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Comment Re:Because people can travel? (Score 1) 117

What's to stop people from going to Venezuela and buying 10 copies of Final Cut Pro and bringing it back to the US?

The fact that it's only sold in the App store now?

Beside that point, too much of this reselling will eventually raise the GDP of that country - solving the problem.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 408

I always tend to side with Republicans more than Democrats but really I'd like the Federal government to be reduced by about half or more. So much of what they've taken control of was never meant to be. The worst thing about Republicans was their failure to stand up for the 4th Amendment under both the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations. The one hope I had when Obama was elected was that we'd get rid of that hideous "Patriot" Act. It's an abomination and the name particularly is offensive. It's like the "People's" Republic of China. Calling something by a name which is inherently the opposite of what it stands for. There is nothing Patriotic about pissing all over the US Constitution and the fact that it has endured with bi-partisan support for so long is especially disturbing.

Comment Re:Da faq? (Score 1) 104

If you need all the stuff that a computer has the Pi gets expensive, that is true. For the camera set ups I installed the camera and stuck an 8 dollar wireless N usb dongle in it. I tapped into the power for the outside lights on the corner of the house for power for the cell charger and so the board, camera, dongle and charger cost me less than 70 dollars a piece. The cases are old pickle jars sealed with RTV for the holes in the lids. It's kinda weird looking but under the eaves of the house it's pretty much out of the way. It works way better than I thought it would though and basically all I did was look at dozens of videos on youtube and read about a dozen or so more blogs and glean the info I needed. The A+ is really great for cameras as the Pi zero, while it has a camera port, requires a special cable. I was going to try a pi zero but it's hell getting ahold of them. By the time I was able to buy some I already had the A+ boards up. I'm thinking of grabbing an Odroid C2 though for Libreelec. The Pi3 I have is fabulous with Libreelec but for one problem, X265. No matter how much tweaking I can't get it to play smooth and more and more content I acquire is in X265 and I'm tired of converting it to X264 just to be able to watch it. Not to mention the big difference in storage penalties for 264.

Comment Re:Competitors don't get it (Score 1) 104

Bluetooth chip on Pi zero? If you wanted bluetooth the Pi3 has it built in. Any time you run linux you have to be aware of things like which bluetooth or wifi devices will work. Unlike windows where all manufacturers supply drivers a lot of stuff has no linux drivers. You must do research for these devices or you'll end up with useless junk.

Comment Re:Da faq? (Score 4, Interesting) 104

The Pi was designed as an educational prop and hobbyist toy at a throwaway price. It fits that better than anything else out there. If you're looking for professional equipment it's lacking. The Odroid C2 is pretty awesome but it's almost double the price of a Pi3 at 60 dollars on amazon. I have a few of the Raspberry a+ computers I picked up for 25 bucks apiece and got cameras for at 25 apiece. I stuck them around the outside of my house and installed motion on them giving me a dirt cheap way to monitor the area. I'm really blown away by how well they work. I'm sure I could spend 3 times the money and have something a little better but part of the joy is that this stuff is cheap enough that I'm not concerned about it. For things that require a lot of computing power it's not the solution. The things they're doing with the 5 dollar Pi Zero is what really amazes me. It's the culture that surrounds the Pi, the community really, that makes it what it is along with the dirt cheap I don't care if my kids break it price.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 389

If it wasn't clear, I was saying motion interpolation is a failure. You can't add good data if it isn't there. The only place it might be useful is enhancing sports. Cinematography requires a certain amount of motion blur to work and the motion estimation actually removes it.

I also saw The Hobbit in HFR. The sweeping pans and helicopter shots were near-perfect - and they look terrible at 24fps in a lot of the LOTR movies. In the close-cropped conversation shots, it looked like it was in fast-forward. I think they used too wide of a lens. The other problem is that the shots were way too sharp. It's hard to get motion blur when you're shooting at half the shutter speed but you need it for realism. The CGI popped out for the same reason. Motion blur helps with realism. Most prime-time TV shows are 24p with pulldown to 60i or 30p. Soaps on the other hand are still shot in a true 60i, and that's what The Hobbit also reminded me of.

Saying that 4K is a scam is only partly true. In the theater, it makes a huge difference. My living room has no TV, but I have a home theater setup in the basement. In a home theater, you need either a monster TV or seats very close to the screen. I have the latter right now (two couches in series starting about 3-ft from the TV, but at 1080p (42"). At that distance, a 52" TV at 4K would make a noticeable difference.

Curved TVs are more of a scam than 4K. Unless you have an 80+ inch TV at close range, you're not getting peripheral vision with that and there's no point.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 309

That is pretty useless and no defense. "May expire" doesn't tell you anything before you buy it. I've taken Blu-Rays home directly after buying them and the code inside is "expired" (but still worked). Sorry, but that's false advertising no matter whether the codes "may expire" or not. You don't buy "already expired" for the same price as "hasn't expired yet"

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 272

I've heard Trump praise many people. I'd bet real money he doesn't own a copy of Mein Kampf although I've know lots of people who have read it as it was in my High School's library. I doubt that Trump will be nearly as great as his followers thing or nearly as bad as his detractors think. Regardless we have 2 other branches of government to keep him from getting truly outrageous. Putin doesn't have the power to be a threat to the US. His country is already suffering under sanctions now.

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