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Comment Re:The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 56

The probem with that is that they are most likely doing some kind of reinforcement learning. That requires not just an input, but also an ability to respond to the input, and then be scored on the response.

A game that simulates driving like this might be an excellent way to get a baseline level of training for the AI, since it can experience many more combinations of situations in simulation than it can in real life driving.

Comment Re: Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 1) 142

> There were around 2.5 million papers are published in 2015. So if you are going to freak out over this, you're probably the same type of guy who thinks it safer to drive a car than fly somewhere.

If this were a controversy over some regional carrier completely dropping the ball on their maintenance and inspections, then such a conclusion would be entirely warranted. The entire FAA inspection regime would be called into question.

The same is actually true for the USDA if you actually have half a brain cell. Certain foods like chicken should be treated like a deadly biohazard always.

Comment Re: Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 2) 142

I can and have replicated the experiments in that area. This is part of any decent public school education. What you are suggesting is that we should take anything on faith that is more complex than that.

I became an atheist not so much of my disbelief in the supernatural but of my mistrust of mere mortals that were the gatekeepers of the relevant knowledge. I knew that they were fallible and corruptible.

Why should I hold science to a lower standard than religion?

Comment Re:Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 2) 142

> Yes, it was good they were retracted. That's science working to expose the people who don't follow the rules.

That only works if you are allowed to be a heretic. If you are expected to always follow blindly (like Tyson and Nye suggest), then such investigation isn't going to occur.

That attitude should be encouraged NEVER. It doesn't even matter if you're a "mere layman" expected to just passively swallow whatever the current scientific establishment comes up with.

If a middle school teacher or a museum curator can't manage not alienating people, try employing a magician.

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 230

America is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automotive insanity. This idea that places outside of America are some bikers Utopia is just bullshit. Short of Amsterdam, most of Europe is not that bike friendly. Their urban roads and freeways are full of psychos in cars and trucks just like the US is.

Comment Re:who knew (Score 1) 230

...except biking to work is not the ONE AND ONLY OPTION. There are a wide variety of ways to get exercise,

I am also highly skeptical of any study that claims that there aren't diminishing returns or risks of overdoing it. I know people that do sports medicine in pro sports. They would find those ideas shocking and dangerous.

If it smells like propaganda for some other agenda, it probably is. Extreme claims are usually a dead giveaway.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 74

You mean a computer can store much more data and crunch through it easier? There is nothing sad about that. That's pretty obvious really. Medical diagnosis is one of the key examples of AI from academia.

My condition is unknown by many oncologists. Forget about general practitioners. Individual conditions may be rare but there are enough of them that they impact a lot of people collectively.

Not everyone is House. Sometimes you have to know when to punt it to a specialist, or even a specialists specialist, or to Mayo.

A machine can serve as a handy specialist, or at least an automated way of having the patient diagnose themselves.

Comment Re:Fact checking? (Score 1) 112

Liberals continue to kid themselves. They think they and their idea are far more popular than they are. CNN helped with this during the election with their polls. They tried to make Trump look unelectable but that was a big lie. It's the big obvious lie that completely destroys their credibility.

Now of course both parties drink their own kool-aid far too much. Liberals have just taken it to a new level.

People have hated Hillary since she was first lady. Those people hated Hillary before she got the nomination. They didn't need any Russian meddling to hate her.

Then many people simple aren't Democrats and they certainly aren't socialists. Much of the electorate is always up for grabs. You can't depend on your name got get into the White House. You have to actually earn it.

Comment Re:Fact checking? (Score 1) 112

We already new Fox News was garbage. That's not news. There's no point in bringing it up. The fact that CNN and the Guardian have become just as bad is something new. Or perhaps it isn't and we're finally noticing it now.

CNN helped confirmed new information. Namely, nearly the entire industry is corrupt and little more than party shills for one side or the other. They all ignore stories or information that contradict their chosen narrative. Their stories are at best distortions if not blatant lies.

The more you know about a story, the more obvious this is.

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