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Comment I suppose it depends (Score 1) 131

on what you consider conservative. The strict definition is "opposed to change". By the definition Hillary is more conservative than Trump. I'm more inclined to call these views "Regressive". But then I find most of what we call "Conservative" to really be regression. Back to the "Good 'ole Days" so to speak and typically some of that Old Time Religion.

Comment You can go look 'em up if you want (Score 1) 394

but the few analysis I've read are pretty dull. It's everything you think it is and nothing more. She says Goldman Sachs et al should have a lot of influence on the economy and tells 'em how great they are. This is nothing we didn't already know. Heck, for a lot of economic conservatives it makes them feel better about Hilary, not worse. And yes, the Dems have plenty of economic conservatives. There really isn't much of an American left wing and what little there is is too divided...

Comment If Trump hadn't been but off balance by (Score 1) 394

the grouping allegations (#9 just stepped forward this weekend) then this would be part of a broader narrative that would be making people leery of Hillary. Nobody likes her. Mostly because she's very impersonal. She's all business. I forget who but somebody pointed out that her problem is that all she does is work. You might like that person in the office because you can dump your crap on them and go home early but you don't wanna hang out with them.

American Politics is mostly a popularity contest. That's because we've got a 45/45 ideological split with around 5-10% up for grabs amount likely voters. Those likely voters aren't thoughtful though. They're wishy-washy. They don't have any strong beliefs one way or the other. So they let feelings sway them. The practical consequence is that gut feelings and not beliefs decide our elections :(...

Comment There's a multi million dollar campaign (Score 1) 394

run by Fox News and right wing think tanks (our right wing has lots and lots of think tanks) to shut her down. They've known for ages she was gonna run for president and they've got near unlimited amounts of money so attacking her always made sense. If you've bought into even a little of that it's been getting hammered into your skull for 20 years.

Comment It wouldn't have changed any minds then (Score 1) 394

there's nothing in these leaks we didn't already know. Clinton's been cozy with Walstreet for always. There are people who like that. There are _lots_ of people who are economically conservative but socially liberal. The Dems take those guys in. That, more than any shenanigans, is why Bernie lost. The Millennials like him because he promised to wipe out their massive student loan debt, where all Clinton wanted was to refinance their debt a bit. But our right wing woulda freaked out as soon as adds with Bernie saying he's a (Democratic) Socialist started running non-stop.

Much as I liked Bernie (waited 3 hours in line to vote for him in my primary) he never had a chance in primary or general. America is just too conservative. Too many old people who wanna keep gov't out of their Medicare and such :(...

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