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Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 3, Insightful) 272

common measuring stick

Here is your valuable program certifying a gasoline powered alarm clock as compliant.

It's a pencil whipping operation. Nothing of value is being lost here. The 'ceritification' is just a bit of red tape everyone has to go through to sell to certain customers, leech federal grants and other stuff. The red tape employs a bunch of lawyers and adds another hurdle for anyone that might try to compete with GE et al. This is precisely the crap that Trump was elected to kill.

Comment Fusion Drives... (Score 5, Informative) 144

Yup, this is no different to "fusion drives" that have been on the market for years - a small SSD acting as a cache for a large spinning disk.

What is different is that all Kaby Lake Intel chipsets come with support for setting this up in the bios, easily and quickly, so long as you are using an Optane PCIe stick as the cache device.

Once the DIMM packaged versions become available, thats when Optane will really start to take off - slightly slower than DRAM, but not much, but considerably cheaper than DRAM for the same capacity - so you get slightly slower, much much cheaper RAM, meaning large RAM setups (like 1TB plus) are no longer out of many peoples budgets...

Comment Re:No so many jobs to hop to (Score 2) 214

I suspect this is the driving factor.

That was self evident to me. They're not loyal to their employers because their employers are great and worthy of their time. They don't have options, so they cling to what they can get. In two other millennial stories appearing today and not being featured on Slashdot; millennials can't afford the world their parents have made for themselves, so they're still mostly at home, wondering who pulled up the ladder. As such, their prolonged childhood continues.

And if your knee jerks up and smacks into your chin with a "uneducated plebs and their sense of entitlement" view, you should think about who we have for a president now and how well your indifference is working out for you. You can't actually shit on a whole class of voters forever without consequence until you take away their vote.

Comment Re:surface plz (Score 2) 129

Yeah, geosynchronous satellites are way out there at about 6 Earth radii with 700ms ping times.

We're talking about all of the new low earth orbit mesh networks, though, that SpaceX and Facebook and Google and Virgin Atlantic have all expressed interest in launching, either as part of the Iridium 2 constellation or in competition with it.

Here's a visualization I've made of SpaceX's proposed 4000+ node constellation based on mission parameters that Elon Musk has announced publicly:
Imagine trying to clear a comfortable launch window through that!

Not sure if he's really serious about it, or if it's just a bargaining chip to get better negotiations for the Iridium 2 launches. But the factory for these things is just down the road across town, so I suppose I could go check.

Comment Re:There are only four programs that matter (Score 2) 249

You're forgetting the other other big one: interest payments on national debt.

But even all of the "small beans" items are larger than they look... for example, the federal spending on education contributes only about 7% of the actual operating costs for a K-12 school, the majority of which is typically paid by State, County, City, and local taxes. But the feds make schools really work and jump through lots of hoops and administer tests to tick off the boxes that allows them to tap into that 7% of funding.

Anyway, http://www.usgovernmentspendin... does a better job including some of these other tax revenue streams into the total picture.

If anyone is interested in one-upping Steve Ballmer, have at it. Lots of source data from the White House Office of Management and Budget:
All the raw data is there in lots and lots of Excel spreadsheets. Not very well organized or visualized, but it's there.

I got interested in doing something like this after an engineering accounting class I took a decade ago:

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