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Major Security Holes Found In Mobile Bank Apps 107

NeverVotedBush writes with this excerpt from CNet: "A security firm disclosed holes today in mobile apps from Bank of America, USAA, Chase, Wells Fargo and TD Ameritrade, prompting a scramble by most of the companies to update the apps. ... Specifically, viaForensics concluded that: the USAA's Android app stored copies of Web pages a user visited on the phone; TD Ameritrade's iPhone and Android apps were storing the user name in plain text on the phone; Wells Fargo's Android app stored user name, password, and account data in plain text on the phone; Bank of America's Android app saves a security question (used if a user was accessing the site from an unrecognized device) in plain text on the phone; and Chase's iPhone app stores the username on a phone if the user chose that option, according to the report. Meanwhile, the iPhone apps from USAA, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Vanguard and PayPal's Android app all passed the security tests and were found to be handling data securely."

Comment Re:Take off and nuke Marshall, TX from orbit ... (Score 1) 186

You don't actually understand how this works. 1. In the Federal court system, all patent appeals go to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This is true regardless of what district you are in. Blame congress for this one. 2. Allowing folks who are admitted to any state bar is good. The entire state bar system is a disaster. In any other country, you are either allowed to practice in that country, or not. Here, we've further divided it into 50 states, and require lawyers to take 50 8-10 hour tests and fulfill 50 different sets of conflicting obligations (for example, continuing legal education requirements, pro bono hour requirements, etc) in order to be able to practice law in every state. It's not even possible. Any argument one could make that having to do this means you are more aware of the laws of that state or better able to practice in that state are ridiculous on their face to anyone who has actually had to study for and take a bar exam. If you practiced law the same way the various bar exams wants you to, you'd be disbarred. So in short: Just because you read an article on wikipedia doesn't mean you know what you are talking about.

Will Low Lamp Lifetime Spell Trouble for DLP TVs? 133

Techno-Canuck asks: "Now that the DLP TVs have been in customers' hands for the last few years, there are problem histories that are begining to unfold. According to Toshiba's DLP TV User Manual: 'The average useful service life for the lamp is approximately 8,000 hours in LOW POWER or 6,000 hours in HI BRIGHT MODE.' However there were problems with certain 2005 Toshiba models that saw the lamp lifetime at only a few hundred hours or less. Toshiba replaced the lamps in these models at no cost and extended the lamp warranty to 2 years. According to an FAQ on the lamps currently last an average of 1500 hours. Whether or not Toshiba has resolved the problem remains to be seen, as only time will give the real indication. There also seems to be lamp issues with some 2004 models as well, but Toshiba does not seem to be stepping forward to resolve the issues in this case. The customer ire is starting to rise, however. Will there be similar problems for the 2006 models once enough time has elapsed?"
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Vendor Intel inside again for new Google servers 4

Intel has reclaimed Google as a server customer . According to Pat Gelsinger, a co-general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, "Google has begun buying Intel server components in high volume." On Gelsinger's blog, he said, "Intel had to create custom equipment to win back the business." Google "went to the competitor's platform for the last four quarters of deployments, largely on the (operational cos

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