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Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 0) 47

We are subsidizing Obamacare for almost everyone.

The middle class (taxpayers) are subsidizing Obamacare for the poor, while the rich are opting out because they can afford to. Which is why over 10% still haven't signed up. They're part of the middle class, and they can afford rent or insurance but not both.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 89

My wife had a foggy dream of being self-sustaining. I wasn't interested in being a farmer. She gave up on the idea very quickly.

The robotic revolution is finally at hand. Food production is going to become a job for robots like everything else. The problem isn't going to be where food comes from, it's going to be whether the elites let you have any.

Comment Re:Ninety-nine percent of the land is not used... (Score 1) 89

10 million people live in, say, around Los Angeles. But to supply those 10 million people with water a fair percent of the watershed of California is tapped.

Yes, and that is especially wrong because it is unnecessary. Believe it or not, Los Angeles receives enough rainfall to account for more than 90% of its water use. But about 99% of that water runs straight into the ocean (where it causes brackishness during rains, because so much water is shed so quickly!) because Los Angeles has been paved all to hell, and has no ability to retain water. It's like a runner that's skipping salt.

In, say, parts of New York of the south, water is more abundant. But to feed 10 million people anywhere takes land to grow food, to find a place to dispose of their sewage and trash, etc. etc.

Sewage is a big issue. At best you need enough room to compost the poop, and since nobody here wants to be a night soil man we have a whole expensive infrastructure for piping the shit around... using water. A lot of water. And then, the water is maybe used for irrigation. But we could at least be using AIWPS and getting clean water out of the other end of the system, albeit at some cost in space. Which brings us back to what you were saying, of course.

Food is actually a much smaller issue. Vertical gardening on aeroponics can produce a whole lot of produce in a very small space with very little resources. There are dozens if not hundreds of such operations across the country so far, and they are reproducing rapidly.

Trash is a huge issue, but it should be a lot smaller. Notably, all packaging should be recyclable, and what isn't recyclable should be compostable. It should be outright illegal to sell anything that comes in a non-recyclable package. That would go a long way towards solving this problem.

Comment Re:Maybe he writes from an Amarican POV (Score 1) 89

Wow - Europe is even more oppressive than I realized.

Try being one of the people whose house burned down in for example the Valley Fire, which occurred in Lake County, CA. First, the permit process is taking around a year. Second, permits for a single-bedroom dwelling are $30,000 and they go up from there, and you have to fully repermit if there are no plans on file. There aren't for most of them, because most of them are remodeled hunting cabins. Third, a lot of these places can't be permitted for a leachfield under current laws because of the size of the lot, and there is no sewage service in most of the county; for the most part it happens only on the town grids, almost everyone else is on septic. Except in Anderson Springs, where about four out of over a hundred houses didn't burn. They're getting a new sewage system... in a year.

The truth is that there's plenty of housing oppression in the USA.

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 1) 425

You are a lying sack of shit. You assigned a side to me. That makes you a liar. You don't care about the truth. You just lie to cover up lies of people you attach yourself to. I don't like Hillary. I won't be voting for her.

You sound like Black Lives Matter, bitching that a conspiracy of cops is making the streets unsafe for criminals to ply their trades.

BLM pointed out that a black man, unarmed and laying down with his hands up is still likely to be shot by a cop. With witnesses and video. And the cops claim it's a good shoot. That's what BLM talks about. Not defending criminals, but defending the many innocent executed by cops.

If only the people abused by the police were armed. Blacks should just join the NRA and arm themselves.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 425

Lets try to divorce this concept from the "Trump" name, that may cloud judgment. Want a better example of business failure, the pro athlete that is broke 5 to 10 years after they retire. Not the ex-athlete that still has $100M of $150M left, especially the ex-athlete at 70 years of age. For the later case you need to know what their goal was.

An athlete stops working. Trump claims to have made millions last year. Troy Aikman is still making money. He has his name on some dealerships (no idea if he owns them, or just licenses his name, but I suspect he owns them). He works on commentating and such. At best, Trump spends more than he makes. At worst, he loses much, and lies to us about it. We can't tell which lie he's telling, and how big the lie is, because he's the first candidate in a long time to not release is tax records.

Again, is there any evidence that his bankruptcies are not just a few failed projects out of dozens?

Nope. It's just more proof of his lies. He's a man of his word, unless he owes you money and sues the government to keep you from collecting. That's the piece the Trump-worshippers seem to miss. Bankruptcy is suing the government for protection from people you are breaking your promise to. From someone who has claimed his word is good. Many times.

Comment Re:Pegg's Star Trek is an abortion (Score 1) 91

There are only three scenes with Sulu's "husband" and daughter in the Star Trek Beyond. If I haven't heard about the controversy before seeing the movie, I could have assumed that the "husband" was Sulu's brother and maybe the daughter was his niece. The scenes are quite subtle. No kissing, no glory holes, no rainbow flags.

Why even bother unless it affects the plot in some way? Just to be fucking lame. The problem isn't making him gay. The problem is making him gay for no reason other than to pander.

Comment Re:In O'Brien's defense... (Score 1) 91

He did have a hot japanese wife to look forward to banging every night,

But he did have a whiny and unreasonable Japanese wife he had to listen to every night, and he could have been banging Japanese chicks on the holodeck if that's what he wanted. I know this comment sounds sexist AF but seriously, Keiko was the most shit character in the whole universe, and the actress who played her overemphasized every line so badly it was like she was reading to preschoolers. We watched TNG religiously when it was coming out in the geek house I lived in at the time, and we always cheered when it looked like she might die.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1, Informative) 425

You do know why he didn't publicize his tax returns, right? His estimated inheritance was $150M in 2016 dollars, and his estimated wealth is $100M in 2016 dollars. He's managed to lose more than $1M a year. That's how he runs businesses, into the ground. Of course, he threatened to sue the biographer that detailed his finances, and the biographer said "sure, get on the stand in court, under oath, where the topic is your finances." Trump ran away and took back all his lies about the biographer.

Trump objects when you call him a failed businessman who has never made $1 in his life, but has just lost his father's fortune with style, but he won't show a tax return or open any books to prove it wrong.

At least fraud Hillary files her taxes and shared her returns.

Fraud Donald refuses to do that. And the Trump Worshipers can't think to ask why.

Submission + - Trump GOP convention infringed copyright for at least seven songs (

Paul Fernhout writes: According to Keith Girard, writing for The Improper Magazine, "Donald Trump, the self-pronounced "law and order" candidate, stole at least seven classic rock songs used by his campaign during the GOP convention, infuriating the artists who own the rights to them."

Obviously, "stole" is a loaded word when talking about copyright infringement... Might this indicate a Trump administration could by sympathetic to reducing the scope and duration of copyright?

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 2, Insightful) 425

Because it's usually true. The Republicans admitted that the Benghazi hearings were political in nature, timed to weaken her in the primaries. They found nothing new, and nothing that incriminated Hillary for anything other than having a small budget handed to her by the Republicans in Congress. When there are actual conspiracies, it's hard to not see conspiracies.

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