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Submission + - Microsoft Posts 'No Boys Allowed' Signs at State of RI High School CS Event 3

theodp writes: "Girls and women are half of the world's population," Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo told hundreds of high school girls gathered behind doors with signs that read "[Microsoft] DigiGirlz: No Boys Allowed". "They are half of the world’s brains, problem-solvers, leaders. This world cannot solve problems unless they are at the table. That’s why I started programs like CS4RI, partnering with Microsoft and other leaders [including Microsoft-backed Code.org] to offer computer science in every Rhode Island school." Raimondo also noted she was dismayed to learn that only 12 of Rhode Island's 42 students who took the AP Computer Science test were girls (RI has 43,000+ enrolled HS students). The best way to make girls feel welcome in K-12 CS education, some influence-wielding tech giants, politicians, and educators seem to agree, is by making boys even more unwelcome via things like gender-based federal K-12 CS education funding; girls-only learn-to-code initiatives, STEM schools and summer computer camps; and gender-weighted teacher incentive programs from Google and tech-backed Code.org (Google and the U.S. Government even sought to exclude boys from programming White House Christmas tree lights in 2014).

Comment This. A judge's job is to read law, not write it (Score 3, Insightful) 181

> It's not the courts that need to side with us, it's the legislators.

Exactly. Writing law is the job of elected legislators. A ln appointed judge's job is to read and understand the law in order to apply it to a particular case.

The current law on patents, written by legislators, is that a patent controls who can "make, sell, or use" the patented invention. The "sell or use" part needs to be fixed. Judges shouldn't just ignore the law as written whenever they unilaterally decide they don't like the law.

Comment Reminds me of a certain security company (Score 2) 87

> keep on making us take require Flash - such as the one on "information security" ...
> I have to have Flash installed so I can tick off a little checkbox that says I know not to install software like Flash.

That reminds me of a certain network security company. They have all of their employees take annual security training, provided by a third-party. In order to keep track of who has done the training, employees log in to the third-party site using their Active Directory credentials - the same credentials that have access to all of the company resources, and indirectly, customer networks.

Well that's kinda stupid, employees need to be pretty careful that they don't get phished into entering their AD credentials into the wrong third-party site. They better look carefully at the URL in that email from "corporate security", right? No can do, all incoming email has URLs obfuscated by the email "security" system so you can't tell where the URL points to without clicking it.

There's literally no way for employees to know if they are sending their AD credentials to the site they are required to send them to, or sending them to a phisher.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 371

The problem is that any given reviewer wont "mesh" with what *YOU* like. Or what *I* like.


OTOH, I find that the aggregate consensus of several hundred reviewers actually gives me a really good idea of how good a movie is. That's not the same as saying it's a good indicator of what I'll like; there are some crappy movies that I like quite a lot. But if a film gets an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has a significant number of reviews (obscure films sometimes don't), I can be pretty much guaranteed that it will not be a waste of my time. Perhaps it won't become a favorite, but it will be reasonably well-written, well-acted, etc. In other words, it won't suck.

I do occasionally see movies with low ratings, but only when there's some other factor motivating me -- and I often walk out disappointed. I also occasionally see movies that I have no real interest in, but have high ratings (and which my wife wants to see) -- and I nearly always enjoy them anyway. There are exceptions both ways, but the RT rating is generally an excellent guide.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 199

I actually believe if self-driving cars take off, drive times will go down. The programmers of the cars can do a lot to alleviate the bad behaviors people have gotten in to that just makes heavy traffic worse.

If you then ban human-operated vehicles from (some) roads, or maybe just some lanes (which should be separated from lanes usable by human-operated vehicles), it can get even better. Vehicles in constant radio communication with each other and with sub-millisecond reaction times should be able to significantly increase highway speeds and reduce inter-vehicle distance to inches, while simultaneously increasing safety.

If you can remove human-operated vehicles from all roads, you can also get rid of stop lights and stop signs. Vehicles can negotiate appropriate gaps as they approach an intersection.

Comment Re:We fucked up. Bad. (Score 1) 51


A thousand times this.

Since their competitors have failed to voluntarily participate Samsung will take it to Washington next; lobbying Congress and the FCC to erect a (another?) battery safety bureaucracy complete with $250k certification fees and a special "fast lane" process for the well healed. Never let a fuck up go to waste.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 5, Interesting) 214

Microsoft has actually done a good job with Visual Studio Code.

If you're willing to completely dismiss performance concerns then yes, great work. On the other hand, if you care about performance, and memory usage, it's pretty hard to do worse than VSCode without including including something like Eclipse or Intellij in the survey.

Comment if (window.changed) { window.render() } (Score 1) 214

You shouldn't be rendering a window every few milliseconds if it hasn't changed. This:

function paint {
        if (window.changed) {

function render {
      # In Windows, most screen elements are "window"s
      for child window.children {

Not this:

while true {
              for child window.children {

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