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Comment Re: Treason ain't what it used to be (Score 1) 791

>It's documented that they were in fact carrying weapons. Furthermore, Assange himself even admitted to editing the video in order to manipulate the public:

Oh right... so the right to bear arms only applies to Americans ? Oh sorry, i forgot, WHITE Americans. Anybody else has a gun - their fair game to kill.

>There are armed men in the group

Yes, they are called bodyguards. The mere presence of a weapon does not make somebody an enemy combatant. The Geneva convention is supposed to mean you ONLY shoot at other soldiers.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 126

2) Force employers to pay a 10% tax on that salary

Isn't this the part where all the "free market" believers tell us that "companies never pay taxes, they just pass them on to their customers"?

So far, we've got Trump proposing a 35% tax on US companies that build products overseas and Slashdot fools telling us that raising taxes on companies will lead to greater employment.

Did something change with the Trump inauguration that's suddenly made believers in "economic liberty and small government" love taxes?

Comment Re:There are fatter phones out there, buy one. (Score 1) 80

those are your choices with pretty much every single product in the world.

No. There are more smartphones than cars in the world, but I can buy a Ford with an automatic transmission, a manual transmission, a big trunk, a small trunk, hatchback, truck bed or 20" rims that spin backward when I drive.

So where is my 2017 Samsung or Apple with a replaceable battery?

Comment US vs Sweden (Score 1) 26

US: 10 Mbps down/3 Mbps up, 250 GB cap, $59.95/mo, including $10/mo modem rental. (Xfinity)

Sweden: 100 Mbps up/down, no cap, ~$40/mo (495 SEK), no modem needed since it's fibre to the door. (Bredbandsbolaget) (We could upgrade to 300 or 500 but why?)

The cap on the US service is plenty for us, since we've never used more than about 95 GB in a single month (we don't confuse the Internet with cable TV).

Comment Re:I think civility is going to go out the window (Score 1) 1277

It's funny, one of the criticisms often leveled at Obama is that he didn't condemn the right strongly enough, and was instead conciliatory. Obama very rarely accused anyone of racism and even more rarely directly called then a racist, and I'm pretty sure he never described anyone as a mega-Hitler.

Comment Re:Divided Country? (Score 1) 1277

It's because Trump wants to undo so much of the progress that people thought was locked down, like same sex marriage and fertility rights. And Obamacare of course, that basically divides everyone into those who benefitted and those who didn't, with the former now being reliant on it.

Then you have the angry white guys who blame everyone else for their problems. It's worse than anything in recent memory.

Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1277

Trump is as smug they come, and from money, hardly a working class man. He has appointed his friends and family also from money and mostly quite smug, to be his staff.

It amazes me how people on the right somehow convince themselves that Trump is going to drain the swamp and represents them, rather than his how interests.

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