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Comment Re:Real Question: Consensual or Non-Consensual? (Score 1) 451

True, but in the end, the difference remains. When it's simply prostitution, what matters is money changes hands and one person, the person giving the money, will have his or her satisfaction. The satisfaction of the person receiving the money does not enter the equation. If anything, it's a bonus.

In a role play situation, the key element is that the recipient of the money is more interested in personal satisfaction than the monetary compensation.

Comment Re:Real Question: Consensual or Non-Consensual? (Score 1) 451

The main focus is still the money, not the role play. It's not two people who get a kick out of the situation of pretending to pay for sex, if anything, it's one person getting a kick out of it and one person doing it mainly 'cause they get paid for it.

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