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Comment uneducated (Score 1) 645

i am boggled at the ignorance of people anymore. it's scary what the educational systems have done to people ... they have tricked them into thinking they have foundation to think. 1. what purpose is their in mocking Christianity or those that believe in it, or the "End Times"? do "you people" really think you know so much as to know the essentials of Christianity are false or silly? do "you people" really think "evolution" is science? here's some education for you "science types": evolution is the most insane "belief system" there is - and it was taught to you for a reason - despite the fact that there are no facts to support it. no one has ever seen a dog give birth to a cat or butterfly. yes, there are variations between species, but those that "believe" in the "evolution religion" have no evidence at all that variations lead to new species. furthermore, most all, if not all, genetic mutations are for the worse. furthermore, there are no records of "missing links" - they remain missing, and the reasonable conclusion is that they don't exist. species are distinctly different from one another - despite any similarities - and there are no fossil records of "smooth transitions". furthermore, genetics is in a state of devolution - the errors that get encoded over generations build up over time - all species are headed for extinction sooner or later - DNA never overcame entropy. it's like copying one floppy disk to another - sooner or later, errors will build up - and it is doubtful that the 100,000th copy of a copy will have contain "E=mc2" when the first floppy only contained 2+2=4. a) it is not reasonable to assume that every species "evolved" - 1st you'd have to "believe" that genetic mutations can actually benefit an animal beyond the rest that did not mutate - do you have any evidence that this is possible? all genetic mutations i have ever seen and know of have been detrimental to the animals functionality/survivability. b) 2nd, you'd have to "believe" that both a male and female of a species mutated into a new species at or about the same time, and in the same area - so there could be sex/offspring to carry on the mutation. c) 3rd, you'd have to "believe" that brothers and sisters could have sex and create a new lineage of the mutated species without the birth defects of this new incestual lineage ending the lineage. d) 4th, you'd have to believe that DNA is evolving, when science and data clearly show DNA is devolving and building up with errors over time. 2) people always blame "religions" as the cause of the most death/war on earth - but if you dig a bit deeper - you will find that the root is people that "follow" and can't think things thru for themselves. 3) i see the term "fossil fuel" used everywhere - which is one of the most ridiculous terms i ever heard - do "you people" really think the zillions of barrels of oil on earth are from "fossils"??? what a joke. there's oil over a dozen miles deep in the earth - beneath solid bedrock miles deep - and who knows just how deep the oil goes ... the point is - this is all "belief" - not fact, not even good theoretical science. you just digest whatever BigOil propaganda that is thrown your way without critical thinking. 4) all this blabber about "global warming" and "Kyoto" and "emissions" and "scientists" only goes to show how "you people" are locked into stupified indoctrinated paradigms that go nowhere. social structures are pyramidal in design - and those at the top control what you see, read, and hear; and it's all nonsense. "free energy" has been around for a long time, and as long as "you people" bicker about stupid nonsense - the people that develop it will keep getting murdered by those at or near the capstone of our social pyramid. 5) America "going down" is a fact - and it has to do with the fact that those at or near the capstone of our social structure on earth (the banksters, old european royalty, global corporate monopolists) have to do these things to any people that get too smart, too advanced. you only stay at the top by keeping people down. it's that simple. you don't stay at the top by allowing "freedom". you stay at the top by "maintaining control" - and that means keeping people stupid. 6) much of the comments i see display clearly how locked people are today in the left-right paradigms. liberal vs conservative, etc. that's the cage that has been designed for your minds - and nothing essential will ever change when people are locked into those paradigms - it's like a game of "pong" where the paddles don't even have to move to keep the ball bouncing back and forth endlessly. 7) everyone seems to think science is fact - when much/most of it is theory. we DO NOT KNOW how old things are - we don't KNOW much of anything that we haven't observed directly, or better yet, in repeatable ways for other observers to verify. we do not KNOW the length of cycles on earth - the techniques we use to estimate these things are full of holes and are far from reliable. there's a plethera of data that debunk "scientific dating" - it's a castle in the sky whose only purpose is to construct another element of your "religion". 8) CFC's destroying the ozone layer? how laughable. heavy molecules from tiny canisters miles apart rising miles above the lighter molecules of air to destroy an entire layer of atmosphere (which is constantly being re-created - ozone is constantly being created/destroyed) with the surface area bigger than that of the planet??? how absurd can you people be? do you just believe everything "scientists" say? where do you think they get their money from??? money creates the data it wants - and when you follow the money, it is clear CFC's were banned to create more profit for the CFC industry by allowing them to create and patent new and more profitable products. 9) as i read all these posts, it scares me to see how many people are totally indoctrinated with mindless socialist/communist mentalities. they seem very spoiled as well. this must be the "i grew up on video games and state schools" generation "because my parents were too stupid to teach me themselves". scary. 10) "i am all for electric vehicles" - this is a good example of stupidity - they are MUCH MORE TOXIC to the environment than gasoline cars. they are full of toxic metals and acids - and furthermore, it wastes MUCH MORE ENERGY to make electricity than to use gasoline. just empty headed babble - i can't believe it. ditto with nuclear, et al. 11) with all these energy-concerned people - why isn't there one mention of magnetic motors that require no energy input????? 12) "you people" actually use "things" like Bill O'Reilly, FOX News, GW Bush, mainstream media, and Exxon to support things you "believe"? don't you see what has been done to your minds? it's like a prisoner asking the prison guard for good escape techniques. 13) arguments about whether someone should have an SUV or not? don't tell me - it's a debate that was presented to you by the mass media, and so you think it is legitimate. 14) omitting dozens of stupid comments, the reason we use oil products is because energy is the main monopoly on earth - and the main source of control, and anyone that provides a good way out of the scam is murdered because the "masses" are too stupid to see outside the little cages their minds have been built in. 15) about volcanoes - you got it backwards - a single massive volcano puts out more pollution than man has ever contributes - and keep in mind, most of them are underwater. ahhh - i am too tired to go on. fortunately, most people live near coastlines, and they will be underwater soon, and there will be a lot less stupidity to deal with on earth. and those that served the corporate fictions will slowly starve in their SUV's not knowing any basic essentials of survival on earth. as for me, i will be nice and cozy in my humble abode with a big garden and my magnet generator breathing fresh air for once :)

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