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Comment Re:Better vs. Perfect (Score 1) 147

If I understand this properly...big IF I guess...

I use Google's SMS TFA, which is uses when I logon using a new computer and love it. Google also allows me to print out a set of codes that I keep handy in case I don't have my phone.

Additionally, the second factor could be a call on a preregistered land line. Couldn't it?

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

Where I grew up, farmers were not like this at all. Virtually ALL of them are family farmers and not "businesses". While I admit that farmers must also be businessmen, they don't have to *act* like one. My cousin is one of the hardest working farmers I know and would NEVER try to cheat you. And no, he's not the only one.

I truly feel sorry for your opinion of the people that grow your food and depend on Mother Nature to cooperate to earn a living.

Comment Re:Satoshi Nakamoto Lost the Key (Score 1) 147

The keys shouldn't be stored on any device like a hard drive or thumb drive, since those can fail.

I would print out all of the keys on paper. Now would you store copies of the keys in more than one place, balancing the probabilities of them being lost verses being stolen?

And now he is lucky that he never intends to spend any of them. Managing those keys across multiple sites would be tedious.

Or maybe I haven't thought about it enough.

Comment Re:Nipples and terrorism? (Score 1) 134

I admit that I have never thought of organizations like the EFF, the NRA, and PETA when thinking about corporations being people.

However I want to restrict even these organizations from donating to political candidates. I want political contributions be be limited to human beings. If PETA likes Regan, then all of the individual members of PETA can donate as much as they want. With the added restriction that all of the contributions are made public immediately after the donation is made. Full and immediate disclosure so that nothing is hidden. And Apple, Coke and Ford would have to convince all of their employees to contribute if the company thought Regan is the best candidate. A for-profit company has only one make more money...which is probably not in the best interest of the USA citizens...which is what the politicians should really be concerned with.

Randy - orhaveifallenintoanothertrap?

Comment Re:Star Trek gave us a future to shoot for. (Score 1) 233

Re: nearly limitless power generation capabilities

This is a *requirement* for the Matter Replication and Transmutation and Transporters, and like you said would completely change society. I don't know if it would be the end of Capitalism, but it sure seems like we would certainly be more socialistic.

We currently spend all of our time and energy and resources on energy generation or transmission or conversion. Eliminating that should free up so much of our time and resources everyone might get to pick what they want to, poet, accountant, heck even *student*. A lifetime of simply learning. How's that for utopia?

The trouble is it's all impossible and against the laws of physics. Sigh. How's that for pessimism?

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