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Journal Journal: As predicted ACA and insurance are incompatible.

An article in nytimes shows that millions of Americans choose not to pay insurance premiums but instead only get insurance coverage when they need it because the premiums are more expensive than government penalties of not buying insurance and because simultaneously the government forces the insurance companies to cover anybody regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

Comment SVG Fonts (Score 1) 325

The ability to decode the font is also still proprietary.

AOSP is free software. Does AOSP lack support for color emoji?

It's not an ability inherent in any widely adopted font format.

W3C published a specification for scalable fonts whose glyphs include color information five years ago, titled SVG Fonts. Whose fault is it that this specification has failed to become "widely adopted"?

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 286

Nope. The "infrastructure" was paid for by the state. The oil companies refused to drill until the State of Alaska built the pipeline. Of course, The State of Alaska paid the cost of building it, but sold it to a private company (Alyeska). Your lies are lies.

And yes, the "Eskimos" [sic] did. The natives did mine oil, using it for heat, before the white man showed them how to pump it out in large amounts. That's how the white man found the oil. They saw the natives using it, then looked around where they were getting it from.

If you are curious, the "AK" in my username is the state abbreviation for Alaska. No, that wasn't a coincidence. But feel free to lecture me on Alaska. It's like when my 5 year old sees me playing a video game and proceeds to describe the plot and controls. Though it's cuter when it's a 5 year old being condescending to someone who knows more than they do.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 1) 286

The English Colonies in North America didn't grant English citizenship to the locals. So I guess the "colonies" weren't colonies. The definitions of "colonies" I found didn't require the definition you gave. The colonists are generally linked to the home country (the US military occupiers are US citizens), but the natives are undefined, and often not citizens, as we see today in the Middle East.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 1) 286

Nope. Protecting the people is. Business interests aren't people. Though you've hit on the good reason why the taxes need to be higher on the rich. Tax 90% of all income over $5M a year (gross, not AGI) would be a good place to start. The rich benefit from wars. The poor never do. If China invaded the US and won, the homeless guy in San Fran might see a change in the uniform of the person who orders him to not sleep on the park bench, but no other change to his life. But Bill Gates and such would see a huge difference when MS is nationalized.

The (current) military exists solely to protect the profits of the 1%, and serves no other purpose. Taxing the middle class for that is absurd.

Comment Re:What kind of inhuman piece of shit (Score 1) 897

Your link article is confusing, they seem to be use "expired" and "Withdraws" interchangeably, are you saying that not voluntarily being bond by an expired treaty is cheating?

The United States withdrew from the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty on June 13. .... President George W. Bush, who had announced the U.S. pullout six months earlier, issued a short written statement the day the treaty expired.

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