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Comment Re:Surface: the only Hope (Score 2) 379

This is absolutely correct. I don't doubt the hipsters and the cool-seekers exist, but the fact that some people don't even grok that there is a whole archetype of other mac users says mare about them than the 'mac users' they claim to know so much about.

After ~9 years of a painful linux desktop experience I switched to OSX. Been ~6 years now and I've never regretted it.

Comment Re:What about taxation? (Score 1) 85

Sure the government can look at it, but then so can everyone else.

I know its a difficult proposition but transparency appears to have its benefits.

I can imagine a future where 'dark ages' refers to those centuries before the internet, when it was possible of brad people to terrible things in secret.

I think the fact that few humans can't be trusted, spoils 'privacy' for the many that can be. When privacy is used as a tool to further nefarious goals I think you have to look at what benefits it provides. Perhaps privacy only provides benefits because transparency has to date been largely unachievable (on any sort of equal footing). Does privacy benefit all equally? Am I some crazy socialist? or whacko libertarian? who knows! :)

This is a good experiment, and another notch in the bedpost of 'openness'.

Comment Re:What about taxation? (Score 1) 85

On the other hand doesn't this actually put the merchant at more risk? I get my goods, hop in the car, and ten minutes later he finds out I gave him bad bit coins.

Confirmations aren't as important as may have been originally thought...


It at least brings it into the realms of tolerable/insurable. Double spend is really hard, probably not worth the effort unless its a big (high value) purchase.

I'm sure there are exceptions, but high value purchases are probably worth hanging around a bit longer for, and probably involve some kind of warranty which in turn depends on some kind of identification.

Probably works just fine for the majority of cases, at least right now...

Comment Re:Make up your mind! (Score 4, Funny) 475

Maybe I am in the minority but i find it *very* acceptable. Coincidentally the figures they are bandying about are very close to how my tariff works.

I use AAISP in the UK. I switched to them on the premise they delver 'unfiltered' internet. They also don't do that 'unlimited' internet crap. All in all they are what anyone here with half a brain *should* want from their ISP. (technically savvy too)

Their base no-extras package give you 100GB a month, You can also pay for 200GB or 300GB up front for a slightly reduced rate, if you go over you get auto billed for another 50GB at £10.

Sure its not the cheapest internet, and it means I have to use ADSL (around 60-80meg, with the occasional very short outage) vs cable (150meg with virtually zero downtime in the 13 years I was with them)

im not shilling and I don't want your sign up bonus. I just want to make sure everyone knows about them so they never go away!

Comment Re:Gun nuts (Score 1) 1374

I'm not debating the right to bear arms. I'm suggesting that there are some people who, when challenged, do certain things that suggest they are a little bit off kilter in the ethics department.

I'm all about choice. I hate the fact that means, to be consistent, I have to side with the pro-gun people.

There are nut jobs on both sides, but the ones with guns are more dangerous.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 266

Not to mention that stills are the holy grail of 'out of context' editing - whilst the pictures may be accurate, video would be much more compelling.

These guys are bad enough without over egging the pudding. These techniques are how those in power influence the weak minded public. We should not stoop so low as to become their bedfellows in this respect.

Given enough rope, those in power will hang themselves. They seem to be doing a grand job of it. I don't mean to trivialise the unfortunate side effects of this process, but I do think they are somewhat unavoidable. So begin outraged is a little like shouting at the wind. You just have to try and do what you can in your little corner of the world to make things better for you and those around you. However big your corner might be.

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