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Comment Re:So do the employees get to write that off? (Score 2) 344

Scenario #3 is not possible. You can put the employee's name on it, but unless the employee owned the phone, they didn't give it (legally speaking). You could technically gift the employee the phone and then ship it to the charity instead. In that case, the employee would owe tax on the phone, which would then be cancelled out by giving it to charity. Effectively, Scenario #3 and 4 is the same, except #3 would have some crazy paperwork involved. Because in scenario #3, the employer would claim a tax deduction on giving you the phone to give to the charity.

Comment Re:Headline correct; summary wrong (Score 1) 344

If the employees get the tax advantage then Alphabet doesn't.

There is no tax advantage for either party.

Either Alphabet pays the employees and writes it off as payroll or they donate it and write it off as a gift. Either way, it's money that no longer counts as profits because they don't have it anymore.

And for the employees, either their income is bumped up and then the addition is deducted away or their income remains the same. Either way, their adjusted gross income is the same.

Comment Re:Headline correct; summary wrong (Score 1) 344

employees don't get the tax advantage

What tax advantage? So if Google gave each employee $500, and then took that $500 and sent it to charity instead of putting on a paycheck, the employee would have $500 more in income, which could then be written off on taxes. A net change of taxable income of zero.

The tax liability is EXACTLY the same.

Comment Re:No safe-guards? (Score 1) 110

It should be possible to mitigate this almost completely. You create a secure phrase in advance that appears on the 3D-Secure verification page. This page will only load if given a copy of a token granted by the initial authorization request, so it would be impossible to MITM without compromising the actual authorization handling code on the server side. Injected scripts would not do it. The 3D-Secure page should also open communication back to the originating server to verify the page load is valid.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

These conditions I'm talking about are exceedingly rare and not the anti-vaxxer argument at all. Stop using your straw man against me.

In these cases a child would only be without 1 or 2 of the full complement of vaccines. In order for an unvaccinated child to make someone sick, they have to get sick from someone else. Herd immunity IS possible with the numbers we're talking about.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

To be as functional, you would need a full sized physical keyboard and at least 1 large (19" or greater) monitor.

So... a phone, as it is, will never be as functional as a PC. At least not until we have a way to interface better than with a tiny touch screen.

My phone can already do this. I can connect an HDMI adapter, bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Believe it or not, Android works fairly well with a mouse except for games and apps designed around swiping exclusively.

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