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Comment They already made money (Score 2, Interesting) 83

they got billions (with a 'b') in subsidies while _also_ being allowed to charge extra fees to bring fiber to those poor neighborhoods. They pocketed the money and told us to go fuck ourselves. Just nationalize broadband already. It costs them $9/mo (customer service included, though with AT&T I'm using the term loosely). Why the hell Americans are so obsessed with the "free" market that they let rich assholes profit off critical infrastructure is beyond me. Really, truly beyond me. I just don't understand why so many people can be so ignorant for so long in the face of so much evidence to the contrary...

Comment Most people build wealth in their homes (Score 1) 265

a retirement savings account & a college savings plan for their kids. It's trivial to exclude those things. In face we don't. We tax homes to pay for schools so the wealthy don't have to pay for poor kid's schools. Meanwhile we have "State Trust" lands where the state holds land "in trust" so that wealthy land owners don't have to pay property taxes while they're waiting for land to become valuable.

When people say "Tax Wealth" they mean rental properties. Nobody likes rent seekers. Other rent seekers don't like rent seekers. We're trying to figure out how to reign them in.

Comment This is horrible (Score 5, Insightful) 75

there's no way this can be done cheaply (simple physics tells you that); meaning it'll be the domain of the very wealthy. If this works It'll allow the rich to let the public transit system deteriorate completely while literally being held aloft over it all. If you think the roads & public transportation are bad now wait until the ruling class have no use for them personally.

Comment I hate them all (Score 1) 195

Cricket/AT&T kept jacking up my rates. T-Mobile neglected to mention the "Regulatory Compliance Fees" that added $15/mo to my bill (and made them look like taxes when they're not, and no, they're not the fees for giving poor folks phone access, those have a separate line item). Verizon's expensive as hell and has overage fees like crazy (yeah, unlimited right now, but as soon as the pressure's off they'll start cancelling those plans). The little guys who resell for the big 3 have lousy coverage because they're deprioritized on the network.

Cellular is a God damned natural resource (Radio Waves) and we gave it away to businesses and let them rape us in the name of the "Free Market". A modest profit is one thing but this is nuts.

Comment There were decades of unemployment & strife (Score 1) 487

during the industrial revolution. Go read up on the Luddites. The term has more meaning that just an insult. It takes a long time for an economy to catch up to these kinds of changes. To the people who live through that phrase life is hell. We see it coming this time. We have education & telecommunications & democracy. There is zero reason why we should have to go through that again.

Comment You're being a bit naive (Score 2) 280

It would be child's play to maintain artificial scarcity. If you're a member of the ruling class who's power, wealth and prestige depends on that scarcity it's in your best interests to maintain it. And history has shown you lack the scruples to recognize how horrible a thing that would be. Anyone else remember the Dark Ages?

Comment Um... dude (Score 1) 305

if you hated somebody in the 1970s you got a bunch of your friends together and beat them to death. Social media and the Internet in general's made that a lot less OK.

I don't think we've changed, but technology let's us record how awful we are and that makes it a lot harder to be that awful. Not impossible, mind you, but harder.

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