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Comment Re:We've Given Up on Poor Kids (Score 1) 196

There is a huge number of middle age kids who have learned to read, write and do arithmetic and have no idea the value or need of further learning. A strong case could be made for teaching technical skills at a much younger age as hands on learning is more interesting for many and at the end of high school they would have a marketable trade.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

I won't be popular for saying this, but here goes: Apple is actually trying to force a return to sanity. For years now, we have all been swallowing the "virtual machine" Kool-aid, watching with baited breath as very talented engineers put incredible technologies into the VMs (garbage collection, trace JITs, etc). All so that the code runs ALMOST as fast as native code* and has features that have been in other libraries/languages for years. Please don't think that I don't value the changes to the languages and libraries -- C# and Java are nice, and I'm glad that they finally got categories (which was in Objective-C 15 years ago, and before that Smalltalk). Still waiting on delegates ;-) My point is this: As a developer, I understand the frustration with having to maintain a codebase across each platform, and thus I see the value of Flash / .NET / Java (and for that matter, HTML / JavaScript). But does anyone remember when Java looked like absolute crap (AWT) on most platforms? The marketing hype was just overwhelmingly inaccurate. And I can give you examples to this day of where a Java program won't run on a certain platform -- the "write one run anywhere" promise is NOT true. And Steve is correct -- Flash crashes ALL the time on my Windows and Mac boxes. So, I think what Steve is trying to do is to say, "Look, I know this will piss of many people to the point where you won't develop for the iPhone OS 4.0 platform, but that's OK and we understand. For those of you who remain, you will have immediate access to all of the coolest new features and your stuff will run fast because its not emulated". Have any of you naysayers even looked at the APIs in Cocoa that would NOT be available if you used Flash / .NET / other? CoreAnimation, CoreAudio, CoreData, etc? Or QuartzComposer? (And yes I know about LINQ on .NET) Apple is being very smart here because they are gambling that with the market share that they have in the mobile market, developers will huff and puff but they will eventually learn Objective-C / C++ and Cocoa. If it's the APPS that make the PLATFORM, then its the API that makes the APPS. All of this being said -- and this is a critical point -- Apple had better hurry up and flesh out their development tools so that they are a viable alternative to the things you can do in Visual Studio and Adobe CS5 pro. They have a ways to go there. * All of you locality-of-reference and usage-pattern VM people, calm down: If you can show me a Java / CLR program that runs as fast as native then I will show you a poorly written native program. Flame off.

Comment Re:Like ghosts, this is getting harder and harder. (Score 1) 311

Reasonable-quality audio/video recording equipment is becoming nearly ubiquitous, being embedded in cell phones.

Yet the only "footage" that is available is grainy and poor quality.

As the quality and availability of audio/video recording equipment grows, one would expect the quality of "sighting" recordings to increase, but they aren't.

I think that's very telling.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTjk7uuSScI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox6BtwDmm3c&feature=related

Comment Re:Naturally, the passwords were not in clear (Score 1) 214

All I know is that if this attack had occurred on a machine running an MS OS, it would not be given the benefit of the doubt around here. The next time a breach of this magnitude happens on a machine with Windows installed, try to use the same excuse and see where it gets you. If you said "the OS was not compromised, but an application running on top of it" you'd be tarred and feathered.

Comment Re:Not reliable? (Score 1) 261

Their calculator says I'd have a BAC of 0.241 at 0 hours (even assuming that's accurate, in reality it'd be lower because those ten shots would be spaced over several hours). If my body reduced 0.02 per hour, I'd be at zero in roughly twelve hours. Their calculator says 0.096 in twelve hours (it's just using a 7g per hour processing rate, regardless of your age, weight, or gender--i.e. it's making shit up).

Comment Hah! (Score 5, Insightful) 426

So you think Google is the rule, and not the exception? Most modern corporations have the will to skirt US law to sell to countries like Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and so forth, despite trade embargoes. US companies helped themselves and Hitler make a killing during WWII. (A guy named Prescott Bush even got in some trouble for it.) The US and her corporations armed Indonesia in the genocide of the East Timorese, right through the 90s. We are still responsible for 70% of the arms sales in the world, all manufactured by US corporations.

So, no. As long as the Chinese government is paying cash, corporations will ignore everything else. Just like they always do.

Hell, US investment in China skyrocketed after Tiananmen Square, because China proved they were willing to kill their own citizens to maintain order while they opened China up to "investment" in the Special Economic Zones. Meanwhile, Cuba is under an embargo because it's a communist state? I think we can all see the true value system of the American corporation. Just be glad you're on this side of the equation -- for now.

Comment Re:Hot New Trend... until... (Score 2, Insightful) 426

This will be a great, hot new trend until companies start running into what Google already has - their research & assets seized by the government, the company kicked out of the country, and no compensation or help forthcoming. It may not be in China's best interest to do so, but they have the track record already.

Yeah, it's insane. China may or may not be as unsubtle as to seize their assets and kick them out, but you can be pretty certain that anything they develop at the Chinese facilities will end up right in the hands of Chinese competitors. And if after that goes on for a while, they do decide to leave on their own, they'll certainly lose all their fixed assets.

Comment Re:Well, I must say (Score 0) 601

For the record, I used to feel that presidents were interchangeable too. Then a particular president who will go unnamed blew that impression out of the water.

It seems like the options in presidents these days are "Bad" or "Holy Heck Godawful." Sure, that means that they are all bad. But there is casually bad, and there is "make-the-country-laughing-stock-of-the-world" bad.

And maybe all of this means that the Office of the President is an outmoded design choice that doesn't really fit the modern operating needs of the country. Is there another structure that might work better for this?

Comment Re:Biased much? (Score 2, Insightful) 601

I don't think one year comparison between the two administrations is really fair. We should probably wait until Obama's first four years are over.

Unfortunately, by that time it will be a moot point. If we assume that he doesn't get reelected, then the we will only be able to look back and say "yep, Obama was more secretive." If we assume that he does get reelected, then we still lose those 3 years of having greater information available. Those are 3 years that you cannot get back. Either way, we lose something by waiting another 3 years.

Comment Re:No (Score 2, Insightful) 152

Not to mention the suspicion that people who jailbreak phones are likely to know how to pirate software as well, making them a less desirable market as well.

Please don't lump us jailbreakers in with pirates, Having the power to pirate and doing it are two different things. I take your point, But I just don't see most people going to all that trouble just to dodge a small fee.

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