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Comment Design Patterns (Score 1) 368

Unfortunately, despite having a bachelors in CS, and several years of web programming experience, I have only recently discovered OOP design patterns. They are very useful methodologies, and I think today's programmers, especially in the web development arena are far too ignorant of these useful additions to one's toolbelt.

Comment Bought one today! (Score 1) 310

I never really needed a printer until my employer folded last year and I went freelance. At that time I discovered my broken ink-jet that had been sitting for a year needed to be replaced. I also discovered the black & white laserjet which was given to me a while back, and since then had been sitting untested in my basement, actually worked! Today I bought a color laserjet at a huge discount (was a display model). I'm happy, and I say definitely go for a laser over a shitty inkjet - especially when, like me, you'll go long periods of time without using the printer.

Comment Re:Linux MCE (Score 1) 536

The way to pull that off, while not an option to most, is to get a TV that has netflix streaming built in, or a Roku, or other Device. The LG TV that I just got does this, and works well. My only other compaint is that Netflix's online streaming selection is rather limited.

German Parliament Enacts Internet Censorship Law 273

TheTinyToon writes that by a vote of 389 to 128, "the proposed censorship law to block child porn has been passed by the German government. Not surprisingly, a member of the conservative party (CDU) announced plans to also check if the law could be extended to include so-called 'killer games' like Counterstrike, only two hours after the law was passed. More [in German] on"
The Courts

Visualizing the Ideological History of SCOTUS 151

langelgjm writes "An interesting exercise in quantifying and visualizing ideological shifts, the website tracks changes in the ideological history of the US Supreme Court from 1937 to 2007. Ideological positions are quantified using Martin-Quinn scores, and the chart highlights the often-bumpy transitions (Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas), as well as tendencies within each Justice's career."
The Courts

In Round 2, Jammie Thomas Jury Awards RIAA $1,920,000 793

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "Well the price went up from $9250 per song file to $80,000 per song file, as the jury awarded the RIAA statutory damages of $1,920,000.00 for infringement of 24 MP3s, in Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset. In this trial, although the defendant had an expert witness of her own, she never called him to testify, and her attorneys never challenged the technical evidence offered by the RIAA's MediaSentry and Doug Jacobson. Also, neither the special verdict form nor the jury instructions spelled out what the elements of a 'distribution' are, or what needed to be established by the plaintiffs in order to recover statutory — as opposed to actual — damages. No doubt there will now have to be a third trial, and no doubt the unreasonableness of the verdict will lend support to those arguing that the RIAA's statutory damages theory is unconstitutional." Update: 06/19 01:39 GMT by T : Lots more detail at Ars Technica, too.

Comment VHDHell? (Score 1) 301

As a computer Science major, I only had one class involving this sort of thing, and it used VHDL. We all hated VHDL, and though I've never even used Verilog, and have only seen if briefly, I've heard others say its much better to deal with the VHDL. But then again this is all from memories I have from 3 years ago, and like I said, I've never used Verilog, so take this with a grain of salt.

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