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Comment Re:Is this really healthy? (Score 1) 438

That's an odd twist. It's true that doctors blame everything on weight if you're overweight. No chance for an accurate diagnosis when there's low-hanging fruit to jump at. But that's another thing entirely from avoiding a doctor who might suggest there's some benefit and that there are fewer health problems with being lighter.

Comment Re:I doubt it was innocent mistake (Score 1) 438

Thanks for saving me the time of posting this.

And I think it's because when you gain weight, you produce new fat cells. But when you lose weight, those fat cells empty out - but they are still there trying to store fat. Getting the proper metabolism back for your size depends a lot on how long you've been overweight.

Comment Re:Have you migrated to qbasic? (Score 1) 339

And nobody even tried using XMLHttpRequest for anything non-XML until a while later (because who wants to parse XML client-side?). It never made sense that it was a generic caller, but had XML in the name, which is one thing that scared off a lot of would-be early adopters. It still didn't matter too much until it was supported outside of IE.

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