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The Internet

Submission + - 25 years: Vint Cerf's favorite aha moment (

Julie188 writes: "With the 25th anniversary Interop show now just a memory, the show's founder, Vint Cerf, reflects on the path that lead to today's Internet. In a Q&A, he talks about one of his favorite aha moments, way back in 1977. "We did a demonstration where we were simulating someone in a mobile battlefield environment going across a continental network, then across an intercontinental satellite network, and then back into a wireline network to a major computing resource in national headquarters. Packets were traveling 94,000 miles round trip, as opposed to what would have been an 800-mile round trip directly on the ARPANET. We didn't lose one bit! After that exciting demonstration, we worked very hard on finalizing the protocols.""

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