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Comment Re:Can't see the forest for all the trees (Score 1) 388

Batman vs Superman was an okay one time movie, not worth the popcorn and soda that a theater experience requires, but watchable one time movie, just to see WonderWoman and Aquaman.

Certain actors shouldn't fill certain roles. It would have been much better to find an unknown to play Batman than put Ben Affleck in that role. He doesn't have the ability to pull it off. Being behind the mask, requires greater acting ability than normal, because you have to convey more with movement. It doesn't work for Ben as Batman. Though He works in "The Accountant" because his acting ability is fairly wooden, like the character, it works.

Henry Cavill sort of works for Superman, mainly because he "looks" the part.

Comment Re: RICO (Score 0) 226

"You don't suddenly get hundreds of coordinated "protesters" showing up in the same outfits, carrying latest model encrypted cell phones, and all having top-quality lawyers."

oh actually yeah you do. thats just like a 1 fb post.
and if you have 10k protesters then 100 will fit that, no problem.

you seem to misunderstand that a) theres people who just want to fuck shit up and go to protests just to fuck shit up b) it's a hobby/lifestyle for them c) they have guides some of them follow.

very few really to be honest. even finland has 100+ people violent protest at least once a year, kind of organized.

Comment Re:Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 73

you think iveyyy understood anything about that? hell no.

if he did, then ios would have had arbitrary dpi support for a long time.

and btw windows itself has supported arbitrary dpi for a long, long, long time now. some asian manufacturer volume control apps and such are just the stuff that broke.

also ios fixed resolutions were a cancer on mobile app design for a long time and now theres on the market thousands of app designers who can only draw a photoshop picture for a fixed size screen and can't comprehend the question "what if the screen is 1.5x times wide" or what "if the screen is 4cm across and not 10cm".

Comment Re: You mean like my 6 year old Atrix (Score 1) 73

yeah because thats not that big of an addition.

it's not worth giving a patent for, frankly.

especially when you could have used your touchscreen phone as a trackpad(without a dock) for a laptop since.. well fucking since 2001 or so.

maybe they're patenting using lighting connector.. but thats another thing, you shouldnt be able to patent the same fucking thing with using a different connector.

Comment Unsurprising (Score 1) 38

Patents have become another "must-have" item in a scientists resume. It presumably shows you're able to create practical applications from otherwise abstract research results.

In practice, of course, you can patent pretty much anything you want if you put your mind to it, and the vast majority of granted patents are never implemented in an actual product and never make any money at all. So researchers just jump through another set of hoops to pad their CV with, usually, a completely worthless patent or two.

The researcher is happy since they got another item on their career-critical CV. The university is happy since granted patents counts toward university rankings. The granting agencies are happy since it shows their research grants are producing tangible results. Too bad the actual end result - the patent - is utterly worthless.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

If the situation is exactly the same up to the point of your two options, then there is a "Self digging shovel" available at some level in both situations. In situation #2, it isn't for sale, and unless you can conclusively promise shovel in one year, for only $5,000 then option 1 is still the only valid consideration. Further, if option 2 says there are no patents (assuming that is the change) then I can build a shelf digging shovel today for whatever price, and as long as the value I get out of it is better than before, I'll get my $20,000 shovel either way.

1) 20000 for shovel get 30000 use from shovel in year one. Year two is how much (no answer in option 1) is it free, or nearly free? Does it cost 20K / year forever (unlikely) or what. Incomplete information leads to bad decisions.

2) Can't buy Self Digging shovel (unknown reason). Promise that they will be available in a year for $5000 (if you believe vaporware promises)

all the unknown variables make your assumptions useless, which is why I chose (and still choose) option 1. Based on the INFORMATION I have, it is the only real choice.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

Heck, you can still charge the same amount as a well-written patent, but can crank it out in an afternoon!

Legal profession robots coming soon for this reason alone. Yes, good lawyers will always be needed, but most "lawyering" today is boilerplate legal forms and processes that can be replicated by a series of questions that pick which process one needs. We can get rid of most lawyers and and streamline the legal processes.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

In that world, do you think we'd successfully get rid of patents? Also, have you given thought to the implications of getting rid of patents?

No. And Yes.

We'll never because its in the Constitution, and that is next to impossible to change. And I have, and it is liberating of enterprise. I prefer "trade secrets" to Patents for protection anyway.

Comment it doesn't work. (Score 1) 253

it doesn't work.
but makes the ecosystem for browsers a pay-to-play ecosystem.

it's basically just geared towards monopolization for the players that made this standard.

and microsoft has had it's hands in a bunch of drm solutions all of which it has promptly dropped or just decided to ignore on their products. like... you know... if ms made a video+audio drm solution.. ....and didnt use it on their phones while licensing it out with stupid, stupid licensing restrictions say to nokia say something like 12 years ago.. (the stupid licensing restrictions were that to make a multimedia plugin on symbian 7.0s nokias onwards, you had to have developer permissions granted by nokia. one of the excuses nokia used in this pay to play ecosystem of theirs was that you could break drm on shitty ringtones with it that nobody gave a shit about - also you could break the drm on shitty video clips that had already broken drm and had much better quality rips in the wild.

it doesn't work and it can't be open source for the obvious reasons so whats the fucking point - and by it doesn't work I mean it doesnt keep it off the internets - or seriously are they gonig to stop people from hooking up to hdmi ? I SERIOUSLY doubt the viability of any streaming service that does that.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 116

It definitely is. Gedit has been cited already, but what pissed me off more is gnome-terminal: the double click selection behaviour cannot be configured in the GUI any more. You need a CLI command reminiscent of registry manipulations on Windows. Insanity for a terminal. The definition of a tool used by power users...

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