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Comment Re:T-mobile appealing, continuing practice (Score 1) 61

If the EU regulation would explicitly say something is allowed, then local law cannot prohibit it (and the other way around).
But as far as I know this is not the case with respect to zero-rating or "fast lanes".

Without a doubt, the most interesting bit of the Dutch implementation is the explicit banning of zero rating, the practice where telecom operators do not charge end customers for data used by specific applications or internet services. In addition to that, the Minister of Economic Affairs must establish binding rules regarding traffic management in the case of impending network congestion and specialised services. He may also establish other rules explaining how the net neutrality regulation should be interpreted.

ps, I'm a bit off on the usage of "regulation". An "EU directive" needs to be translated into local law (and thus though through the law construction procedure) and an "EU regulation" only needs to have some i's dotted and t's croess and activated (so still being activated as local law, but doesn't have to go through the classical law construction procedure).

Comment Re:T-mobile appealing, continuing practice (Score 1) 61

this is allowed by the European law, which takes precedence over Dutch law

Which is not true. "European Law" is not a law, it's a regulation specification a member state you implement into local law.
Netherlands already had a net neutrality law, which is more strict than the EU regulation. There is nothing in the EU regulation which does not allow these stricter rules.

Comment Re:At which point do you need to pay for Java? (Score 5, Informative) 295

JEE is not proprietary. JEE is a (dead-end) standard for which multiple open source and proprietary implementations exists, both free to use (with paid commercial support) and fully paid.

What the article is about is about Java SE (Standard Edition) Suite and Advanced. This is apparently just Java SE with some additional (non-gratis) tools.

Comment Re:Might be controversial but its not bad at all (Score 1) 403

Windows 10 might still be more productive, but it is less productive than Windows 7. With Windows 10 I've actually lost work due to it's surprise update and reboot policy (twice!). So no bathroom breaks for me during debugging sessions, and save my work like I'm working in MS Word 95 on Windows Me.

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