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Comment Adam Smith noticed everything your talking about (Score 1) 428

and declared it pretty much inevitable. Hell, by today's standard's he'd be a bomb-throwing leftist.

You're living in a dream world if you think you'll ever see the world of small communities you're talking about. You can't have it because the ruling class doesn't want it. You have to bend or break the ruling class to your whim with the shear weight of numbers that is the working class. That's what the laws, regulation and wealth redistribution of socialism does. You have to be equally careful that the powerful apperatus you built to do that doesn't get turned against you.

Government is a tool. A powerful, and dangerous tool. Like fire, guns, electricity or any of our other major discoveries you don't just give up on it because it's dangerous. You can't. If you leave a tool like that lying around unattended somebody else is gonna pick you up and brain ya with it.

Comment I know guys that prefer Uber (Score 1) 428

because the really, really, really hate being told what to do by a boss. The one I know lives in a dilapidated trailer without a roof (seriously, he couldn't afford to fix it so he put a tarp over it) in the middle of nowhere. Their hatred of bosses borders on mental illness and they trade just about everything else in life to avoid it. Most of them had/have failed businesses. There's enough of them you can make good money taking advantage of them. Sorta like how we've got all those scams targeting old people with failing mental facilities. For a brief period of time after 1940 society was actively trying to protect folks like that. Didn't take much to get us to turn on them...

Comment Fivver isn't advertising to their workers (Score 1) 428

it's doing it to the folks who want to hire their workers for peanuts. From what I can tell it's a platform to connect people to Uber cheap (pun intended) labor overseas. It's actually terrifying. One of the few good sources of jobs left in America is small businesses too tiny to outsource. Fivver might kill those too. If you're a consultant and you're reading this you should be sweating bullets right about now.

Comment You're oversimplifying a complex issue (Score 1) 65

to blame the working class. Americans shop on price because we're desperately trying to maintain our standard of living in the face of declining wages. Those wages are declining because of globalization and automation. Both of those started in the 60s after communism was neutralized as a threat (real communism, not the phone crap Mao & Stalin pushed).

Walmart's slogan nails it: You're not destroying Unions and plunging the country into the worst income inequality since WWI; you're saving money, living better.

Comment Salesforce isn't just sales (Score 1) 73

it's a complete WYSIWYG application platform that can build complex business apps without code ("Clicks not Code" in SF parlance). It's basically Visual Basic 6 for the web.

OTOH I see a lot of shops using VF/Apex to build apps for no good reason (especially in the post Lightening era). But still, properly used Salesforce makes it child's play to build, deploy and update fairly complex business apps. I can't help but wonder if Microsoft & LinkedIn are willing to put the money behind building that sort of application platform.

Comment He's proposing massive tax cuts for the rich (Score 2, Interesting) 379

and a huge cut in public services for everybody else. This isn't rocket science. Elections have consequences. 22 million will lose health care under Trump (getting a paltry $3000 tax credit in it's place). There are massive cuts to science programs coming. The EPA is getting slashed. Water will be less clean, and in poorer cities contaminated with lead. Air will be dirtier. Kids will get asthma. These things will happen. It's got nothing to do with Red/Blue. It's just what happens when you deregulate. Those regulations weren't made to spoil anyone's fun. They were made to solve problems.

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