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Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 1) 432

Calling a computer with a borked OS "bricked" is like calling a person in a coma "dead".

FTFY. And in a lot of cases, even the best experts can't fix a person in a coma, but they're not dead.

I never said that it was literally bricked. I said it was effectively bricked for a consumer. If a consumer has to pay money to get it working again, that's money that MS has cost the consumer directly, and that's the point.

Comment Re:Statistics (Score 1) 226

If a computer program deduces from the fact that you are male that you will live a shorter time, and this makes women receiving lower payments due to them being more likely to live longer.

What's that got to do with the likelihood of wrecking a car?

I guess that all depends on if you survive the crash. It's one of many reasons that men live statistically shorter lives.

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 1) 432

When a class-action failed me for a car repair, I didn't even own the car yet when the lawsuit was settled. Yet somehow I would probably be considered as part of the settlement class (or at least my future car would). Unless I opt out of every class action lawsuit in advance of my problems, I don't see how I could win at this. And for all the times the product doesn't fail, those coupons and $3.82 checks would have been better.

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 4, Insightful) 432

They're not bricking hardware.

Near enough for consumers. I am a computer repair tech and one of my Windows 10 appts last year was for someone where the Windows update failed, but so did the rollback. As far as your average consumer is concerned, that reboot loop might as well be a brick.

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