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Comment Re:$20 trillion in debt? (Score 1) 254

I count no less than five blah blah

Three government shutdown hysteria stories, some Rand Paul "war on science" crap and a tangential NASA story from 2007, none of which have any mention of the scale of the deficit or debt. If that's the best you can come up with then I stand affirmed. Thanks.

Comment $20 trillion in debt? (Score 0) 254

So now we're going to have stories about US debt? We've gone for years and years here at good 'ol Slashdot without much mention of the crazy growth in US debt and the chronic deficits we run, year after year, good economy or not. But let Trump get elected and all the sudden we're talking about the debt! Oh crap, spending bad because inflation and debt and stuff!

Google reveals one Slashdot mention of US national debt in Oct. 2008 [1] related to the "Debt Clock" overflowing and needing another digit, and one other story in 2011 about some federal "Debt Reduction Super Committee" [2] that "failed" to come up with any savings. No other demonstrative mention on Slashdot of the $9.3 trillion in debt racked up during the last eight years.

At least we're talking about it again. Hello libtards; yes, the borrow and spend spree has been huge and the US deficit is out of control. I know you missed that for the last couple terms since the "news" sites you frequent — such as Slashdot — never mentioned it to you, but there it is; $20 trillion and counting.


Comment Re:China's Trump is named Xi (Score 1) 410

I think this is targeted at the top tier of immigrant talent

If these "top tier" immigrants are unhappy with racist 'murica not compensating them with enough millions of income then they should head back, see if they can negotiate a "social credit score" that keeps them in the good graces of the party, and see if they're any happier with that. We'll be fine either way.

Comment It's already happened a few times already... (Score 1) 468

"Secretary" used to be the most common job according to some interpretations of BLS reports. The Word Processor made that role largely obsolete and now self-service:

So nowadays it's "Truck Driver"... wait a bit longer until autonomous vehicles make those delivery jobs go away. Wouldn't call those middle-class jobs, though.

Counterpoint: Sales and Services are the most common job in the US today, along with maybe some form of Educator:

It'll still be a while before those social jobs are automated away.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 120

In the UK under UK consumer law, Amazon is responsible for all of these items, whether or not they are sold and fulfilled by Amazon or a third party - Amazon handle the sale and payment, so Amazon are the ones responsible for the sale. This is different to Ebay as Ebay do not handle the payment and you would find it very hard to buy from Ebay themselves.

Comment Re:Amazing over-reaction of the left, like 8 years (Score 1) 590

To think these people only just now realized that they probably shouldn't have all there eggs in the US basket. Did I miss some big rollback in the surveillance state under Obama or credible commitments from Clinton to deal with it? ...pretty sure I didn't.

Questionable judgement all the way around, both for their naivety to date and for their leftist knee jerk reaction.

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