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Comment Re:AI isn't science fiction any more. (Score 1) 59

I agree with you that current results in AI are very impressive. However they are all achieved using supervised learning. Even reinforcement learning is a form of supervision. Strong AI requires mixes of semi-supervised and unsupervised learning, i.e. the system does not get all the clues before being able to generalize, and is able to learn by itself. We are not there yet.

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 1) 1592

Amazing. As if all of the scaremongering and propaganda was on the "remain" camp. I urge you to read the main newspapers in England, like the so ever popular Sun.

If GB wants to remain in the EEA, they will have to accept that any EEA member can come to Britain and work without a visa. They will have to pay into the system too, like all the members.

Guess what, GB, the EU is exactly what members states do with it. There is no supra-national system that forces it to go one way or the others. One member state, one vote on the EU council. Representation is proportional to population in the EU parliament.

Yes, democracy sucks sometimes.

Comment Summary not quite correct (Score 1) 259

The proposed new French law about working conditions is way more encompassing than the summary suggests. However it does say something about email, it says that *employee* have the *right* not to consult email once they go home. In other words is will become illegal for an employer to expect employees to read and respond to email after hours.

All that is required of employers is drafting of a "code of good conduct" regarding the use of email. Compliance with the law will be voluntary and no checks will be made.

That does sound reasonable, if you ask me. Email and other forms of communication are encroaching on our life.

Comment Re:avoid killing 30,000 people a year (Score 1) 381

I don't completely agree with you, because potentially truly driverless cars can eliminate a lot of problems like drunk driving, which is responsible for a lot of fatalities. Drunk driving is already illegal yet happens. Possibly there could exist a technology other than driverless car that would eliminate it, like some sort of compulsory breathalizer test combined with other anti-tampering methods, but that would not be easy.

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