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Comment Re:Microsoft's population (Score 1) 437

Actually, how many employees does Microsoft have from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya? I thought that most of their foreign employees would be people from Europe, China and India, who are untouched by this order

As per TFA:

Microsoft has an employee who is stranded outside the U.S. while the person’s children are here, and another who cannot leave the U.S. to visit a critically ill parent, Smith said in the letter. The company said it has 76 employees who, together with their 41 dependents, have nonimmigrant visas to live and work in the U.S. and are affected by the Executive Order.

Comment Re:"Free" | "You keep using that word..." (Score 1) 46

The interesting point to note here is that RailTel is already an telecom/ISP company that has existed for decades, connecting all Indian Railways offices and stations, open only to railway employees though. As a search giant and software services provider, what technical expertise exactly Google is providing here, is not clear.

Comment Re:What's the rush? (Score 1) 216

And almost 90% of this 80% has found its back into banks; ever since the government banned the higher domination currency notes for almost all transactions in one fell swoop. This should say a lot about the so-called under-reported, undisclosed income. It was plain stupid in the first place to imagine that the undisclosed income of tax evaders was held in hard currency.

Comment Re:dumbasses (Score 1) 82

I suppose it must be actually configured to be accessible behind a NAT using port-forwarding and DDNS. That is how the most IoT stuff is meant to be accessed these days. Controlling them on your local subnet doesn't make much sense in most cases; people would want to view and control their devices from their smartphones etc from remote networks.

Comment Re: Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 39

There isn't any replacement coming for email in the workplace at least. Email is vendor-neutral and hence is available on all connected devices, technically has no limit on the text that can be typed or data sent as attachments in it, can be locally archived and restored and has other significant advantages over social media that I can't think of at the moment. And heck, anybody can set up his or her private mail server and ensure confidentiality of all email communications. I don't see email dying in any form.

Comment Re: Ahem. (Score 2) 465

Last night, my Gmail account was temporarily disabled by Google. Upon login, a screen greeted me with the message that Google has temporarily locked down my account after detecting some unusual activity. Some reasons were provided, as to what they thought could be deemed as suspicious - I was either accessing my account from multiple geolocations/was sending bouncing emails/was downloading emails with large attachments/was continuously fetching my mail via Imap/POP or most inexplicably, my browser cache was the problem. All the reasons, save the last one weren't valid in my case. I keep several tabs open and have Adblock Plus in my browser , dunno if they had a problem with any of that. They did re-enable my account the next morning, but there was nothing I could have done had they chosen to shut off my account permanently. There was no support email or phone number mentioned anywhere, and anyway I wasn't entitled for any support whatsoever. The point being, Google can be worse then the Federal Government in terms of service. You can never be sure when you run afoul of their vaguely defined TOS. Users need to be careful while entrusting their data to free service provider, that's the entire point.

Comment Re: Linus filled a void (Score 4, Insightful) 273

Just out of curiosity what exactly made the GNU tools so liberating in comparison to the proprietary implementations ? I can't imagine the tools being as feature filled or stable as they are now, so was it price (compilers) ?

I can vouch about how usable my HP-UX, SunOS and AIX workstations became after I installed the GNOME desktop , bash and openssh and a bunch of GNU packages on those. This as 12 years ago. There were/are official vendor repositories for GNU software. So yes, I second the AC, GNU without Linux is still liberating.

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