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Comment I've seen one (Score 1) 105

Guess I'm naïve & behind the times (I don't find time to consume the legal free material I want to watch in the UK), and they may be everywhere, but I was suprised to see one at a family member's house, bought it 'from a guy'. They were genuinely surprised when I told them that it was illegal to use (yes, I didn't expect them to be that naïve either), and that it was torrenting (therefore they were sharing material), so they might expect a notice from their ISP at the least.

It was a modded Amazon fire TV stick, extremely easy to use. As somebody who hasn't seen TAFKAXMBC for a few years it has gave a very impressive UX, and the legal apps were much better than my chromecast legal apps and (admittedly couple of years old) smart Blu-ray box. The film they put on (Nice Guys) also helped with my Spanish, due to the burnt-in subtitles, but the media companies are going to have a real problem fighting this out-of-the-box easy entrance to illegal sharing.

Comment Re:Browsers are NOT slow (Score 1) 766

Does it take long? I'm on FF on linux, and on a sane site but with lots of elements (eg BBC News in the UK, I get that abroad you get the ad version) it's pretty much instantaneous. Which points to the problems that everybody's pointing out - 3rd party content. eg try http://newspapers.library.wale... (shameless plug) opening search results in new tabs is fast - the slowest part is fetching our image tiles (which we'll improve!) - not a browser problem.

Comment Re:Surprised they aren't doing this already (Score 1) 590

This is my feeling as well, however I've also aways had the feeling that the situation over there in archive land may not be so professional and seems to have grown up from a basement project.

Brewster Kahle has just been awarded the Digital Preservation Coalition's first Fellowship Award tonight. The DPC and the "archive land" has more been thinking a lot more about digital preservation than you might imagine, and that community's idea of 'long term preservation' is a whole lot more rigorous than most any commercial thinking you'll encounter. They have smart people working there.

Growing up from a 'basement project' is a good description of amazon, wikimedia and a whole lot of other disruptive ventures of the last 20 years, I wouldn't hold that against anybody. That they don't have oodles of cash to ensure multi-continent distributed content is a reflection of their funding, not of their lack of forethought. That they can leverage the anti-Trump sentiment to raise money to create the Canada copy is a smart move.

Comment I don't get the hate (Score 1) 56

From my quick skimming, this is an add-on available to all, yes? This is an offer of a burst of true unlimited data volume for a (limited) time period. Is the grief about it not being utterly unlimited, because there's a time limit? Or is it about the price?

It's a new offer, people can either try it if they have a need to download a ton of data occasionally, or not. If people don't take it, they may remove it, or lower the price to attract more takeup.

I can understand (being from the UK, where the mobile market seems more competitive, and it seems that we can get better deals) hate on Verizon pricing in general, but hating on this optional add-on seems strange. Is it just that you feel it's massively over-priced, or that unlimited data should be an affordable option all the time, or something else?

Genuinue question, I'd appreciate answers. It may be that I've missed something obvious about this announcement.

Comment How's the UK market comparing? (Score 1) 248

Sorry to hijack a story to go on a tangent, but this may be one read by people I'd like to query:

I'd be very interested to know how older (35+) IT workers (ops & dev) in the UK are feeling at the moment, eg:

* My long experience gives me more confidence in my employability
* I've kept up with trends, so I'm OK
* My experience counts against me (eg "you know C", "you know UNIX", so you must be past it)
* My age counts against me
* There are no jobs going for my skillset
* I'm doing fine, thanks!
* Jobs I can do standing on my head don't pay enough
* Where I choose to live (family or other ties) are scarce/don't pay enough.
* I'd move for a job

Please give some additional details if you reply. (yes, I do employ!)

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