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Comment Re:All part of the scam. (Score 1) 236

Yes, you're right. Very likely *not* from Syria, but I think there are a social justice sympathizers that will *actually* think they are doing good by paying.

That said, this past weekend, *I* gave money to a person who walked up to me as I was getting into my car who had "car trouble". I know I was scammed, but I have the strange opinion that this was his "work"...especially since it was blustery cold out.

Comment Re:AFAIK Porn is not illegal. (Score 1) 299

Everything you say is true except for your second statement. If they have a warrant they have the right to look.

If the police have a warrant and are looking for storage devices and then use URL to find a USB sticky thingy in a jar in a box under your floor, then I would support them tagging that USB thingy as evidence and looking at what is on it. If it's your family vacation photos to Russia or even ordinary porn, then it can't be used as evidence against you. However if there is one image of child porn on it, then I hope they arrest you on the spot and you never get out.

Comment Re:Again with this? (Score 1) 177

Ironically, I'm sure that had she been reprimanded and had her access revoked, last Friday they would have probably been reinstated since then she was the Democrat's candidate. At this point she is given daily national security briefings.

In fact, if she is elected she could have been charged with treason and still be president getting all the same briefings. Sigh.

Comment Re:Better vs. Perfect (Score 1) 150

If I understand this properly...big IF I guess...

I use Google's SMS TFA, which is uses when I logon using a new computer and love it. Google also allows me to print out a set of codes that I keep handy in case I don't have my phone.

Additionally, the second factor could be a call on a preregistered land line. Couldn't it?

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

Where I grew up, farmers were not like this at all. Virtually ALL of them are family farmers and not "businesses". While I admit that farmers must also be businessmen, they don't have to *act* like one. My cousin is one of the hardest working farmers I know and would NEVER try to cheat you. And no, he's not the only one.

I truly feel sorry for your opinion of the people that grow your food and depend on Mother Nature to cooperate to earn a living.

Comment Re:Satoshi Nakamoto Lost the Key (Score 1) 147

The keys shouldn't be stored on any device like a hard drive or thumb drive, since those can fail.

I would print out all of the keys on paper. Now would you store copies of the keys in more than one place, balancing the probabilities of them being lost verses being stolen?

And now he is lucky that he never intends to spend any of them. Managing those keys across multiple sites would be tedious.

Or maybe I haven't thought about it enough.

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