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Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 2) 114

Not really. There's only confirmation bias. It can be on the part of the reader or on the part of the journalist but it's just as bad either way. People will even take OBVIOUS satire sites and take them seriously so long as it fits their internal narrative.

"Journalists" do this too. They will ignore stories that don't fit their narrative. They will rush to judgement when it suits their narrative.

Comment Re:Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 81

> The biggest benefit of PLEX from what I've been able to tell (mind you I've only looked at it from a 30,000 ft perspective) is that PLEX lets you re-encode on the fly media so that it matches the device you are watching on....

That's become much less of a problem as tech has moved forward from the iPad1 days. Newer mobile devices shouldn't need the plex server to transcode for them.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 2) 524

It's acceptable anywhere.

What you are whining about is putting people out. The problem is that EVERYONE is put out by getting a proper ID. It's just that most of us already do it for our JOBS. So using it for voting is redundant.

While the clear intent of voter ID laws is clearly racist voter suppression, it really only discourages the "can't be bothered" crowd. The answer is not to whine about how things are unfair but to tell people to get off their lazy asses.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 1) 524

Yeah... because Hitler was nothing more than someone that said mean things.

Just because other liberal morons are jumping on the pile doesn't make it any more legitimate. If anyone is engaging in the fascist tactics, it's those that try to portray dissent as hate crime.

THIS is why absolute free speech is a must.

Attempts to "be nice" will quickly devolve into blatant censorship of facts and views that "the party" doesn't approve of.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 1) 524

We are a Union of States. She lost the states. That's just the way this cookie crumble. You can't just pander to California and New York. You can't ignore and abuse major parts of the electorate.

HELL, she couldn't even carry Florida.

How sad is that? A state full of people that Trump allegedly ravaged.

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