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Comment Re:Canada extorts $1 Million from Amazon (Score 1) 159

By getting around state sales tax laws, Amazon angered bureaucrats.

They do this to a lesser extent than most online stores. They have warehouses in 24 states. Most online stores have one or two distribution centers across the country. As a result, Amazon collects sales tax for more states than most other online stores. Sure, they do a lot more revenue than a LOT of other companies, but they're not doing it in a significantly different way.

Comment Re:Apple did the right thing (Score 1) 252

I chose 192kbps AAC (but later switched to VBR that approximates that quality) as my compromise for my rips. Not being able to tell which one is "better" is not the same as not noticing a difference - and I think cymbals are still muddy at the 128kbps (and really bad at 128kbps in MP3), but cymbals are also kind full of dissonant harmonics and accurate doesn't really sound "right."

Comment Re:sucks but as of now someones gotta do it (Score 1) 297

AI can reduce the amount of amazingly disgusting kinks 4chan tier content and narrow it down to a smaller amounts of human-reviewed content.

Thus concentrating the amount that an individual human reviewer has to see. It actually makes it worse because everything they have to see is some degree of terrible.

Comment Re:Canada extorts $1 Million from Amazon (Score 1) 159

But why target Amazon for this first? Why not start with clothing stores that are much worse at this? Retail price of $200 for a shirt, on sale for $40 before 20% off and a $5 off 25 coupon. The only difference is that for 3 or 4 days out of the year, that shirt is really $200 (and nobody buys it).

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