy on us and we can't do anything about it, pinky swear".

So they were sitting on a pile of zero day exploits and rather than making the internet a safer place they kept them for personal use.
I will laugh myself sick if it turns out they were breached by one of the very zero day exploits they decided not to report to the product owner for fixing.

Comment Re:But they pay more to the EU than they get back. (Score 0, Flamebait) 517

"I assume everyone who disagrees with me is a racist. This makes it much easier for me to assume a moral high ground and dismiss their opinions and experiences out of hand without engaging." -everyone who voted to stay

I can see why you people do this. It's very easy and conveinient!

Oh go for crowd pleasing upvote clicking, social justice easymode retort shy of any actual facts. Sir, take your '"you people" and feck off!

Any campaign run on Xenophobia, fear of immigrants and refugees is racist and since the vote the country as enjoyed a huge surge of racially motivated incidents, as if this vote has given license to be a dick.

Comment Re:But they pay more to the EU than they get back. (Score 0, Troll) 517

Are you being sarcastic? Or do you really believe that Britain is losing money with the EU? Oh boy you are in for some cognitive dissonance.

The people in the UK (mostly England actually) who swallowed this nonsense also display strong correlations with casual racism, a taste for Tabloid papers (I omit the word 'news'), poor education and old age.

The terrifying thing about all this is in the UK as a whole, they make up the apparent majority.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 127

I used to track down pedo posts on an ISP as well, to hand over to the Ontario Provincial Police.

It was difficult having to phone some small town computer illiterate sheriff at 5:am his time and try to explain what an IP number is, and how he needed to phone the ISP using the IP and a time stamp to try and get the physical location of the computer to track down someone who was for example threatening suicide.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 5, Interesting) 127

I admin a facebook group and the "automoderation" is dumb, FB reports the tamest pictures and I can only imagine it's because the women have big boobs or something. Not even nudity, we're talking about.

Warning - following comment mentions disturbing violent content you may not wish to read about.

I used to work the night shift for a huge MMO played mostly by kids and young teenagers. One of my work queues was investigating suspicious weblinks the players posted, typically to fake clan websites. I would spend a few hours of a night hitting tiny urls for poop porn sites, scam sites, lolshock sites and sometimes paedophile grooming hangouts, suicide blogs etc that required notification to the authorities. It was pretty gross and mostly just the same lemonparties and guys eating poop over and over and over it would be really easys to automate that.... I always turned the darker stuff off immediately, but then one night near the end of a very long shift while really exhausted I saw video footage of 4 young teenagers beating a child to death with hammers.

Can't say why I watched it. I really, really wish I hadn't; If anything the sound was actually worse than the extremely graphic footage.
My point is that I only ever saw that one once, that's probably the kind of rare stuff that would slip past the AI's and hit the real people anyway. Although I can understand why they would create an AI to pre-detect this. I guess some employees are still going to be hit by things that will forever change them.

All in, I would rather human moderators perhaps with an AI to warn them about extreme content rather that than these incidents being used an an excuse for automated, draconian and potentially politically motivated automatic censorship.
I guess it's a long way off yet until we get our first AI whistle-blower.

Comment Re:off! (Score 1) 167

Well, kind of, but it seems misleading:

They say that it's only things you're listening to or watching, but how can they tell the difference between a private conversation between my wife and I, and what I'm watching on TV?

Yup.. I just linked to what they had to say about it. I in no way endorse this horrific practice which will no doubt see people who play team based online shooters or table-top Pen and Paper RPG games added almost immediately to Government lists.

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