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Comment I have, not worth it (Score 4, Informative) 68

Don't get me wrong, Knuth is a genius. If you need to do deep research on sorting algorithms, definitely read it. If you want to do CS research and need to learn how to read research papers, its a good start. But you aren't going to get any deep insights on how to write a good program from it. Its too academic and far too focused on deep research. And even for the topics it does cover, unless you want to do research on how to really optimize the hell out of them you're better off using tutorials written for a more practical level.

Comment Dell Precision (Score 1) 248

I got a precision with a touch screen and a Linux preinstall (No windows) a couple months ago and the thing works great. The default wireless doesn't connect so well, though. I found I get much faster wireless if I use wicd-gtk. Touch screen works with Ubuntu, as well!

Submission + - House Science Committee Tweets Climate-Change Denying Breitbart Article (

xtsigs writes: On Thursday, The House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted a misleading article published by Breitbart about the state of the global climate.

"Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists," the tweet read, citing an article from The Daily Mail. Apparently, the portions of our government responsible for overseeing public funding for science are getting their information from tabloids.

Senator Bernie Sanders responded to the tweet, asking, "Where'd you get your PhD? Trump University?"

Comment Re:Every Fucking Day with this Shit (Score 1) 104

Ever walk down the street in the city and a bum comes up to you begging? He can smell and look offensive. Should that be censored?

Yes. My purpose of being there is not to be a begging target, I didn't invite him to approach me, he is, in Internet terms, spamming me.

Ever been on a farm and smell the pigs or the cow manure? That's offensive.

But it is a necessary part of the operation of the farm. It is a direct consequence without which the farm could not function. In Internet terms, it's the annoying login dialog.

Ever see guts at the scene of a car wreck? That's offensive.

That is an unintended side-effect, not desired by anyone and not intentionally inflicted upon me by anyone. In Internet terms, it's lag or slow loading times.

You are comparing completely different things, not understanding that for some of them, there is no reason we should have to endure them (for the record: The proper solution is that the bum doesn't exist, our society is rich enough that every homeless person is a shame to us all)

Get off your ass, unplug, get out there into the real world and get offended! Trust me, it gets easier after the first few times. And you'll probably realized that being offended isn't anywhere near the worst thing that can possibly happen to you

I'm with you on that there's no right to not be offended.
However, I can absolutely want to protect myself from what I don't like. I keep my house clean because I don't like trash and smells. I keep my door closed because I want to decide who I invite in and who not. I don't hang disgusting pictures on my walls, etc.
I can filter my view of the world. You have a right to Free Speech, but not a right to force me to listen. Individual filters are a necessity or we would all drown in spam. What we need to prevent is centrally controlled filters.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Uh, Obama didn't lose the popular vote either time (the last president who was elected despite losing the popular vote was Bush in 2000.) In fact, he won an absolute majority (not merely plurality) of the popular vote both times. Not sure what you expected people to complain about there?

There's a lot more broken than the imaginary "popular vote" or the EC. There's the whole gerrymandering issue, the voting machines debacle, the voter registration issues, the fact that many people are stopped from voting, that the voting is on a working day and a hundred more.

I wouldn't even agree that the EC is broken as a concept. It's a slightly odd way of doing it, but there were and are reasons for making it this way, and while they can be discussed and maybe don't apply to the world of today anymore, many of the issues I listed above are much more clear-cut examples of why the election system is fundamentally broken.

Comment Lets not worry about this yet (Score 5, Insightful) 552

There's plenty Trump is actually doing that will have drastic consequences over the next few decades to be concerned about. Lets not start worrying about a power he hasn't abused yet, has made no comments that show he will abuse it, and if abused would be more an annoyance than a crisis. Priorities people.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

As I said in other comments, it's so funny that there is so much uproar over how the system is broken and needs to be fixed now that Trump has won, but there was no such thing after Obama won. I don't like people who complain about the system only in the event of a defeat.

