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Comment Re:Fujichrome and stock tip (Score 2) 213

Fuji's T-grain emulsion is superior to kodak.. as someone who has his City and Guilds(yeah.. that old) and who's first job was in photography... fuji t-grain FTW!

But it's color was garish.

one man's garish is another man's vivid.
for work with long focal length and tele-convertors I'd take t-grain over kodak film any day of the week bud ;) Also if you used their 600 film and uprated it to 3200 , popped on a soft focus filter and processed it as 3200 you got pastel portraits the easy way.. they were quite popular in the 80's

Comment Re:Fujichrome and stock tip (Score 1) 213

i remember when ilford fp400 was xp400! I worked at a govt Research place in Scotland and we had a GREAT set up and i got spoiled for kit between Nikon f3's, hassleblad's for medium format and the classic 5x4 tech cameras. With our studio being part of the maintainance building we had our own custom studio kit.
Then I joined the army as a photographer... the kit at the Joint School of [photography(Now the Defence School of Photography) at RAF Cosford was erm.. pretty fucking basic and the first month they issues you something s;lightly better than a box brownie.. i shit you not! Second month you got a nikon f3 and hassleblads cm550's again. I LOVED darkroom work. i am no setting up a home darkroom. It's just getting hold of a decent colour enlarger and a big ass black out blind for the kitchen and i'm sorted!

Comment Re:let's be honest here (Score 4, Interesting) 151

MDMA is a gateway drug, and we shouldn't be risking addiction by patients who already have mental health issues.

While we thank the DEA for their view on this sensitive matter; And no doubt you have similar views on Morphine. Sadly your 'ain't gonna have no hippie scientists givin' kids drugs' attitude belies the fact you clearly have no concept of how utterly devastating a life crippled with PTSD can be.

You and your ilk are basically everything that's wrong with knee-jerk legislators across the western world.
'I don't understand science, but this could look bad in the news papers, therefore I must ban it...... speaking as a parent..... '

Comment Re:Truly despicable (Score 1) 359

true :-(

As well as the obvoius losses, it's arguable there are advantages there to be had with nearly free speech.
For example if someone slanders you in a newspaper, the story is legally presumed to be false unless proven otherwise; So if you took them to court and they failed to prove the truth of it, they are liable for damages. It's in some ways an extension of innocent until proven guilty.

I must stress I'm not implying this is better or worse, just expanding a little on the details.

Comment Re:Law enforcement's gonna love this! (Score 1) 161

When recording voiceovers, dialog, and narration, people would often like to change or insert a word or a few words due to either a mistake they made or simply because they would like to change part of the narrative...

When recording suspects, police would often like change or insert a word or a few words in order to manufacture evidence by changing part of the narrative.

heheh yeah the advertised use-case scenario is about as believable as private mode in browsers designed for shopping for gifts for your wife without her knowledge. But then again if your wife is regularly checking your internet history you probably have other issues to deal with.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

Why did you not sue? This is ILLEGAL.

No idea actually of the legality of it. This was in the UK and I had a 4 week notice period to work. They made us spend that training up some Ukranians to use the framework we had built for cranking out similar projects. Severance pay was negligable as I had only been there two years but I couldn't afford to just up and walk. Besides I would also have had to give them a 4 weeks notice period.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

Why would you then train him at all? You got your 4 weeks notice, go to work, throw them a manual and let them figure it out. If they complain, say "he doesn't understand me very well".

We were to build a series of similar projects with a turn around of about 5 months each. We built a framework as we went along keeping as much reusable as possible and knocked that time down to around 2 months. Company had a bad year and all the IT and software development was outsourced all over.

That said the guys who came in to replace us were pretty nice. I'm not the kinda guy to screw over others because some sociopath in management screwed me over. Just did the time and left and had to take a pay cut to jump fields (was a pretty specific field) but 3 years on I'm glad of it. If I had stayed it would have been a career dead end for me and things are pretty good now.

Sure it wasn't a great moment in my career but we all get to move on.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

That is why you don't hear of these horror stories of "I had to train my replacement" in the UK - we simply don't have to do that.

You literally posted this in reply to one of those 'horror stories' in the UK. We had to work our 4 weeks notice, which was spent training up Ukrainians to do our jobs. Sure I could have walked but then would have been in breach of my own notice period and not everyone is frankly rich enough to do that. I certainly wasn't.

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