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Comment Re:Article sounds like B.S. (Score 1) 133

You probably want the metadata on the source - there's a lot of useful information you can store there and it's much more onerous to strip it after every edit. It should only be stripped during compile time. Making this the default but allowing full control is a much better way of handling that.

Comment Re: Filed under: Nobody needs this! (Score 1) 204

If you have a single rod, a nice closet system would make a huge difference:

We designed a custom setup with one rod across the top (up pretty high with some unusable shelving above the rod), and a lower rod on the left and right third. Middle is long hang / shelving / drawers. There are cheaper options elsewhere, but nothing beats their in-store software other than not being able to control the software myself.

Comment Re:That's the big problem... (Score 1) 82

Where in my comment did I write that I "hate Apple"?

The English language doesn't have a word for the plural "you" except in the American South. I don't mean you , personally.

A feature I don't use because I regularly move data off of my iPhone on a regular basis.

Again, not advice specifically for you.

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