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Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score -1) 253

There is no such thing as 'essential service', the entire concept is what created the monopolies / oligopolies that are found around the world. Nothing is an 'essential service' (what I mean is that nothing should ever be touched/supplied by any form of government).

This ideology is what lead to the always rising prices and by the way, what the hell is 'infinite inflation of essential services'?

Inflation is expansion, inflation of money is expansion of money supply. You are talking about prices, prices *rise* and *fall*, they don't expand and contract. Inflation around the world is caused by expansion of the money supply and given the status of USD around the world, inflation today is mostly caused by the USA Federal reserve and Congress.

Comment Re:Oops (Score 2, Insightful) 215

All the 'normal' sized people I know who drink soda drink diet soda.

But, the "normal" person today, is pretty much obese as compared to someone as recent as maybe 20 years ago or so....

But heaven forbid you say that to people....you cannot "fat shame" people, and everyone is to feel good about themselves.

Hence, overweight is now the accepted new normal.

While that might help peoples' self image, it won't ever help their physical health.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 2) 304

Seafood doesn't even factor into this. "More" ocean is supposed to translate into less seafood? Seriously?

Actually it will.

The brackish water of the marshes that is eroding...is a major part of the ecosystem of birth and lifecycle on a lot of fish that start there, breed there, but move more into the ocean. Oysters live on that edge between fresh and salt water....if you lose the marshes, you lose that wide area they can proliferate.

There's also the bird population that depends on this area.

So, no, it is not as simple as "more ocean". That entire ecosystem between the ocean and the fresh water is very important and if not replaced and allowed to disappear, will have great consequences for the seafood and other life that feed a good bit of the US.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 304

That's your choice. Why should the rest of society subsidize your poor choices?

No, to suggest that they just pack up and move is common sense. The U.S. is a mighty big country. Just pick another location, and move. To continue living anywhere that continues to get battered by Mother Nature is just plain ignorant. Just because they think it's "home" is not a valid reason. Just because they were born there is not a valid reason. At some point in your life, you have to take responsibility for your actions. And that includes where you choose to live.

The point is...if this happens off the coast of LA to the point of the worst case scenario....this will not just affect those people who "choose to live there"...it will effect a great portion of the US economy, which will affect the whole country.

If you even discount the amount of domestic seafood that this part of LA produces for the whole of the US, you'll definitely feel it in the shortages of oil and gas that come from this area. Not only production from the Gulf coming in (those people that work those platforms live close to the coast for access to work)....but also the large processing plants in LA for oil from all over the world that feeds into the US.

Chances are, no matter where in the US you live, you likely get your gas from the processing plants in southern LA.

And for many parts here, New Orleans for instance, it is OLDER than the United States itself. The danger has evolved over the years, and a lot of this erosion is due to the pipes cutting across the bayous and the artificial water ways dug to transport all that oil from the Gulf to the processing plants and then to your tank.

SO, if you drive a car, or fuel your home heater...you do have a stake in the coastal erosion of southern LA.

NIMBY the rest of the US, doesn't want the oil refineries....we've given our coastline for the rest of the US, so why not shows some togetherness and thankfulness for that and help restore the coast.

If you're going to be that way....there is NO safe place in the US to live. Should we tell all the folks along the MS river to move, since it floods there? What about all those folks living where wildfires annually are rampant in CA? NYC is pretty much a huge terrorist target, why should we pay to protect it...etc?

Don't be so fucking selfish....

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