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Comment Re:Cost of loss? (Score 1) 46

Production of food is not the problem. The problem is getting it to where it's needed. Often the worst famines have nothing to do with not enough but with inadequate distribution, often due to war. Many times food that is delivered by charities is taken over by warlords who then profit on it.

Comment Re:Comcast/NBC Universal merger was a disaster, to (Score 1) 66

I subscribe to DirecTV and have for years. I opposed the buyout from AT&T going so far as to write the FCC and my congressman. I have to say though that so far at least it hasn't been bad. I have an AT&T cell phone as that is the only major carrier that works in my area and now I can watch anything on DirecTV on my phone with no data charges. I can program my DVR from the app on my phone anywhere which is handy. I'm still leery of big conglomerates becoming monopolies but with proper oversight it could have advantages. Then again, given how lobbyists write legislation nowadays I have a feeling it's going to end badly.

Comment Re:Trump and Clinton (Score 3, Informative) 66

I loved the dinner the other night where Trump and Clinton roasted each other. I thought the best line was the one where he said he enjoyed meeting the leaders of her campaign team Then he began pointing out the heads of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the New York Times. Even the people that hated him laughed loudly.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 158

I believe that most of the really sophisticated strategic weapons do not use GPS. They use inertial navigation with highly accurate and terribly expensive gyros that enable accuracy to within 30 feet or so at distances of thousands of miles. Only a few nations have such weapons however so this system is probably aimed at terrorists or some lesser opponent.

Comment Re:Signal triangulation = GPS (Score 1) 158

You mean the militants that use roadside bombs because the only people they will try to kill in person are women and children? Those fuckers drop their guns and melt into the population when the marines show up. They use children as human shields because they know we try like hell to avoid collateral damage and killing the innocent. When the US occasionally fucks up the innocent often do die but to ISIS and Hamas and other similar bastards there are no innocents. To their hate filled minds everyone is a target and the weak and helpless are their very favorite victims. The US military isn't afraid of shit. All those guys are volunteers in an age when they know without a doubt they'll see combat. The problem is their opponents are cowards that hide like cockroaches and have to be rooted out of their hiding places. The "militants" are nothing more than the scum of the earth that victimize their own people more than their proclaimed enemy. In truth they are the enemy of all civilized society.

Comment Re: Dns (Score 1) 260

Try an ISP DNS server sometime. Before I remembered to change DNS after upgrading my router, I would get 2+ seconds of latency on every single page load before anything would happen at all. Even running my own DNS server and every query going straight to the root servers takes less time than that.

Comment Re:Dns (Score 3, Informative) 260

The thing about DNS is that to get the best speed, you want the nodes distributed as far and wide as possible. And you don't want it on the same servers as your main service. So it's either a different department or a different company - guess which one is cheaper.

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