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Comment Re:Gravity waves, really? (Score 1) 56

Lee waves are used by gliders to reach great heights, they result from mountain ranges (forming lenticular clouds) , and at the edges of different air masses..

Standing waves ocour too, the Morning Glory wave is caused by the collision of two airmass.

The cloud streets, form when the wind aligns rows of Cumulus clouds, which then form the "mountain" that triggers a wave in the atmosphere above. This is known as thermal wave, and can at times be seen in the form of a Pilious cloud.

Strong wind shears can induce waves too, often of higher frequency. (Think high altitude Herring bone cloud) Increasing wind speed with altitude also helps the waves form and propagate, in some cases the wave is over 3 wavelengths long before dissipating.

The Perlan project has been trying for some time to reach very high altitudes on Earth, using the polar vortex, to reach a pressure zone similar to Mars atmosphere.

Comment Re:Turkey is in trouble. (Score 1) 289

Iran is no danger to anyone, only to people who still havent got over the Embassy affair who ignore the reason, the US overthrow of a democraticly elected government in Iran, and the truth is stranger than fiction bit, to restore a monarchy.

It is US behaviour and posturing that drives them to develop their own weapons. I dont blame then one bit, a quick glance at the last 50 years paints a clear picture of who the number one agreesor invading and bombing other countries in the world has been, and Iran simply doesnt rate.

Other than defending itself from a US armed Iraq, including supplying WMD to them, who then ended up invading Iraq, stuffing it up comletely based on the shallowest of lies, and creating ISIS Iran hasnt beem in a war at all .
You really couldnt be more ironic if you tried.

If you read the testimonials of Westerners visiting Iran, they say the people are very hospitable and friendly
To just pile the irony on, there was not one mention of ill treatment at the border either, whilst US ICE at an airport made a 71 year old childrens author Australian Mem Fox, who had visited 117 times so terrified she will not go to America again.

Comment Re:Why would you use batteries? (Score 1) 270

You must be so proud, the only state to have it police commisioner jailed, and its two most famous politicians being raving nut jobs, Sir Joh and Pauline the brainless. Qld has had its own fair share of weird cults, gay bashing and bad beer.
Even the TV commercials are loud and crass.
SA is the home of art and culture, and settled convict free.

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