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Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 3, Interesting) 291

No, News Corp has been doing this for years. The reason is Murdoch thinks Google and Google News specifically is killing the news industry, and that the iPad will save it (or at least he thought that a few years ago). It's pure inter-corporate warfare being played out through manipulation of public opinion. The WSJ in particular are experts at it.

Comment Re:rear is better (Score 1) 71

Whether you keep your fingers on the rear or the sides of your phone, you definitely don't hold it with your fingers on the front. They'd block the screen. The rear may not be absolutely ideal for everyone, but it's at least a reasonable choice (from personal experience, the top placement like the old Motorola Atrix had was fine, as is the rear placement on the Nexus 5x; you adjust pretty quickly to either).

But the front screen is the one place that people--for good reason--actively avoid having their fingers rest when holding the phone, and thus the worst possible location for a fingerprint sensor.

Comment I just had one of these calls today (Score 4, Funny) 87

I answered in a very simple-minded voice, and told "Paul," after he explained that they're tracking all sorts of malicious traffic coming from my computer that I liked it that way. When he tried to confirm that statement, I told him I liked to share. By that point I was far enough off of his script that he gave up and hung up the phone.

I think next time I'm going to sound all cagey and worried that people were finding out about the kinds of malicious scripts I've been writing.

Comment Re:bit rot (Score 1) 475

ZFS is harder to setup and manage than EXT4 but easier than LVM + md. If you wanted to do any kind of mirroring / software RAID it is pretty much the recommended way under Linux right now. The only thing that could have been a problem is deduplication. Stay away from that stuff.

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