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Comment Re:Talk about a subset of a subset (Score 1) 40

Not to mention that Valve knows well enough that Microsoft is working hard to throw as many obstacles between their feet to make Steam as unusable as possible in Windows to promote their own game store.

Valve, of all companies on the planet, has a VERY good reason to push for full blown Linux support in gaming. And that's basically what Linux needs if it wants to take off.

Because, face it: What reason does Joe Average still have to use Windows? Internet? Nope. Every major browser, mail system, video player you might want is available. Document writing? Nope. Libreoffice is good enough for personal use.

What's left for Joe that ties him to Windows is gaming. Yes, there are a lot of other applications that are not available on Linux, or not at the same quality. But they are mostly things that are niche products that are interesting to a very small subset of users. The only big issue that remains is actually gaming.

Comment Re:Dumb Idea, Seriously (Score 2) 131

2). Travel under the name Joe/Jane Smith and claim you never use social media. Ever. For anything!

Smart move. Where do I get a passport that says I'm Joe Smith?

4). Boot into a fake, but plausibly real looking environment, with nothing interesting on it. Load it to the gills with internet cat videos and nothing more;

I'd load it with gross but legal porn. Give them something to vomit over. Lemonparty or Tubgirl... gee, if I only could decide...

Comment Re:Reproducibility is hard. (Score 5, Insightful) 255

Why are we still using printed journals?

Why is the amount of space a report takes up still an issue?

Details are important. If you want a short version, then make a summary, but don't cut out the detail available to do that.

In terms of ascii/unicode text, we're not going to run out of bytes to explain important scientific details.

Heck - make videos of the processes, mention part numbers, and even show mistakes that you encountered along the way in your notes! Video hosting is free, and shouldn't be going away anytime soon. Making a process replication video should be a normal thing.

If you're spending so much time anyway, so much of your life in these studies, what's the value in holding back important information?

Ryan Fenton

Comment Cool? (Score 5, Insightful) 120

I'm a pretty liberal dude - but this age-information-protection thing is the wrong role for any governance to be playing.

It's an objective, publicly available piece of information. Birth records aren't secret, or in any way protected from public view. Trying to punish websites for listing that among other pertinent details on public figures like actors is just crazy.

That's not to say age discrimination is an unrealistic thing to fear - but this is exactly the wrong way to combat it, akin to punishing kids spreading rumors of an upcoming fight, rather than any of the participants. It's just bad tactics too - objecting to information only spreads that information further (justly called the Streisand effect).

I'm struggling just to wrap my head around how stupid an idea this law was, or who would propose it as a valid way to use law.

Was this some kind of a protest law, or a game of legislative chicken gone wrong?

Ryan Fenton

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