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Comment No, not really (Score 1) 331

I haven't really used optical media at all in at least five years, now that I think about it. For general 'moving data about' purposes, cloud services (Google Drive/Dropbox etc.) or USB sticks work well. For backups, external hard drives (or internal hard drives placed into a NAS) are cheap and large enough now to be the best option, even though they too might fail (so don't have only one backup!)

I think the only time I ever use an optical drive now is when reformatting a machine or setting a new one up - on occasion I might want to DBAN the drive or use some other kind of recovery utility on a bootable CD/DVD that I burnt years ago and can't be bothered making a bootable USB for.

Comment Re:Tool (Score 1) 138

Put him under the rubble there and then let's have a frank discussion about it. Provided he finds a way to communicate, that is.

I am a security expert. Yes, opening your wifi carries a risk. But people are fucking DYING there, open up that damn wifi, whatever "risk" you might face when opening your wifi access point is insignificant when compared to even the most minimal chance to save a life!

Comment Re:Unacceptable! (Score 1) 138

Not only that, but why dig out those people? If there was money in digging out people the market would by now provide a solution for it, not to mention that they have every opportunity to dig them out themselves, if we keep distributing handouts people will only get dependent on outside help, but that's exactly what the nanny-state wants!

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