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Comment Re:Action vs. inaction (Score 1) 307

Well, Comcast has no obligation to Netflix. Nor youtube or Hulu or any other website. But it does have an obligation to its subscribers to provide access to the internet. If its customers can't access Netflix because of a deficiency in the Comcast network and its connections to the web, it should be Comcast's responsibility to remedy. This is the net neutrality argument, and has generally been the status quo.

Currently, Comcast is arguing that Netflix is the one who has to pay to fix Comcast's deficiency, and so far, Netflix has caved and is paying.

Comment Hydrogen blimps (Score 1) 200

I don't see why they would use helium. Hydrogen would be much easier to deal with since it can be readily extracted from the hydrogen sulfide clouds. There wouldn't be any Hindenburg's since there's no oxygen in the atmosphere to react with.

It's also more bouyant, so the gas bag would be smaller for the same weight, and you could launch it from earth with less delta V.

Comment Cosmic rays (Score 2) 76

Protecting from solar radiation is great, but i understand that the greater threat is cosmic rays. Solar radiation is somewhat easy to block, because you just put a light element shield, like hydrogen tanks, between the astronauts and the sun.

Cosmic rays are much harder to shield from because they are so high energy. They also come from everywhere, so require a omnidirectional shield.

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