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Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 1) 222

64 gig? I find that surprising. Samsung has had 64g for years.

So did iPhone 4s. Apple came out with iPhone 4s at the starting of the 4th quarter in 2011. Samsung came out with 64GB model -- Galaxy S III -- in May 2012. All before that, more storage spaces (up to 32GB at the time) on Sumsung phone are from external/removable, not built-in. Back in 2011, you should be surprised by 64GB storage space on a cellphone (and it was very expensive to get that kind of storage size on a phone).

If you really want to make that silly comment, please get the fact straight first (and then there wouldn't be such this kind of comment).

And Samsung you are able to expand it with a TF card.. can you do that with apple? if you want to leave a comment that laves you open to being laughed at for your non expandable fruity cupertino company

Comment Re: No. (Score 0) 125

Perhaps not the right answer. The timing of the Turkish release was too political to ignore. Releasing what is basically a giant leadership smear immediately after the failed coup that many within Turkey blaimed on the CIA makes their motives extremely questionable.
I'd rather the question, are they are now directly under governmental control.

Comment Re:It's the OS that just keeps on giving (Score 2) 220

. Windows 10 Home - no (easy) options to suppress automatic updates. Hrray for progress. They killed the Atom based Netbook / Nettop generation of PCs with updates to XP, too.

MS have a tool for that bud you can download from the ms linky.. just run it to show/hide updates

To temporarily prevent the driver from being reinstalled until a new driver fix is available, a troubleshooter is available that provides a user interface to hide and show Windows updates and drivers for Windows 10.

Microsoft windows update show hide utility

Comment Re:I still think (Score 4, Insightful) 272

...if you buy this you can spy on us and we can't do anything about it, pinky swear".

So they were sitting on a pile of zero day exploits and rather than making the internet a safer place they kept them for personal use.
I will laugh myself sick if it turns out they were breached by one of the very zero day exploits they decided not to report to the product owner for fixing.

Comment Re:It was a terrible deal for Britain anyway (Score 1) 170

Not enough to meet the needs of the entire UK. It depends on your definition of massive, I suppose. Depending only on wind for any significant future generation additions is simply not practical.

Ah.. I see you assume I was referring to the UK as a whole while i mentioned ONLY SCOTLAND... while necessity may well be the mother of invention, presumption is the mother of fuck ups
Scotland , being a constituent country of the UK ,for Scotland and the surplus renewables get "exported" to .. ENGLAND ...around 24% of it.
If England wants to do the same, i suggest that you build more wind farms like we did.

Comment Re:It was a terrible deal for Britain anyway (Score 1) 170

The UK is mostly in a poor region for solar so that is not really an option, and wind performance isn't exactly spectacular. They would have to install massive amounts of offshore wind overcapacity to significantly reduce carbon production, which would be even more expensive. Their options are limited.

um... they are installing massive amounts of wind generation.Both on and off shore. that's a climbdown and a half there pal..LOL.. there's already masses of them and masses more coming....thus your points are rather moot

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