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Comment In a room full of people (Score 1) 768

still pretty good. And still better than if the person has a gun.

As for it 'not being wrong' well, that doesn't make it bullshit. You're side stepping my point, which is that guns make it _too_ easy to kill people. You can do it on a whim. Just point, pull trigger, done. Bullets travel in a span of time you can't even measure without special equipment or techniques.

You're right about the wishful thinking part though. Wishful thinking never gets you _anything_. Including a reduction in gun deaths. It takes action. Australia took action. The banned just about everything and, well, what do you know. Gun deaths plummeted and they haven't had a mass shooting since the ban.

Bans work, but America has a gun culture that means a ban is political suicide. So I'd settle for more root cause work. Social programs to eliminate poverty and address mental illness. But I can't even get those. So we're back to wishful thinking. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Comment Your post borders on Troll (Score 1) 768

but it does make me question the easy availability of guns. The trouble with guns is they make it easy and oh so quick to make a snap judgement that changes everything. It's a big problem for the suicidal and hell, this guy just basically committed suicide. His life is more or less over. He might not die in prison, but he'll be pushing 60 when he gets out.

Comment I think the difference is (Score 5, Insightful) 768

your odds of surviving a knife attack are orders of magnitude better than surviving a shooting.

You might think that folks getting shot is a price to pay for the freedom to own fire arms. I'm not gonna bother arguing that point yay or nay (and I wish the left would drop it, it's a losing issue). But the phrase "Guns don't kill people" is verifiable bullshit. It bothers me that a sentiment so obviously wrong can get so much traction with the American people.

Comment I've had packages lost over the years (Score 1) 136

and a buddy of mine who's a prolific ebay seller has had dozens. As long as you insure it they pay out within a few weeks (which is better than average for any kind of insurance).

If I ship my kid a $50 dvd and it goes missing I don't care if the post office finds it. I get my money from the insurance and buy another copy. The last thing I want is the post office spending millions of dollars tracking packages full of easily replaceable crap.

It's just standard biz practice. All things being equal if it costs $100 to find something you lost and that something's worth $50 you lose $50 bucks looking for it. Unless it has something beyond it's intrinsic value or it's value is unnaturally high (like it was here) then there's no point. Like I said, I don't care if my kid's DVD goes missing as long as it gets replaced.

Comment You have absolutely no idea what the hell you're (Score 3, Insightful) 345

talking about.

Gettos aren't "nice little teapots of dependence" (you're right about the misery part though). They're examples of what systemic poverty does to people.

Katrina was exactly what happens when there isn't an organized response to a large scale disaster. It happened because Bush/Cheney diverted resources meant for disaster preparedness to the war in Iraq (and by extension their own pockets).

Folks don't get depressed by dependency. If they did Paul Ryan (who's family's fortune was made paving roads for the government) would be suicidal. People get depressed by constant set backs in their lives caused by the one step forward, two back that is the high cost of being poor.

I'd like to say you're just somebody who never experienced real hardship in lift by I know better. Even folks who experience hardship soon forget it unless their characters are among the best (FDR comes to mind. Liz Warren & Sanders, Alan Grayson, Robert Reich).

Don't kid yourself. You're not being compassionate or decent. At best you're making yourself feel better and at worst you're twisting the knife in the guts of the poor.

Comment I know I shouldn't feed the trolls (Score 1) 490

but trades are all well and good for physically strong men. She's got a raft of health issues (which will also preclude military, else I'd send her to the Navy). Even if she didn't she's never going to be a welder or a plumber. She's not physically strong enough.

She works her god damned ass off. Harder than me. A lot harder.

And why the fuck shouldn't everybody win? Why the hell does society have to be dog eat dog. Better question, who gains from it? It sure as hell isn't me and it sure as hell isn't anyone with a real job.

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