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Comment Re:Good on him (Score 2) 225

Technically the Shuttle was a reusable rocket, so we know it works.

Reusable conventional rockets are an interesting concept. Engineers at NASA and ESA thought it would not be economical. NASA and ESA use a small number of large engines each time they send one of their rocket up, and so reusing them means firing one of the large engine for a long time (which damages them and requires significant amounts of fuel that would have been otherwise used to put satellite into orbit). A SpaceX rocket uses a large number of small engines, so letting one fire for longer in order to retrieve all the others makes more sense. Nonetheless these engines spend more time in space and experience a reentry, which may damage them.

AFAIK SpaceX hasn't yet tried to reuse any of the retrieved engine. They already have a less-than-stellar safety record so that is not surprising. I suspect the road to effective return on investment on the reusable rocket venture may be longer than anticipated.


Comment Re:"persuadable voters" (Score 1) 85

I read the phrase "think that over" as meaning you disagree with the quoted text. However, your link does not contradicting that statement, unless you also believe Clinton employed less rhetoric during the campaign. Wikipedia defines rhetoric as "the art of discourse, wherein a writer or speaker strives to inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations". Even if we use the less formal definition ("excessively flowery or emotional, often meaningless, speech") can you truly say Clinton employed fewer such devices?

I find such assertions ridiculous; the politician's primary job is to be persuasive, and the most effective tools to do so are the subtle, often trite, phrases which hook into their audience's existing biases. Someone arguing that a slogan, whether "Stronger Together" or MAGA, is not an attempt to persuade tells me more about their bias than it does the politician using it.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

I'm paying $65-$75 per month for two phones with plenty of data via Project Fi. So far the service is also excellent. You were saying something about all prices being the same?

I have Fi and love it, but it's not in the discussion for the level of data usage people are discussing here--your "plenty of data" is about 4GB/mo split between 2 phones ($20 for the first phone's voice/text, $10ish for the 2nd phone, leaving about $40 to reach your $70ish total).

The post you were responding to was talking about 100 GB plans to compete with the current 20 GB "unlimited" plans--even the latter would be $200/month on Fi, and 100GB at $10 each would be $1000/month at Fi's pricing.

Fi is awesome and cheap f you are usually on wifi at home/work and so don't really burn a ton of data on a regular basis, but it's not going to replace your wired network at home the way a cheap, fast 100GB/mo wireless plan could.

Comment And we want it this way! (Score 1) 156

More to the point: refusing to prosecute unless A or B is met is genuinely good for national security. If people know their mistakes are forgivable they're going to be much more inclined to cooperate with investigators to help seal the breach. If people think they're looking at 10-to-20 for their carelessness, they're far more likely to lawyer up.

Comment Re:BS detector went off and is overheating (Score 1) 309

My question would be, just how high can you get before you miss a whole number?

Infinity (or whatever arbitrary limit of single-arity operations might be applied). I know it's considered gauche around here to read the source article, much less a video, but it gives the formula and process which allows any integer to be reached.

With "sqrt()" being the square root function:
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(4)] = 1.
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(sqrt(4))] = 2.
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(sqrt(sqrt(4)))] = 3.

The number of times the square root function has been applied in the inner logarithm, is the integer which results from the formula. Therefore, you can create any positive whole number with four fours (and an indefinite number of operations).

Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 1) 182

I am anti publicly traded companies as they exist today. Corporations should focus on their employees and their customers, not shareholders.

Non publicly traded corporations have shareholders too. Perhaps you mean the publicly traded ones tend to focus too much on share price?

Comment Re:Did it 'cheat'? (Score 1) 191

You started screaming fraud, now you're simply saying there's no need. One of the biggest problems of starting an online poker room is the lack of players. No matter how good everything else is, if it's hard to find the game a player wants he won't play there. That inevitably leads to a small handful of giants. This type of bot would allow competition to flourish. Ultimately, that's good for the player. The very person you said would be harmed.

Comment Re:Did it 'cheat'? (Score 1) 191

You're ignoring the "play well enough to break even" part. And why would they have to do it in secret? Card rooms have always employed paid shills to fill empty seats to keep games going or to start a new one. It's not secret. I worked as one for a time, and the players knew it. I also won money, but the bots don't have to, and the card room would have preferred that I didn't win. (most shills don't win. They hope to break even and live off the salary.)

Comment garbage article (Score 4, Insightful) 319

I use Firefox almost exclusively and I am very happy with it.
I don't see how this article is relevant to Firefox anyway. Who was going to use firefox on a TV, or toaster IoT anyway?
THis is Mozilla being smart so they can put more resources into the projects that matte more, including firefox for mobile and desktop.

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