I'm not discussing if the rural vs. city divide is good or smart or anything, only that it's real. And yes, Trump probably would not have gained tons of votes in NYC even with massive advertisement, but there are swing states and "ignored" states, where more votes could have been gained easily. Maybe. If it mattered enough to either candidate to try.

The whole system is broken. Fixing it with a law about the EC is like fixing a plane that's falling into pieces in mid-air with some duct tape and pretending everything is fine.

Comment Re:Well then... (Score 1, Troll) 586

It means serving patrons in a world in which government surveillance is not going away; indeed it looks like it will increase.

Why didn't they start this years ago when Obama extended and expanded the Patriot Act? Sounds like more leftist hypocrisy and hyperbole to me.

Sounds like more SOP conservative false equivalence to me: President Obama never threatend a crackdown on dissent, never threatened to jail his opponents, and never showed himself predisposed to seek revenge against critics with as many levers of power as are at his disposal.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Election reform - yes, necessary, your system is as fucked up as they come, if someone were tasked to create a really bad election system for a movie and they showed this, the director would tell him to come back with something at least halfway believable.

I don't agree with the "red state vs. blue state" bullshit everyone throws out there. A lot of "blue" states are actually dark red if you look at the county level. The divide isn't between states, it is largely between city folks and rural folks. That is not unique to the USA, btw. - here in Europe there are very similar patterns.

Now for the popular vote - no, it does not matter. The rules of the election give it no weight or consequences. Since all candidates know the rules, they also adapt their campaign strategy to these rules, and they don't even try to win the popular vote. They try to win swing states, and states with many votes in the EC. If the so-called "popular vote" would have an impact on the result, the campaign strategies would be different, and the results would be different.

Again, pointing to this "popular vote" is like announcing that your running style was more beautiful - when everyone knew that it's a race for time. Everyone loved Eddie the Eagle, but nobody gave him a gold medal.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Wasn't intended as such.

Yes, the EC is theoretically free in how they cast their votes. But with the two-party system so strongly ingrained in american politics, you really think that all those Republicans will vote for a Democrat, when they have both houses?

There is maybe a theoretical chance that a surprise hardcore republican candidate appears, but again if there were such a move, one would have to be on the horizon already. I could imagine such a switch in the Democrat camp, if Hillary had won, because Bernie Sanders didn't just disappear after the nomination, he continued on the same path as always and still has a presence, and if for reasons of some scandal or other the Democrats had to drop Hillary at the last second, he could still become POTUS.

But I don't see anyone in the Republican party who could pick up the torch if, say, Trump were hit by a bus tomorrow. Too much fragmentation.

That's why I said "yes, theoretically... but really, come on."

Comment Re:Ya think ur clever but ur not (Score 1) 1424

I'm a conservative, a liberal, a socialist and many other things. Maybe if you weren't subject to the black-and-white painting you accuse others of, your view of the world would be more wide?

I'm pro-Trump because Hillary would have been a terrible danger to the rest of the world, Trump at least is only dangerous to America. I'm a liberal when it comes to personal freedom and liberties (in fact, I held the european EFF domain for a time), and a socialist when it comes to economic policies (big fan of Bernie for that reason).

The world isn't simple. But some questions are simple. Did you bang your secretary is a yes or no question and any answer more complicated than that is a cover-up attempt. Did you steal that candy? Do you love your wife? Is that child yours or not? Is the pope a catholic? Some things are black-or-white, yes-or-no. Doesn't mean everything is. The mistake of stupid people everywhere and the most common trick of demagogues everywhere is to start with straightforward examples and assume that all the world is so clear-cut. The mistake of wanna-be-smartasses and pseudo-philosophers everywhere is to start with complicated examples and assume that all the world is difficult and nuanced.

Smug enough for you?

Comment Re:Might be controversial but its not bad at all (Score 1) 403

Windows 10 might still be more productive, but it is less productive than Windows 7. With Windows 10 I've actually lost work due to it's surprise update and reboot policy (twice!). So no bathroom breaks for me during debugging sessions, and save my work like I'm working in MS Word 95 on Windows Me.

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