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Comment Re:I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination iss (Score 1) 235

In any case, discrimination in Hollywood is not a "problem"... it's by design. We, as a society, have for whatever reasons decided that Hollywood can feel free to consider race, gender, age, etc in a way that most businesses are not allowed. California is being a little bit schizophrenic here in that they still allow Hollywood to discriminate based on age but they want to mitigate the effects of this by forbidding the sharing of age information.

Comment Re:This was one hell of an attack (Score 2) 203

You're the same entitled person that uses free web services and then b*tches when they start charging or go under aren't you?

I'm not a business person. If someone tells me that they have some "free" business plan that they claim will work, I can be skeptical, but it's not really on me when they are exposed as wrong. If you advertise a service as one thing and then pull a switcharoo, you should be called out. You call that "entitlement", I call it broken promises - though I'll also go along with "naive", since by now we should probably just ignore the promises of "free". Though here I am using gmail for going on a decade and a half...

Comment Unusual situation (Score 4, Insightful) 67

Usually, we have a company that makes garbage no one wants, so when they liquidate they have a ton of stock. This is unfortunate... and stupid, because it seems like they should have taken SOME KIND of action before they had nothing to sell.

I wonder exactly how terrible they are when they have a product with a solid demand, yet no one will invest in them. There has to be embezzlement.

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