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Comment Re:Older = Better (Score 2, Insightful) 230

But when the original is culturally dependent, word-of-mouth stories that vary more dramatically the 'closer' you get. Surely the culture built up over millennia becomes more important. I suspect the main value of this is just understanding historical cultural ideals 'at the time' rather than any positive or negative religious insights.

Comment Re: Conventional warfare is dead (Score 1) 192

I thought the goal of the f-35 was to have something better than the Europeans and their new fangled Euro-fighter. Unfortunately the stat they beat them on most was the cost. At just over 100 million US dollars for a Eurofighter-Typhoon vs 148 million for the f-35A and an impressive 338 million for the f-35C. Both projects riddled with bugs and overruns but I think the f-35C wins on the Top Trump crap plane game.

Source - first hits on Google so it must be true.

Comment Re:Please don't... (Score 1) 495

Geez, I actually use my MBP as my desktop for about 98% of the time, and it is hooked to my desktop speakers for listening to....

I'm supposed to fscking do THAT wireless too now?!?!


Remember this is them taking what they describe as a brave engineering step. I suspect shafting their own customer base certainly does take some courage. I'd be more impressed if they took the brave step of actually paying their fucking tax bills and building their devices at home rather than in child-labour suicide factories.
Any fans of Asian horror will realise that's one ghost in the machine we can really do without.

Comment Re:service (Score 1) 97

And sometimes people just give stupid reviews for no reason.

Yeah but overall people do not and things should average out. No great loss unless you offer a consistently crappy service.
Even if it somehow seems disproportionately negative for locksmiths for some reason, it should therefore equally affect your competitors.

Comment Re: No. (Score 0) 125

Perhaps not the right answer. The timing of the Turkish release was too political to ignore. Releasing what is basically a giant leadership smear immediately after the failed coup that many within Turkey blaimed on the CIA makes their motives extremely questionable.
I'd rather the question, are they are now directly under governmental control.

Comment Re:I still think (Score 4, Insightful) 272

...if you buy this you can spy on us and we can't do anything about it, pinky swear".

So they were sitting on a pile of zero day exploits and rather than making the internet a safer place they kept them for personal use.
I will laugh myself sick if it turns out they were breached by one of the very zero day exploits they decided not to report to the product owner for fixing.

Comment Re:But they pay more to the EU than they get back. (Score 0, Flamebait) 517

"I assume everyone who disagrees with me is a racist. This makes it much easier for me to assume a moral high ground and dismiss their opinions and experiences out of hand without engaging." -everyone who voted to stay

I can see why you people do this. It's very easy and conveinient!

Oh go for crowd pleasing upvote clicking, social justice easymode retort shy of any actual facts. Sir, take your '"you people" and feck off!

Any campaign run on Xenophobia, fear of immigrants and refugees is racist and since the vote the country as enjoyed a huge surge of racially motivated incidents, as if this vote has given license to be a dick.

Comment Re:But they pay more to the EU than they get back. (Score 0, Troll) 517

Are you being sarcastic? Or do you really believe that Britain is losing money with the EU? Oh boy you are in for some cognitive dissonance.

The people in the UK (mostly England actually) who swallowed this nonsense also display strong correlations with casual racism, a taste for Tabloid papers (I omit the word 'news'), poor education and old age.

The terrifying thing about all this is in the UK as a whole, they make up the apparent majority.

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