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Comment How's the UK market comparing? (Score 1) 248

Sorry to hijack a story to go on a tangent, but this may be one read by people I'd like to query:

I'd be very interested to know how older (35+) IT workers (ops & dev) in the UK are feeling at the moment, eg:

* My long experience gives me more confidence in my employability
* I've kept up with trends, so I'm OK
* My experience counts against me (eg "you know C", "you know UNIX", so you must be past it)
* My age counts against me
* There are no jobs going for my skillset
* I'm doing fine, thanks!
* Jobs I can do standing on my head don't pay enough
* Where I choose to live (family or other ties) are scarce/don't pay enough.
* I'd move for a job

Please give some additional details if you reply. (yes, I do employ!)

Comment Re:Energy Storage Solutions (Score 1) 231

It is extremely unlikely that they reverse the turbins (and they likely don't even use turbins for power generation)
More likely they have real pumps for that.

The first large-scale pumped storage facility uses reversible turbines:

It's highly unlikely that any other implementation would use separate pumps and turbines - why on earth would you duplicate massive machines which do much the same job in both directions?

I visited the chambers in Llanberis before the machinery was installed, the turbine chamber is immense.

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