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Comment Re:Do NOT delete your account! It's a security ris (Score 1) 98

the phone company re-uses telephone numbers when you cancel your account!

And too quickly, too. Especially when they're terminated for non-payment, meaning that the number's owner was likely to owe on collections to a dozen companies or so. I wish you could pay extra to get a number that's been dead for longer.

And if you tell a collections caller that you aren't who they're trying to reach, they're legally obligated not to call you anymore....Yeah, they don't believe you. That's what the person who owes the money would say to get the calls to stop, too.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 2) 62

I'd maybe recommend Ting for that too. $6/mo. per line, plus whatever bucket size of minutes/texts you use that month. If you use minutes/texts like I do, but no data at all, that's about $26/mo. for two lines before taxes. With these (and even the major carriers now), you have to buy/bring your own phone.

Before I went smartphone, I rarely used texting - 5-10 msgs per month. I probably did better on Net10. It was $30 every 2 months to top up and keep two flip phones going with 300 minutes per 2 months. Used VoIP a lot more for calling at home then.

Comment Not good enough (Score 4, Informative) 62

They're trying to get every customer on their largest package by playing with the price. I don't need unlimited data. Or 20GB of data. Or even 2GB. I get by on home wifi and 1GB or less away from home. My wife and I pay less than $50 for two phones on Ting.

The whole 'fear of missing out' thing is working for them. I'm just happy to be connected - I don't need to be streaming audio or video over a congested cell tower.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 2) 205

HD Radio (in the US) rides on top of the main analog signal. It does bring some encoding artifacts with it, but it's nothing compared to the cranked up compressor and band pass filters on the analog signal. You generally get FM quality audio out of AM radio and close to 160Kbps MP3 equivalent audio on the FM side. Not perfect, but far from bad - the main problem is that it only gets 1% of the broadcast power of the analog signal, so the range is not so great.

Comment Re:Can't Be True! (Score 1) 118

That one goes back to at least 2000. Just because the anti-vax group latched onto it doesn't make the science any less.

Not toxins, though - antibodies intended by the vaccine. Have a look at PANDAS for another as-yet unproven disease that may be caused by ordinary antibodies.

And these predispositions would likely be genetic - clearly you wouldn't eliminate the causative vaccine. Rather, you would do genetic testing before vaccinating - and allow for a medical exemption in any laws written mandating vaccines. That is, if any link is ever definitively established.

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