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Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 291

It's fantasy role play. It doesn't mean they actually believe or would act in real life on that stuff. At least I hope not. Not all of them anyway.

There's both kinds among the Goreans. And on a personal, anecdotal level, all the Gorean men I've met were complete assholes, but that doesn't prove anything. Maybe I just met the worst ones, right? Ha ha ha.

It is certainly possible to engage in BDSM in ways which are not harmful, and determining which kind someone is doing remotely is nontrivial. On the other hand, equality is a tenet of all modern civilizations with good reason. And I've known people who were into BDSM who were definitely not healthy. Like, people who harmed themselves or even killed themselves eventually because they felt unwanted or unfulfilled. Were these people ever participating in a healthy way, or were they just lying to themselves?

I'm not trying to draw a line beyond which things are definitely unhealthy, but if it looks and smells and in all other ways seems unhealthy, odds are good. I've known people in long-term relationships to be pushed way beyond what they actually wanted simply because they didn't know how to say no, and there's no shortage of scrupulous fuckers out there who claim to be responsible members of the scene but are neither safe, sane, nor obtaining informed consent.

Comment So fucking what? (Literally). (Score 3, Insightful) 291

So the guy's a pervert: does that mean his code quit working? Is he trying to fuck other contributors? Has he done anything to anyone without their consent?

I've worked with plenty of people in my time who are into things that I don't approve of, from voting for socialists to trying to be Heinlein characters, but if they don't bring it to the office, it's none of my business. That goes double for an open-source project where they're donating their work.

Enough with the goddamned neo-puritans. There's work to be done, for fuck's sake.


Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 443

That more or less sums up the issues with Linux installs. Unsupported wireless LAN cards are particularly problematic in my experience, requiring either cat 5 or another working machine and a USB stick and much frustration searching. I'd probably only look at a new laptop now if it was manufacturer-supported as Linux compatible. I also want a free BIOS too...that truly restricts your options.

So if you start with the right set of hardware, you don't get problems and at that point I think it's really down to preference. The "friendly" distros are superb and at the least are no more complicated to operate than the pricey/closed alternatives.

As a web developer I am on Linux for the foreseeable, absolutely no doubt about that. My choice. I'd work a Mac if I had too; I will never again have an MS desktop or server environment. Pretty sure about that.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 331

That's a neat trick, unless they mean their IDEA of their computer rather than the physical hardware.

If it rendered the computer unusable, then that's the same thing from the user's point of view, who then has to spend money to have someone fix their computer — money they may not have.

Windows is shitty, not malicious.

Uh, no. It's spyware which cannot be disabled. That's not the same as eating your data, but it is malicious.

Comment Re:ATM decline (Score 1) 332

Contrast that with an ATM where you have to hunt for your bank's machine or face an extortionate $2 charge to withdraw from a rival bank's machine.

My credit union belongs to an ATM co-op, you insensitive clod! I can deposit or withdraw money all over the place without any fees. Lately all the ATMs take cash without an envelope and count it for you while you wait, so I have no qualms about doing so, either. Maybe your bank is just shit.

Comment Re:Crime is falling with lead levels from gasoline (Score 1) 131

From the article: "The gasoline lead story has another virtue too: It's the only hypothesis that persuasively explains both the rise of crime in the '60s and '70s and its fall beginning in the '90s. Two other theories -- the baby boom demographic bulge and the drug explosion of the '60 -- at least have the potential to explain both, but neither one fully fits the known data. Only gasoline lead, with its dramatic rise and fall following World War II, can explain the equally dramatic rise and fall in violent crime."

Yes, it's always good to be cautious about correlations and what they prove. But it is also widely accepted that lead is harmful.

Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 204

What was the software running on it? Or did it crash without any non-IBM supplied hardware or software?

I'm trying to think of any Windows software I actually bothered to run. It was on a Novell network, I was sitting at it. I was in IT and we didn't have any fruity groupware or anything (this was before that crap was popular) so I really just ran ordinary applications, and tried to stick with the utilities and accessories that came with the OS. We didn't have budget for a bunch of OS/2 apps, though.

Did Mossad break into your home and steal your shoes, as well?

No. They didn't even steal my Casio terrist watch.

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